• Stress Free Pregnancy – interview with Kate White from APPPAH
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    Stress Free Pregnancy – interview with Kate White from APPPAH

    hi everyone I’m so excited to be here today to talk with one of my big references in the world of prenatal and perinatal psychology she has been one of the persons that by sharing her knowledge and word has inspired me to move forward on the work that I do prenatal and perinatal psychology made a major difference in the way that I teach pregnant women to connect and communicate with their unborn babies and the major difference in the way that I teach my prenatal yoga classes – so for all of you that are with us today I’m happy to introduce you to Kate white she’s an…

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    Orgasmic Childbirth Video Obstetrics and Gynecolog

    on overruled he’s the most intimate powerful experience a woman is that right good luck all right introducing the dictionary documentary these sexual in sex children cannot be denied what is the potential of child care after issue Clinton inside myself beginning of the century I’m dan rutz sustained it’s %uh huh the come on it’s a pleasure sure why not Steve excuse me right our involved in sexual pleasure stimulated I never think that the and when know yourself in the same way that you going to work I mean same experience is possible puts the conventions of these health care system and the examination table when poll we…

  • Childbirth Environment : Childbirth Environment: Who to Allow at Birth
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    Childbirth Environment : Childbirth Environment: Who to Allow at Birth

    So, when talking about birth environment, you want to think about your ideal, and birth environment. And, one of those things is going to include who you want at your birth. Before I get to that, I want you to think about what would be your ideal birth environment. Take a couple of minutes, write down some things that come to mind. I don’t mean specifics like I want to have a green, soft couch. I want to have wood floors. I mean more things that are in general like maybe privacy, maybe support, those are some things that are really important to people, when they’re giving birth. So, that…

  • PTSD After Childbirth – What is Birth Trauma?
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    PTSD After Childbirth – What is Birth Trauma?

    In this video, I am going to explain what birth trauma is, and then I’m going to show you a quick quiz that you can take to work out if this is the problem that you are dealing with. Now, birth trauma is where a parent experiences PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, after the birth of their baby. So, what is expected to be a happy and joyful experience is actually terrifying and traumatic, and leaves you with debilitating symptoms of anxiety. Now, it affects approximately 30,000 women in the UK every year—so, that’s about 25-35% of women who give birth. It also affects men; so, in this video, I’m…

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    Lady Helps Cat Give Birth To Her Kittens | Kritter Klub

    Cheeky kitty safe delivery project Head home! Cat’s meow tugs her conscience You can’t come in today Stray cat invades her apartment I can’t help that I feel most comfy here Out! Get out of here~ Apparently, this isn’t the first time this happened Navi couldn’t take care of her newborn kittens This lady lent out a helping hand to Navi Now that Navi is pregnant again She remembered the lady’s help And came to her doorstep You’re in good hands She’s pretty much due anytime soon She needs my help Prepares for her delivery We’ll see what happens You never know After hours of labor She gives birth to…

  • Pregnancy 101 | National Geographic
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    Pregnancy 101 | National Geographic

    (elegant piano music) – [Narrator] The product of millions of years of evolution, the human body is capable of many remarkable things, but none of which may be quite so incredible as the development of life in utero. (calm music) Over three million babies are born each year in the United States alone. Worldwide, the highest fertility rate is found in Niger, where the average woman gives birth to approximately 6.49 children in her lifetime. Singapore sits on the opposite end of the spectrum at just 0.83, less than one birth per woman. While the number of births, customs, and traditions vary from culture to culture, the developmental process is…

  • Childbirth Environment : Childbirth Environment: Freedom of Movement
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    Childbirth Environment : Childbirth Environment: Freedom of Movement

    So, when you think about birth environment also, you want to have the freedom of movement. A laboring woman needs to be able to move instinctually however she feels that she need to move. This is going to include getting in different positions, this might be walking around, this is anything that she feels she needs to be able to move. When you’re at home, obviously you have control over that and you can get in whatever position that feels good and helps you deal with your pain. When you get to the hospital, sometimes women then have the tendency to feel that they need to be lying flat in…

  • Fathers Describe Birth | Dude Dad
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    Fathers Describe Birth | Dude Dad

    it all started at like midnight it was about 4 a.m. my wife Ashley came in and woke me up and said we gotta go to the hospital now so I go okay I was binge watching making a murderer and I said that’s great alright I’m going to get a little bit more sleep and then we can tackle this thing head-on Heidi called to me from the bathroom and she’s like I think my water broke but I’m not sure because I peed in it I think I actually put down a garbage bag on the passenger seat incase of water were to break on the way over…