• Newborn Expo Q&A: Where to Start – Boys Town Pediatrics
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    Newborn Expo Q&A: Where to Start – Boys Town Pediatrics

    The biggest questions are what are the questions for being new parents, we don’t know? If this is your first experience with the baby I would advise you to go get something like one of the American Academy of Pediatrics parents books or something and just get started on that first couple months of life and kind of hone in on a couple of things you don’t understand or you’d like to look into more because that’s a really big area of study. So a lot of things as parents, you take things as they come and it seems a bit overwhelming to start with but it’s nice to have…

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    Caring for Your Newborn – Boys Town Pediatrics

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Hi, I’m Dr. Heather Zimmerman—pediatrician at Boys Town Pediatrics. After a few days home with your newborn, you may have many questions you never thought of before leaving the hospital. The Caring for Your Newborn video addresses common questions on newborn feeding and sleeping, physical and emotional development and when to contact your pediatrician. Over the next few weeks your baby will be developing right before your eyes. Enjoy these precious moments. We are so excited to be with you on this journey. Your baby is growing! Which also means your baby is hungry. Most breast fed newborns will feed for about 10…