• Luka Baby Meets Dinosaur Tree 💟 Baby Learning Cartoons For Kids
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    Luka Baby Meets Dinosaur Tree 💟 Baby Learning Cartoons For Kids

    The Memorable Tree Dad is finishing a table, but he seems to be confused about choosing the right type of wood for the desk Dad takes out a ruler and goes into the forest trying to find a perfect wood for his table Dad comes next to a big tree and he smiles satisfied. Oh no, it’s a giant dinosaur. Dad sadly comes back home. He suddenly sees a big tree in the garden Luka and Elsa together determines to prevent dad from cutting down the tree Dad looks at the ball and then suddenly remembers the moment when Dad with Elsa and Luka played around the tree Dad, Luka…

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    Wind Cancer, Dumps, and Babies: Songify the News #18

    This, is a picture of Aquaman. Tontons, Mr. President! This is a beloved species. Okay, i’m a little lost, but I like the direction you’re going in so let’s just do key of Dm…and…go! This is Ronald reagan of course Riding on a dinosaur A rocket launcher, a machine gun, Unmistakable patriotism Reagan is super strapped Holding up a tattered American flag This is the real solution to climate change: Babies. American babies They’ll fix our problems American babies, babieees American babies So we don’t have to solve ‘em American babies, babieeees The real solution to climate change is: Fall in love and make some frickin’ babies My aspiration American…