• Moms Share Their Birthing Stories
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    Moms Share Their Birthing Stories

    – I think pregnancy is a lot more powerful than we’re lead to believe. – So, when your baby’s born, they turn face down to come out. My baby did not turn face down. So he was, they call them “stargazers”. He was just face up, and not doing the turn to come out. I was put in the operating room, and she’s in there with the forceps, and she’s like, says to me, “I’m trying really hard “not to tear your perineum”. And I was like, “Just (bleep) cut it”. And so she was like, “okay”. Cut, boom, baby out. ‘Cause I didn’t feel anything, and at that point…

  • Baby Girl Birth!
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    Baby Girl Birth!

    I’m having a baby! We’re headed to the hospital right now. I have been having contractions that are about three and a half minutes apart Last thing about a minute long each, and you’ve been having them for. Oh my goodness. They’re three minutes apart now That’s a minute closer than they were When they first started and how many for almost an hour now? Yeah, they haven’t stopped I’ve been happening for about an hour now, and they’re so strong This is what a contraction looks like. How much can you move? Pretty good? Right leg pretty good, left leg — And I can feel the cervix. Do you…

  • What is Like to Deliver a Baby | My Childbirth Story
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    What is Like to Deliver a Baby | My Childbirth Story

    I had this idea in my head of how childbirth was going to be all natural and wonderful and I was convinced to breastfeed my baby but nothing went according to the plan hi sex-positive people and my name is Marisol Pedeboy and this is Be Sexpositive in this episode i’m going to talk about childbirth you wonder during your whole pregnancy how childbirth is going to be and you want it or not you have some expectations make sure to subscribe and let me know if you enjoy this episode by using the buttons below or just leave me a comment and if you know anyone who might like…

  • 9 Moms Share Their Childbirth Stories
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    9 Moms Share Their Childbirth Stories

    My childbirth experience I used to see all these TLC shows about having babies And there were all these beautiful women in these bathtubs You know, giving birth to their babies I freaked myself out. I made myself think it was going to be horrible and dramatic. And I wouldn’t be able to stand the pain. The pain of labor is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. I knew that once I got to the hospital I would be on their time From the moment I stepped foot in the hospital it was my worst fear come true. I was immediately hooked up to monitors I was told to stay on…

  • How an epidural is given during childbirth
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    How an epidural is given during childbirth

    An epidural during childbirth is an injection into your lower back that temporarily blocks pain from your waist down. You’ll be asked either to lie on your side with your knees tucked into your chest or to sit upright and lean forward. This opens up the space between the bones in your spine. Your anaesthetist will carry out your epidural in two parts. Firstly a small amount of local anaesthetic is injected into your skin to completely numb the area. Then a hollow epidural needle is given into your epidural space. This is the space just outside the membranes that surround your spinal cord. When the epidural needle reaches the…

  • Natural Birth & Mommy Wars – Natural Childbirth – BEXLIFE
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    Natural Birth & Mommy Wars – Natural Childbirth – BEXLIFE

    Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here and I’m here with my good friend Mike Perrine of Everyday Detox and in this last portion of our podcast, we’re talking about women and childbirth and whether or not we get to have opinions on their experiences. We would love to hear your thoughts. So remember to leave them as we go in the comments below. You sent me an article recently and you asked what my opinion was on it and the title of the article was You Don’t Get to Have an Opinion about How I Give Birth or anyone else. I think that this is going to be the last…

  • The Worst Parts of Childbirth • Wine Mom
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    The Worst Parts of Childbirth • Wine Mom

    (happy Italian folk music) – Hi, I’m Hannah. Your friendly neighborhood wine mom and if you’re anything like me, you believe that a glass of wine at eight p.m. makes you a better mom. So, pour yourself a glass and let’s talk. Tonight we’re drinking red wine. This is what I like to call grown-up wine. And I always drink this wine when I’m around other adults and trying to be an adult and I’m like, (sniffs) “Mmm, yes this is a great red,” but it’s actually like kind of strong and kind of intense. Like tonight’s topic. Tonight we’re gonna talk about the worst parts of childbirth. You thought…

  • What are my childbirth delivery options? | Summa Health System
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    What are my childbirth delivery options? | Summa Health System

    you may experience some discomfort during labor with your contractions as they get stronger you may need to use some non-pharmacological methods such as relaxation breathing techniques you may want to use some water you may want to walk around or change your position if you would choose to take some sort of an analdegia or anesthesia, we do have epidurals available but remember whatever choice you make is the choice that’s best for you