• Pregnancy Ke Side Effects feat. Amruta Khanvilkar & Nidhi Bisht  | Girliyapa’s Womaniya
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    Pregnancy Ke Side Effects feat. Amruta Khanvilkar & Nidhi Bisht | Girliyapa’s Womaniya

    Hey, listen to the whole thing. Then there was so much pain! A lot of pain and they dragged me away! He came wearing a mask, picked up a blade and slashed away like that! There was blood everywhere! Then screaming! So much chaos! And then he finally shot out. Lata, you know I don’t like horror stories, right? Babe, this isn’t a horror story. This is a true story about my delivery! Huh? Don’t drink black tea, if not the child… Wow! How did they get so big? – They haven’t, they look the same to me. – Really? – They’re swollen. – That they are. Don’t eat dark…

  • Understanding Low-Intervention Childbirth & It’s Benefits
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    Understanding Low-Intervention Childbirth & It’s Benefits

    Hey Vanderbilt Health. Today, we are gonna be talking about the midwifery model of care and what that looks like and how to navigate it maybe for some people who are confused about it and just about our phenomenal program here at Vanderbilt. I’m a huge fan of this program personally, I’m not gonna lie, I had all of my babies delivered by our Vanderbilt midwives and I’m pleased to have one of them here today. Lori, think you so much for joining me. So let’s dive right into this. What is the midwifery model of care? What does that even mean? – So the midwifery model of care is…

  • Why it costs so much to have a baby in the US
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    Why it costs so much to have a baby in the US

    Childbirth is the primary reason people are hospitalized in America. And to get an idea of what it actually costs, ,we called up several hospitals to see if they’d tell us. A couple of them weren’t willing to provide any information.* Others actually had prices and estimates.* But the thing is, none of them would tell us exactly what that price included.* To find out, you have to have the baby first. And then? You wait for the bill. In the US, the average total list price for childbirth is a whopping $32,093. For a C-section, it’s $51,125. [Childbirth Connection]. That’s the sticker price, before any insurance negotiations or deductions.…

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    Lady Helps Cat Give Birth To Her Kittens | Kritter Klub

    Cheeky kitty safe delivery project Head home! Cat’s meow tugs her conscience You can’t come in today Stray cat invades her apartment I can’t help that I feel most comfy here Out! Get out of here~ Apparently, this isn’t the first time this happened Navi couldn’t take care of her newborn kittens This lady lent out a helping hand to Navi Now that Navi is pregnant again She remembered the lady’s help And came to her doorstep You’re in good hands She’s pretty much due anytime soon She needs my help Prepares for her delivery We’ll see what happens You never know After hours of labor She gives birth to…

  • Pregnancy 101 | National Geographic
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    Pregnancy 101 | National Geographic

    (elegant piano music) – [Narrator] The product of millions of years of evolution, the human body is capable of many remarkable things, but none of which may be quite so incredible as the development of life in utero. (calm music) Over three million babies are born each year in the United States alone. Worldwide, the highest fertility rate is found in Niger, where the average woman gives birth to approximately 6.49 children in her lifetime. Singapore sits on the opposite end of the spectrum at just 0.83, less than one birth per woman. While the number of births, customs, and traditions vary from culture to culture, the developmental process is…

  • Birth Center Tour at John Muir Health
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    Birth Center Tour at John Muir Health

    As the Chief Nurse Executive, former Director of the Birth Center and a mother of two sons born right here at John Muir Health, welcome to our Walnut Creek Medical Center. Today our amazing team is going to take you on a virtual tour of our Labor & Delivery unit and our Mother / Baby unit, as well as share information with you about breastfeeding and other new parent resources we offer to help get your baby off to the best possible start. We’re excited that you’ve chosen our hospital to have your baby. One of the first things that you’re going todo is pre-register online. You can do this…

  • Fathers Describe Birth | Dude Dad
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    Fathers Describe Birth | Dude Dad

    it all started at like midnight it was about 4 a.m. my wife Ashley came in and woke me up and said we gotta go to the hospital now so I go okay I was binge watching making a murderer and I said that’s great alright I’m going to get a little bit more sleep and then we can tackle this thing head-on Heidi called to me from the bathroom and she’s like I think my water broke but I’m not sure because I peed in it I think I actually put down a garbage bag on the passenger seat incase of water were to break on the way over…

  • 4 Tips For Avoiding Interventions & Interruptions During Labor
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    4 Tips For Avoiding Interventions & Interruptions During Labor

    If you’re interested in having a natural childbirth today, we’re going to be covering interventions and interruptions to help you succeed and getting that natural delivery Thanks for joining us today. I’m Sherry Hopkins. I’m a home birth midwife in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m joined by Cora. She is my daughter and she is also a home birth midwife at Well Rounded Momma as well as one of our massage therapists and placenta encapselators All the things… We do lots of things. If you find this video helpful like… Subscribe, hit the bell. We get a lot of clients that ask us, how do I have a successful natrual childbirth…