• Duncan’s First steps!
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    Duncan’s First steps!

    [Music] go get my go get my so it is August 11th we are in London right now in a hotel room and Duncan is like suddenly figuring out how to walk he’s done a couple steps in the past and I have a little bit of like cellphone footage of that but this is like new like something just clicked today and he is just going from person to person taking a ton of steps and is so exciting [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m pretty sure that Duncan has noticed how popular walking is in Europe and he’s just inspired we haven’t gotten into a car in almost a…

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    – What’s up guys, it’s me Colleen! And I’m still pregnant. Today is a very special day because you guys get to find out if I’m having a boy or a girl. As you can see I’m in a hotel right now. I’m on tour so if you wanna meet me and this little baby bump you can come see me and get tickets. It’s my last tour for a very long time because obviously I’m gonna have a little human running around. I can’t believe I’m about to tell you what I’m having. I feel like I need to explain this gender reveal situation. I’ve seen a lot of…

  • She Watched the Live Birth!
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    She Watched the Live Birth!

    smile you good morning everyone it is the next day it’s the 13th it’s the do day but we already hoping there is this is Aunt Lisa it’s Harker’s turn to hold the baby are you so excited [Music] he makes me now yeah he loves to you in the middle of the night at like 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. I was thinking myself I wish Park was here to sing him a lullaby because he was just crying and I couldn’t get him to stop crying but when you thing to him he stopped crying remember that yesterday so I was I wish I had a little recording of…

  • Baby’s First Haircut!
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    Baby’s First Haircut!

    [Music] [Music] good morning everyone today duncan is getting his first haircut are you happy about this you are how do you feel about this oh I’m excited you’re gonna look like a handsome young man I’m just certain of it I love you Barney we were just talking about this babies grow up so much after their first haircut you’re like well when did you not be a baby anymore are you ready to not be a baby oh oh he’s gonna love this place he doesn’t even know you did not know what to expect we’re gonna have a lot of fun you say let’s do it the…

  • Beautiful Newborn Photo Shoot! ~ Ballinger Family
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    Beautiful Newborn Photo Shoot! ~ Ballinger Family

    (majestic orchestral music) – Good morning everyone. We have a crazy, crazy, busy day today. I just heard from the dentist that they can see me for my temporary crown, which I swallowed yesterday. I don’t think they’re gonna use that one anymore, I think that one’s done, I think they’re makin’ me a new one. So I’m gonna go in and do that, then we’ve got an infant photoshoot, so that’ll be a lot of fun. And then we have a big family photoshoot. I think just ’cause Dad’s coming to visit. All this kind of stuff happens when you’ve got a baby. People wanna see it, you wanna…

  • One Month Baby Update!
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    One Month Baby Update!

    – Hey everyone, I’m Colleen Ballinger, and I had a baby a month ago- That’s crazy! This video is a one month update on my cute little boy. The reason I wanted to make this video is because I’ve always thought it was really cool that I kind of have a video diary of the last decade of my life. I have every Christmas, every holiday, every special event, the good the bad and the ugly, all documented and on the Internet, so I can look back in time and see all the cool stuff I’ve been able to do in my life. I wish that I had that for…

  • Newborn Baby Umbilical Cord Falls Off ~ Brand New Belly Button!
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    Newborn Baby Umbilical Cord Falls Off ~ Brand New Belly Button!

    are you doing wiping your face what a gentleman [Music] good morning everyone it is a beautiful day and amount of batteries on this camera so give me a second that’s better you don’t notice the difference but I feel it should feel very refreshing because it’s a brand-new battery in the camera now so there we go good morning everyone today is a very exciting day we are going to the house and we have two people two friends of ours who do interior decorating and who do landscaping coming to the new house to sort of look over everything and give us some advice give us some ideas…

  • The birth of my son!
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    The birth of my son!

    – Okay, it is the middle of the night, my water just broke. No more click-bait, this ain’t a drill motha-truckas. I’m havin’ this baby. What? If you are triggered by amniotic fluid, skip ahead, maybe 10 seconds. If you look on the bed, you will see a pile of liquid. That is amniotic fluid, and it gushed out of me, and it gushed all over the floor on the way to the bathroom. I was feeling horrible last night, I was crying, couldn’t sleep, I was just tired, and exhausted, and I was like, I just wanna have this baby. Well I guess the Lord heard me, because my…

  • Bailey’s 10th BIRTHDAY Morning – Opening Presents!!!
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    Bailey’s 10th BIRTHDAY Morning – Opening Presents!!!

    (energetic music) Good morning everyone. Today is Bailey’s actual birthday. She is 10 years old today. We’ve already posted a video of her slumber party, which was super fun, you can click one of the links to check that out, but today’s her actual, real, actual today birthday. How are you feeling today? Good. – [Chris] We got a packed day today, don’t we? Yeah. – [Chris] We’re goin’ to school, we’re gonna go to a premier for a new show, movie, thing, short film. Lego class! – [Chris] And you get Lego class today. And I get Lego’s Class. I have essentials and more school. You get Legos class…

  • Duncan’s 2 Year Old BIRTHDAY SPECIAL!
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    Duncan’s 2 Year Old BIRTHDAY SPECIAL!

    – [Chris] Blow out the candles! (cheering) Good job. (upbeat techno music) (cheerful music) – Duncan, you’re gonna open this present, which is very special. So, ready, set, and go! – [Parents] Wait, wait! – [Jessica] Let’s get the rest of the family, wait! (excited yelling) (gasps) So we are celebrating Duncan’s birthday this morning! Today is his birthday party day. So, he will be opening lots of presents at his birthday party. And we are traveling this week, starting today. So on his birthday he might get some presents, I don’t even know. But we’re opening most of his family presents today at home before we leave, just so…