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    Right first of all that smell is garlic, you are correct. That’s coming from my mouth (Yeah) into your nose. Babe It’s not coming from your mouth. It’s just around you You don’t have to be cruel (like a mist.) with your truth, okay? I was hungry, and I found some garlic infused croutons for a side salad, and I just thought I’d eat them neat. Hi guys and welcome to the internet. Now as you know Rosie and I will one day be mothers. Vaginally I mean, (I guess I guess) birth mothers (birth mothers) We’ll both be because obviously we’ll both be mothers Well of course, of course.…

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    – We got a big surprise for everyone. Come on. – [Kelsey] Oh everyone gets a surprise. – Okay, ready? Here we go! ♪ Baby we’re children of summer ♪ ♪ We’re meant to be free ♪ ♪ Honey we’re not like the others ♪ ♪ No reason to be ♪ – Good morning everyone. I am running to get a birthday cake this morning. So we are in full on panic mode tryna get the house ready for the party. It’s not- we’re almost done. It’s not that bad but I’m going to get her cake right now. I’m so excited to see it. I cannot wait. Kels showed…

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    What’s going on guys I am Matthias -This is my amazing, beautiful wife -You’re in the middle of the road There’s no one coming There’s no one coming Except a giant plane or a helicopter But, uh… We’re here to get our first ultrasound because we’re gonna have a baby! We are pregnant! Well, you are pregnant Oh, that’s the alert for our appointment We don’t wanna be late Um, we’ll give you more details later but, we’re having a baby. and we’re beyond excited right now I couldn’t even sleep all night I was- I was so nervous for this I don’t even know why Well, right now we’re…

  • Reaction To Childbirth – Gay Boyfriend Edition!
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    Reaction To Childbirth – Gay Boyfriend Edition!

    Hi, Welcome to The Wood House! For this video, we are going to be watching… Childbirth! Childbirth! Childbirth! We have decided to watch… I have decided that we are going to watch and record our reactions… To vaginal childbirth! I’ve never seen… Is there any other form of childbirth? Well, yes. C-Sections? It’s an actual baby coming out of the vagina. So, a natural birth? A natural birth. But, I’ve never seen anything like that before. I’ve never seen a baby crowning or… A baby coming out. Or anything like that. Before my little brother was born, my mum watched childbirth videos. And I got home one day and she…

  • Couple Used Doll To Fake The Birth And Death Of A Baby To Scam People
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    Couple Used Doll To Fake The Birth And Death Of A Baby To Scam People

    this couple claimed that their baby boy died but then their friends started to grow suspicious there are few things so cruel and tragic in this world as losing a newborn child it’s abhorrent to think then that anyone would ever attempt to exploit the situation for their own personal gain however that’s what one pennsylvania couple allegedly did when they apparently claimed their baby boy had passed away near hours after being born Jeffry and Casey Lang hailed from Somerset near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and the announcement of their pregnancy was a cause for celebration among friends as it usually is for expectant parents according to the latter’s best friend…

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    Making a lot of espressos and that’s kind of what has been keeping me going. Cheers! What’s going on guys? It’s been about a week since Jordan was born. To be completely honest this first week has been incredibly difficult. I’m not sure you guys have gotten the update yet, but Jordan was actually born facing forward, as oppose to the proper position, which is facing the spine. So this makes delivery a lot more painful and also makes recovery a lot more difficult as well. So I guess for the past week or so Alex has pretty much spent most of the time in bed. She’s been to the…

  • Couple Lose Newborn Baby In Hospital 4 Days Later, They Get Call From Nurse That Changes Everything
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    Couple Lose Newborn Baby In Hospital 4 Days Later, They Get Call From Nurse That Changes Everything

    SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE ! Couple Lose Newborn Baby In Hospital – 4 Days Later, They Get A Call From A Nurse That Changes Everything It’s a dream of many young couples to start their own family. That’s why Katie and Josh Butler were over the moon when they were told they were going to have a child. However, their hopes and desires would turn to ash before they were barely started on the journey of parenthood. When Katie went in for an ultrasound at 20 weeks, it was discovered that there was something wrong. Doctors couldn’t pin point exactly what the problem was, but they knew all…

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    GUESS The BEST Part Of Having A New BABY! | Ellie And Jared

    – Oh my goodness, Jackson, look what I found. – [Ellie] Tommy Joel, guess what just came in the mail. – All right, kiddos! Tomorrow is a very fun day. – [Ellie] Good morning, Tom. – Good morning, Tom Tom. – [Calvin] Good morning, Bubba. (Ellie chuckles) – [Ellie] This is what we do every morning after I feed him, they kinda fight over who gets to hold him first. Can you bet who won today? – [Jackson] Me. (Ellie laughs) – Morning! Good morning, guys. I am feeling very rested. – Yeah! This is baby home. – The baby is home! I think they know that. We have felt…