• Your 9 month old. Baby development. Newborn care.
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    Your 9 month old. Baby development. Newborn care.

    Today we are going to study about Baby development: Your 9-month-old What can my baby do at nine months? Playtime with your baby is becoming more fun. She will love the opportunity of emptying and filling containers or stacking cups and rings. At this age you will be her best play mate. She may not limit her exploration to toys though, and you may find yourself using the word “no” more often. She probably understands more from your tone of voice than the actual words you use right now. Childproofing your home will help keep her out of harm’s way. When will my baby start walking? Your baby is getting…

  • Why babies laugh | Caspar Addyman | TEDxBratislava
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    Why babies laugh | Caspar Addyman | TEDxBratislava

    Translator: Ivana Krivokuća Reviewer: Tijana Mihajlović Babies laugh. (Laughter) Babies laugh a lot. They laugh at mommies, They laugh at daddies, They laugh at siblings, They laugh at grannies, They laugh at cats, They laugh at dogs, They laugh even While sleeping in their cots, They laugh at songs And peek-a-boo, Babies laugh more Than me or you, They laugh while Playing on the swings, Babies laugh At all the things! (Cheering) (Applause) But don’t you even wonder why? It’s certainly something that’s intrigued me. I’m a developmental psychologist. For the past 12 years, I’ve been trying to figure out all the things that babies are learning, how they learn…

  • I’m Not A Child, I’m 20 | BORN DIFFERENT
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    I’m Not A Child, I’m 20 | BORN DIFFERENT

    MICHELLE KISH: Do people assume that I am a lot younger than I am? I think they do when they ask my age. MICHELLE KISH: My name is Michelle Elizabeth Kish. I’m 20 years old. MICHELLE KISH: I have a condition called Hallermann-Streiff syndrome. It has 28 characteristics. I have 26 of them. The two that I don’t have, I think are brain problems or something. MICHELLE KISH: I don’t know, Mom knows more about this than I do. MARY KISH: There is a spoil sport. COMM: 20-year-old Michelle was born with Hallermann-Streiff syndrome – a condition so rare, that at the time of her birth, there were only 250…

  • Why Is Childbirth So Difficult? | Darwin, MD #1
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    Why Is Childbirth So Difficult? | Darwin, MD #1

    Imagine serving as a physician in the obstetrics and gynecology department of a large hospital. Two women arrive on the same day ready to each give birth to their first child. Both are twenty-five and experienced an uneventful pregnancy. They are fit and ready for the experience. Both planned for a vaginal delivery. One did give birth vaginally, but the other ultimately needed a cesarean section. What happened? Why would two healthy women of similar size, weight, and fitness experience different childbirth outcomes? My name is Florence Yuan, and this is Darwin, MD. [Darwin, MD jingle] It’s no secret that giving birth is hard. Each day, some 830 women die…

  • Why Do We Have Baby Teeth?
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    Why Do We Have Baby Teeth?

    Cheese! Squeaks and I are practicing our smiles for picture day. You look great, Squeaks. But you’re missing something… Oh I know! Teeth! When we smile, we usually show off our teeth. But don’t worry, Squeaks, you still look great — and you’re not the only one who’s missing teeth! Maybe some of YOU are missing a tooth or two! Have you lost a tooth yet? If you have, you know what it feels like! Your tooth starts to feel a little wiggly, then a little loose, and soon you can twist it all the way around. Then one day–pop! It’s out of your mouth! Don’t worry! It doesn’t hurt,…

  • Building a baby: The first two weeks
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    Building a baby: The first two weeks

    This is how a human gets made. Every one of us started out this way. We have a pretty good idea what happens over the 9 months it takes to produce a newborn, but there’s this one bit that’s been missing. Right at the beginning, before this animation even starts – the very first few weeks. Now, armed with new ways of growing human embryos in the lab, scientists are learning what the very beginning of human development looks like. For decades, studying this crucial, early time in a human embryo’s development was a technical headache – embryos are hard to get and keep alive outside the body. And it’s…

  • Normal Hand Development: Birth to 15 Months
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    Normal Hand Development: Birth to 15 Months

    {rtf1macansicpg10000cocoartf824cocoasubrtf480 {fonttblf0fromanfcharset77 Times-Roman;} {colortbl;red255green255blue255;} margl1440margr1440vieww9000viewh8400viewkind0 pardtx560tx1120tx1680tx2240tx2800tx3360tx3920tx4480tx5040tx5600tx6160tx6720qlqnaturalpardirnatural f0fs24 cf0 The human hand has been described as the instrument of intelligence. From the very beginning of life the infant’s hands are intricately involved in total sensorimotor development. Sucking on the fisted hand, an early reflexive activity, gradually extends to exploratory mouthing, not only of the hands, but of everything the baby can possibly bring to the mouth. As the hands begin to explore the surrounding environment, awareness of textures, sizes, and shapes stimulates intellectual growth through organization and adaptation. This process of development, which follows a predictable, orderly sequence, is usually illustrated by a range of typical behaviors observed at each level.…

  • Are Artificial Wombs the Future of Birth?
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    Are Artificial Wombs the Future of Birth?

    In April, scientists unveiled an artificial womb undergoing testing on fetal lambs. With a prediction from one of the researchers that the technology could be ready for human testing in three to five years, artificial wombs suddenly became the most unexpected rage of 2017. But what sort of artificial wombs might realistically be a part of healthcare in the near future? In fiction artificial wombs are often depicted as self-sufficient systems that develop an individual from a small bundle of cells to a living breathing infant – or sometimes well beyond. But although some research has been conducted on artificially replicating the conditions of early pregnancy, a complete artificial womb…

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    What Clothing does a Newborn Need? | mothercare baby advice

    Baby’s arrival is such an exciting time. To help you plan baby’s first wardrobe mothercare’s qualified parenting consultant Elizabeth Day gives you the top tips on what to buy for baby. New babies usually spend a lot of time sleeping, so you’ll need enough sleepsuits for a couple of changes each day, and for in between washes. Mothercare’s sleepsuits have fold back scratchmitts to stop sharp nails from scratching baby’s delicate skin. We also use 100% soft, breathable cotton, which is interwoven so it’s thick and super soft on baby’s skin. Our unique toe safe design prevents loose threads from wrapping around tiny toes. And once babies are on the…