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    What Clothing does a Newborn Need? | mothercare baby advice

    Baby’s arrival is such an exciting time. To help you plan baby’s first wardrobe mothercare’s qualified parenting consultant Elizabeth Day gives you the top tips on what to buy for baby. New babies usually spend a lot of time sleeping, so you’ll need enough sleepsuits for a couple of changes each day, and for in between washes. Mothercare’s sleepsuits have fold back scratchmitts to stop sharp nails from scratching baby’s delicate skin. We also use 100% soft, breathable cotton, which is interwoven so it’s thick and super soft on baby’s skin. Our unique toe safe design prevents loose threads from wrapping around tiny toes. And once babies are on the…

  • How to Pick out Jewelry for a Woman
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    How to Pick out Jewelry for a Woman

    How to Pick out Jewelry for a Woman. You need to know a few things before you walk into a jewelry store to buy that certain something for a certain someone. You will need Knowledge of her taste in jewelry and an idea of what she already has. Step 1. Make a few mental notes of her taste in jewelry before you go shopping. Does she wear mostly gold or silver? Large pieces or small? If you see her flipping through a magazine, ask her if she likes any of the jewelry in the ads. Step 2. Consider an addition to her collection—like pearl earrings to match a necklace she…