• The Try Guys Diet Like Pregnant Women For A Week
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    The Try Guys Diet Like Pregnant Women For A Week

    We are trying a week-long pregnancy diet. KEITH: Can’t have caffeine. NED: Uhhhhh… ZACH: The f*** is thiamine? EUGENE: I am positive I can survive Coachella without any drinking NED: NO! KEITH: I’m sleepy. I am so sorry. You’re gonna try, but obviously you may cave. Pregnant women don’t get to just cave. Well we’re stronger than you are. *laughs* *intro music* When you’re pregnant, you can’t eat all the things everybody else can eat. Some of these lifestyle changes like diet, they really impact your life on a day-to-day basis. It is hard. It’s a lifestyle change. A lot of us drink, a lot of us like to have…

  • Men React To Pregnancy Facts
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    Men React To Pregnancy Facts

    – The fact that women just walk around and they’re like human making factories, that’s crazy. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] A woman’s uterus can expand about 500 times in size during a pregnancy. – Not even five times, not 50 times, 500 times its normal size. – Wow, uh, that’s a lot. – What happens to all the innards? – I feel like a uterus 500 times its normal size is the size of me. – This is my uterus. Is that how big a normal woman’s uterus is? – [Voiceover] In addition to her uterus, a woman’s feet and heart could increase in size during pregnancy. – I thought…

  • Keith’s 400 Chicken McNugget Challenge ft. The Food Babies
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    Keith’s 400 Chicken McNugget Challenge ft. The Food Babies

    – I feel like I can’t hear right now. – It’s hot in here. (groans) – [Eugene] That’s a big nugget. Bet you wanna get your mouth around that big nugget. – [Ned] You can do it! (Alex exhales) – In 2019, there were two ladies at Try Guys who started out eating Keith’s leftovers. They were known as many things. – [Alex] The Dumpster Divas. – [YB] Garbage Gals. – [Alex] The Leftover Ladies. – We are the Food Babies. – And today, we are eating 400 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. (YB laughs) (all laugh) (upbeat music) – (both) Hey guys! – It’s YB. – And Alex. And welcome…

  • If Men Got Pregnant
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    If Men Got Pregnant

    (keys clacking) (dings) (perky music) (vomiting) – Can I come in there? – This, this room is my room now. This is my den, this is my cave– Gotta go. – I have to get in there before work though, babe. – [Joey] I will build you another bathroom, woman. – Okay. – When are you due? – April. – Nice, the off-season, huh? – Yeah, you? – Not ’til August. – Ah, so you still got a little bit of time left. – Yeah, yeah. – Hey baby, you ready to go? – Oh yeah, hey we should go. Good luck, buddy. – Damn, out pregnanted. Two filet mingons,…

  • The Try Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation • Motherhood: Part 4
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    The Try Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation • Motherhood: Part 4

    – [Voiceover] There you go, it’s up to 45, 45, 50. (screaming) – Push! – Oh my God! – Push! (screaming) – So, what are we going to be doing today? – Well, today we’re gonna be doing a little bit of electric stim on our gentleman right here. We’re gonna use it to simulate and mimic labor pains. – Basically since the Try Guys became a thing, doing the pain simulator has been our number one most requested activity. – So, we’re electrocuting ourselves. – I’m actually electrocuting you, but yes. – Childbirth simulator, which is gonna make my muscles contract, I say muscles, because there’s few there. –…

  • Surprise Pregnancy Announcement • Ned & Ariel
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    Surprise Pregnancy Announcement • Ned & Ariel

    So Ned is coming home from Alaska in About a minute, and I have a little surprise to tell him so I’m gonna hide this camera *door opens* Bean, is that your daddy? Hiiiiiii! I missed you I missed YOU I have a present for you What? What? A present! Yeah come on in I know Bean, I know it’s so exciting! Yes, I missed you too! Usually you bring me presents What is this? Bean, stay with Mommy I like the bow Oh well, you know, it’s just a box… I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Oh my god! Are you serious?? Yeah! I took like…

  • The Worst Parts Of Pregnancy • Wine Mom
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    The Worst Parts Of Pregnancy • Wine Mom

    (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Hannah, your friendly neighborhood wine mom and if you’re anything like me you believe that a glass of wine at eight P.M. makes you a better mom. The best part is you don’t even have to have kids to be a wine mom. This evening, I’m bringing out something very, very special. This was a gift from my mom, who is also a wine mom. Her mom was also a wine mom. So I come from a long legacy of wine moms and this is almost like passing the torch. And it says, “Finally, a wine glass “that meets my needs.” So technically, it’s one…