• ‘Prince Will’ is here! Happy 1st birthday, William! [The Return of Superman / 2017.08.20]
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    ‘Prince Will’ is here! Happy 1st birthday, William! [The Return of Superman / 2017.08.20]

    Which family visited the cool stream? (It’s a place in nature where they can heal.) It’s William’s family. It’s cold. (He sticks his feet inside.) (He whines in front of his mom.) (His mom gives a bigger reaction.) (Are you okay?) (It’s William’s turn.) (He is so surprised that he freezes up.) How is it? Do you like it? (It’s cold.) (I want to go down and play.) William enters a stream for the first time. (The water is cold.) (He tries to escape.) (I got you.) (This is fun.) (William is happy in the water.) (His grandma attacks.) Run. Run away. Run away. (She smiles from ear to ear.)…

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    – [Kendra] Whoo! Run, run, run! (upbeat music) – Yes! – [Jeremy] Get the flag! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] Come see what they did today. – Wait, is that a part of our fort? – [Isaac] So now we have that part. – So to start off Isaac’s birthday, he wanted a sports day with his friends at the park. – [Man] Over the fence. – [Jeremy] Oh! That’s a two, you get two bases. All right, man on second. (whack) (softly chuckles) – [Announcer] Nice hit. – [Jeremy] Run, run, run! Easton’s coming. Oh, he stops. (light rock music) – [Announcer] Double. –…

  • 16 Bizarre Birth Defects
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    16 Bizarre Birth Defects

    Black Fly Presents 16 Bizarre Birth Defects Number One: Infant Roona Begum from Tripura India was conceived with Hydrocephalus. Her head developed up to 94 centimeters in circumference and she went through treatment and surgery. Hydrocephalus is an uncommon issue otherwise called “water on the brain.” It is regular in newborn children however it can happen at any age. Nuber Two: A baby girl was born in March of 2015 in India with her heart outside her body. She was plagued by a rare condition called “ectopia cordis”, which affects about eight in every one million births. Number Three: In Jharkhand, India, a child was born on April 18, 2015…

  • She Watched the Live Birth!
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    She Watched the Live Birth!

    smile you good morning everyone it is the next day it’s the 13th it’s the do day but we already hoping there is this is Aunt Lisa it’s Harker’s turn to hold the baby are you so excited [Music] he makes me now yeah he loves to you in the middle of the night at like 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. I was thinking myself I wish Park was here to sing him a lullaby because he was just crying and I couldn’t get him to stop crying but when you thing to him he stopped crying remember that yesterday so I was I wish I had a little recording of…

  • The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.107 (2015.12.13)
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    The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.107 (2015.12.13)

    Let’s go in. Take off your shoes… Wait, shoes. That’s it. When you shot the music video, I was the director. I’m not the director today but the photographer. Okay? Should I use honorifics with you? This is a self-studio with small props… What brought them here? The holidays are around the corner. I’m grateful and I’d like to take pictures for a holiday card though I’m not a pro or anything. I want to send them to people I appreciate. What’s important is that you’ll be angels today. So you need to dress as angels. Angels use this. Yeah. And wear this. Seoeon, Seoeon, try this on just once.…

  • How To: Write A Birth Plan! | Kristen from Millennial Moms
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    How To: Write A Birth Plan! | Kristen from Millennial Moms

    – Hey, guys, Kristen from Millennial Moms, and today we’re gonna be talking about how to write a birth plan. I feel like birth plans are an extremely important part of the labor and birthing process for two reasons. First, they help you mentally prepare for going into labor, and second, they let everyone who’s there know what your expectations are. I have my birth plan from when I had my daughter Chel, and I probably rewrote this thing about five times. There’s so many different templates you can download online. I went through all of those, but eventually I just wrote everything down. So today I’m gonna tell you…

  • 🎂Laura’s 3 Year Old Birthday Special🎁
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    🎂Laura’s 3 Year Old Birthday Special🎁

    – I’m so excited! (squeals) – We got a birthday in the house, could I get a round of applause for ’em please? (cheering and clapping) (twinkly music box music) – [Dad] Good morning. – (Whispers) Thank you. – [Dad] Is it your birthday? – (Gasps) – What do you see? – Pink presents. I like this one. – You like that one? – Yeah, and this one’s pink that’s gum for me. – [Mom] Oh! How do you know what’s inside of it? – Gum. (laughter) Like, this is gum. – [Mom] You think so? You think you know that? – Mmhm, that’s gum! – [Dad] (laughs) – Here…

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    Couple’s Newborn Baby Passes Away – 4 Days Later A Call From Hospital Turns Their World Upside Down

    Couple’s newborn baby passes away four days later a call from the hospital turns their world upside down When Katie and Josh Butler of Nashville, Tennessee discovered they were expecting a baby they were over the moon They had always wanted children and they were grateful for this blessing. However fate had plans that would turn their family on its head When the couple excitedly attended their 20-week scan They expected their pregnancy to be running smoothly but as the doctor conducted the ultrasound it was discovered that there was something very wrong The doctors couldn’t tell exactly what the problem was, but there were multiple concerns that threatened the…

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    – She’s our teenager. – [Kendra] You ready for your next present? Why do you look like you’re 18? – Baking? Yay! Sprite? – [Jeremy] That’s right. – [Kendra] We found one more present. We forgot about it. (upbeat music) (piano music) – [Jeremy] It’s your birthday. – Happy birthday! How old are you? – Four. – Stand up tall, come over here. – [Jeremy] With her hands up. – Oh yeah, you definitely grew last night. – [Jeremy] Grew a couple feet. (piano music) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (applause) So Laura, what did you choose for your birthday breakfast? – Monkey bread and strawberries. – [Jeremy] Yep…