• Your 9 month old. Baby development. Newborn care.
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    Your 9 month old. Baby development. Newborn care.

    Today we are going to study about Baby development: Your 9-month-old What can my baby do at nine months? Playtime with your baby is becoming more fun. She will love the opportunity of emptying and filling containers or stacking cups and rings. At this age you will be her best play mate. She may not limit her exploration to toys though, and you may find yourself using the word “no” more often. She probably understands more from your tone of voice than the actual words you use right now. Childproofing your home will help keep her out of harm’s way. When will my baby start walking? Your baby is getting…

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    There are many things a baby will need in the first few months that you’ll need to be prepared for when the baby arrives. However, that doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy it all at once. It is best to wait until you are at least three months pregnant before buying baby items in case of any problems with the pregnancy. Also, don’t forget that someone will most likely throw you a baby shower once you have completed a baby registry. Here is a list of basic needs for the newborn baby. Once you have already had a baby shower and know what you have and know…

  • Psychology: Unborn baby interactions ~ shared by Elodie | Mustela
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    Psychology: Unborn baby interactions ~ shared by Elodie | Mustela

    Well, my husband interacts with the baby by talking to him, and being in contact with him a lot. When he comes home, he gets close to my belly and talks to him, and although we haven’t done haptonomy yet, and I don’t know if we’re going to, we already feel like we’re interacting, that he recognises his deep voice. He puts his hands on my belly and comes close enough to talk to him and the baby gives little kicks. Sometimes, when he’s quite low in the womb, he puts his hand slightly higher up and the baby moves up too. It’s quite magical to see what can happen…

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    How To Trim Your Baby’s Nails | Mothercare Baby Advice

    I’m going to take you through how to clip your baby’s nails. Finger nails and also toe nails. To start with, it’s a really good idea to do it when baby is sleeping. And to use a little emery board. Because sometimes what you need to do is to hold the fingers quite firmly and just give them a little file down so they aren’t so sharp. It might be an idea to get someone to help you with this, so you can hold their hand. It’s not a good idea to BITE the baby’s nails. Because you can’t be sure of how much you are biting off. And also,…

  • One Hot Minute: Newborn Onbuhimo
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    One Hot Minute: Newborn Onbuhimo

    So before we get started I’m going to make sure I adjust out my shoulder straps just far enough so that I don’t have to do too much adjusting for my tiny newborn baby. then I’m going to put the carrier on my body Adjusting in the seat as I need for the size of my baby I’m gonna fold this bottom section up against my body So that I make a place for my baby to sit and then my last step I am going to clip the chest clip That’s going to give me the ability to be ready to go without having to fuss about holding my…

  • 5 Things I Do With A Newborn Everyday | Newborn Routine | JAKS Journey [CC]
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    5 Things I Do With A Newborn Everyday | Newborn Routine | JAKS Journey [CC]

    Husband: Look at this cute baby. Look at this buy buy baby. JAKS JOURNEY Our Journey to growing our family. Welcome to this rather gloomy day. If this is your first time to my channel, welcome. And if you’re one of my wonderful subscribers, welcome back. As always, thanks for joining me on the journey. I am whispering because the baby is not quite awake but she’s almost awake. I’m about to go wake her up but, I wanted to kick off the day in this video by explaining what on earth is going on. A lot of people put out new important routines and those videos are really cute,…

  • How to Pick Up a Baby | Infant Care
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    How to Pick Up a Baby | Infant Care

    We are going to talk about how to hold an infant. So the most important thing when going to hold a child is to, make sure you’re steady, you’re in a nice place, where you’re not, you know, unstable and unstable footing and the most important thing to always remember is make sure that the head and the neck are always supported. So, when approaching a baby, you always want to reach behind and have your hand on the back of the baby’s head and neck area, really with the top of the fingers at the top of their head and your wrist almost under their back, and you would…