• My Emotional Relationship with my Birth Mother in Russia
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    My Emotional Relationship with my Birth Mother in Russia

    So as you all know the story of me and my relationship with my birth father. Not many of you so much about my birth mother Tatiana. When she was a child she was in an orphanage And my relationship with my birth mother is definitely not as positive and overwhelming as my birth father. When I met my birth mother she didn’t show many emotions and she kept that all to herself. And I believe it’s just her personality and her way of trying to understand everything that was going on. But inside I realised that I don’t think she really knew what was going on. She struggles with…

  • The Try Guys Meet Ned’s Baby
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    The Try Guys Meet Ned’s Baby

    – Do you wanna hold him? – No, I don’t. – Okay. *upbeat theme song* – Today the Try Guys are coming over to meet Wes for the first time. – We haven’t seen Ned for three weeks. – I’m so excited. Oh my god. – I don’t know it. I’ve never seen it. I saw it in the photo… and…it was baby – I don’t care what they think about our little baby, I love him. – You can think whatever you want, he’s perfect. – I love babies. I’m probably the biggest baby lover besides Ned because now he has a physical baby to love. ZACH: I’m gonna…

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    (soft piano) – [Mom] Dearest Jaxson, Baby Jax, Jaxie, today you’re one. I can barely say that without tearing up. Your first year as gone both fast and slow. On one hand we can’t really remember a time without you, but on the other hand you have grown up into a little boy in the blink of an eye. We’ve bought you new toys and birthday cards but hopefully this little video will be something that you can look back on and know how truly loved you were from day one, even if this is a little embarrassing. You made your entrance into the world 11 days overdue. I’m not…

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    I’m on a mission they’re gonna massage your foot and they’re gonna hit the exact right spot and the baby’s gonna fly out castor oil I’m doing this I’m gonna do it trying to get your little brother out if I take the castor oil how long will it take for me to go into labor because Gary is not home I’m just going to make sure that Gary is not too too far I’ll have to turn want to take your time um okay guys it’s happening it’s happening whispers oh my god Gary with to get a police car I’m gonna say is that castor oil works my…

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    Hi, Queens, welcome back, I’m Sheena I go by Queen SHE and today I want to update y’all and let y’all know where I have been I am mid errands. I am parked safely. That’s why my sea bass is off and That’s why I’m recording. I don’t know about recording and driving I always admire or seriously question people who do that It just seems like too much of a distraction. But anyway That’s neither here nor there. I Came to tell you some big news. So on August On July 31st, I started bleeding and if you watched my 22 24 week pregnancy vlog, you know that that’s…

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    Perfect Hospital Birth! Baby #4 Emotional, Beautiful, Clean! Pins and Things

    This morning was not very fun. I had contractions all through the night. I think today is the day that we’re going to have a baby! They’ve got everything going. The doctor’s gonna come and break my water. In like 15 minutes or 10 minutes now. Contractions are getting close together. I really have to pee. But I can’t. Oh no, they’re gonna give me a catheter. Became little bit shivery. Are you cold or is it just shaky? No i’m not kinda cold. Just a little bit shaky. Shaky? It’s funny cause I remember watching and being shaky a little bit with the last one, but it just get…

  • Emotional Live Birth Vlog -No Epidural! (clean)
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    Emotional Live Birth Vlog -No Epidural! (clean)

    your doing great keep going keep going hi guys did you miss me its still tuesday it is about 930 ish yeah 930its hard to tell time backwards in a viewfinder anyway emily is still having some contractions not really progressing much but ummm they are 4 minutes apart right now so that is good we are just kind of hanging out waiting hopefully things will start picking up soon and we will get this guy out of here i hate waiting today is the day guys today we are going to have our little Ethan I mean it could technically be tomorrow but they put medications in my cervix…

  • A Son Meets His Birth Mom
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    A Son Meets His Birth Mom

    – My name’s Robbie, and I’m gonna meet my birth mother this weekend. (acoustic guitar music) My parents were open about the adoption my whole life. I didn’t really care, ’cause the adoptive parents were my parents, and I didn’t think any other way. I have never met my birth mother. My brother hadn’t either, but we’re blood related, so it’s the same mother. I got the three little facts. Her name, where she used to live, and her maiden name. It blew my mind that, honestly, with little tid-bits of information, you could find someone on the internet. (acoustic guitar music) I’m excited to go out with my brother,…