• Baby Girl Birth!
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    Baby Girl Birth!

    I’m having a baby! We’re headed to the hospital right now. I have been having contractions that are about three and a half minutes apart Last thing about a minute long each, and you’ve been having them for. Oh my goodness. They’re three minutes apart now That’s a minute closer than they were When they first started and how many for almost an hour now? Yeah, they haven’t stopped I’ve been happening for about an hour now, and they’re so strong This is what a contraction looks like. How much can you move? Pretty good? Right leg pretty good, left leg — And I can feel the cervix. Do you…

  • 34-WEEKS PREGNANT WITH BABY NUMBER EIGHT | Large Family Mom Day In the Life | Jamerrill Stewart
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    34-WEEKS PREGNANT WITH BABY NUMBER EIGHT | Large Family Mom Day In the Life | Jamerrill Stewart

    – [Mom] Okay, Daniel, gonna hand you another. – Another one. – [Mom] Another one. – Another one. Oh, another one. – [Mom] Yes, here, put ’em in the dryer. Woo, good job. (Daniel coos) Good job. – Uh-oh – [Mom] It’s okay, pick it up. Good job. Oh good…here you go, push it in. Woo…what a big helper. Aren’t you so strong, Daniel? – Yes. – [Mom] Yes… Here you go, put ’em in. Put ’em in…Yeah. Okay now we’re gonna shut the door. Okay, hold on. You wanna shut the door for mommy? You like that lil’ button, don’t you? Okay, shut the door and then we’ll turn…

  • ✂️ TWINS get a CUTE First Haircut! 😍
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    ✂️ TWINS get a CUTE First Haircut! 😍

    – [Tim] This gonna be your very first haircut? Yeah? Never, they’re almost two years old, and never had their hair cut before. Our whole family is going. All– How many are there in our family again? Eight of us. – There’s nine of us. There is nine of us, – [Tim] Oh yeah. we just can’t see one. – [Tim] There’s baby number nine, right there. – [Dana] Well, baby seven. – [Tim] Yeah, nine for our family. – Family member number nine. Somebody hold Toby and Halle’s hands. – [Tim] All right, come on. Let’s go and get our hair cuts. (bright music) We have never gone, as…

  • Benjamin’s FIRST BIRTHDAY Party + Mr. Travis Gets a Day Out!
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    Benjamin’s FIRST BIRTHDAY Party + Mr. Travis Gets a Day Out!

    – Whose birthday is it? You don’t know what a birthday is yet. Aw, gonna put your paci in. Happy birthday, Benjamin! Woo, he’s trying to run and get my camera. So guys, I can’t believe it. Today Benjamin, it’s his birthday. One year ago. Tear. It’s Happy First Birthday, Benjamin Day, and before I get this party started, I was gonna show you guys, like this is gonna be a quick call before we do the birthday party, ’cause we’re getting ready to wrap and cook and do balloons and do all that, so let me show you what he’s gettin’. So I have been doing a ton of…

  • Welcome Duncan Ballinger! (Birth Vlog) Best Mother’s Day Ever!!!
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    Welcome Duncan Ballinger! (Birth Vlog) Best Mother’s Day Ever!!!

    oh my gosh my water just broke we were out at like I don’t like rules when water bugs never have the battle for I’m going to show you my lap look I am a mess you love a shovel I think I’m allowed to show that we need to get a hospital right now I have always had babies really fast that’s for my water breaks we have not repaired we do not have all our things but we need to go kind of freaking out this has definitely never happened is it’s actually kind of rare for your water to break when you’re not in the hospital it…

  • Duncan’s First steps!
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    Duncan’s First steps!

    [Music] go get my go get my so it is August 11th we are in London right now in a hotel room and Duncan is like suddenly figuring out how to walk he’s done a couple steps in the past and I have a little bit of like cellphone footage of that but this is like new like something just clicked today and he is just going from person to person taking a ton of steps and is so exciting [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m pretty sure that Duncan has noticed how popular walking is in Europe and he’s just inspired we haven’t gotten into a car in almost a…

  • Newborn’s First Christmas! 🎁
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    Newborn’s First Christmas! 🎁

    – [Tim] Merry Christmas Charis. – Merry Christmas Livia. – Livia’s very first Christmas. (lively music) this is a special Christmas for us because it is Livia Hope’s first Christmas. She’s only one week old now today and we’re really excited to introduce her to what our family does here together. The first thing that we do is, we read the Christmas story together, right? Do you wanna read the Christmas story, Chloe? Yeah? (acoustic festive music) Wrapped him snugly in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger because there’s no lodging for them available for Christmas. (acoustic festive music) You guys wanna open your stockings first? –…

  • Beautiful Newborn Photo Shoot! ~ Ballinger Family
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    Beautiful Newborn Photo Shoot! ~ Ballinger Family

    (majestic orchestral music) – Good morning everyone. We have a crazy, crazy, busy day today. I just heard from the dentist that they can see me for my temporary crown, which I swallowed yesterday. I don’t think they’re gonna use that one anymore, I think that one’s done, I think they’re makin’ me a new one. So I’m gonna go in and do that, then we’ve got an infant photoshoot, so that’ll be a lot of fun. And then we have a big family photoshoot. I think just ’cause Dad’s coming to visit. All this kind of stuff happens when you’ve got a baby. People wanna see it, you wanna…

  • Large Family Mom Baby #8 Gender Reveal, Natural Birth Plans, Plus Past Birth Stories!
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    Large Family Mom Baby #8 Gender Reveal, Natural Birth Plans, Plus Past Birth Stories!

    – So I know you guys probably don’t believe me, but we are gonna sit here and chat about the new baby, and I’m gonna tell you the gender of the baby, and hopefully, I’m gonna get into birth plans, birth stories, maybe even why we are a large family, and we’ll just see how long I can sit on my porch quietly and have this conversation with you guys. So, let’s just jump in to talking all about baby number eight. So a few weeks ago, and maybe it’s been a month ago now, I am 27 weeks, as of today, and I am due towards the beginning of…