• Is It Safe to Visit the Dentist During Pregnancy?
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    Is It Safe to Visit the Dentist During Pregnancy?

    Hi, I’m Dr. Paul Silberman. Hi, I’m Kayla. And we are here today, Kayla and I, my assistant of three years, to talk to you a little bit about pregnancy and the effect on your teeth. A lot of my female patients that I see, obviously can tell that I’m pregnant, and they tell me that when they were pregnant, they were always scared to go to the dentist. They were told dental procedures could harm their fetus, which is not necessarily true at all. It’s not true. Concerns about harm coming to the baby through dentistry – It’s just not the case. I mean, there’s nothing in the anesthetics…

  • Sloth Gives Birth | Kritter Klub
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    Sloth Gives Birth | Kritter Klub

    Areum, 2 years old SLOTH I’m having a Kristen Bell moment Areum is actually pregnant In prenatal care The sloth needs to exercise for a safe delivery Everyone is mesmerized by the slow sloth And that concludes my workout Sleep tight Sloth gives birth It’s crowning The miracle of life Welcome to the world, baby sloth Areum starts licking so the baby can breathe Even eats the umbilical cord

  • Surrogate Mom Unknowingly Gives Birth To BIOLOGICAL Son!? HOW? | What’s Trending Now!
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    Surrogate Mom Unknowingly Gives Birth To BIOLOGICAL Son!? HOW? | What’s Trending Now!

    A surrogate mother thought she was giving birth to twins for a nice couple, but one ended up being her son. Huh? Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Ava Gordy. Be sure to LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE for more stories. Jessica Allen decided to be a surrogate for a Chinese couple and in December of last year gave birth to what she thought were twins. The little baby boys were taken away before Jessica could even get a good look at them, even though in her contract it says that she could spend an hour with them. The next day, the twins mom stopped by and showed her a…

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    Caring for Your Newborn – Boys Town Pediatrics

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Hi, I’m Dr. Heather Zimmerman—pediatrician at Boys Town Pediatrics. After a few days home with your newborn, you may have many questions you never thought of before leaving the hospital. The Caring for Your Newborn video addresses common questions on newborn feeding and sleeping, physical and emotional development and when to contact your pediatrician. Over the next few weeks your baby will be developing right before your eyes. Enjoy these precious moments. We are so excited to be with you on this journey. Your baby is growing! Which also means your baby is hungry. Most breast fed newborns will feed for about 10…

  • Preparing for Your Newborn – Boys Town Pediatrics
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    Preparing for Your Newborn – Boys Town Pediatrics

    Congratulations! You’re having a baby. Hi, I’m Dr. Kelli Shidler—pediatrician at Boys Town Pediatrics. We have put together a short video to help you prepare for your newborn with information on choosing the right pediatrician, what to expect at the hospital and surviving the first few weeks at home. We hope this video answers some of your questions and creates new questions for you to ask your pediatrician. Congratulations on your new arrival and welcome to parenthood. You have already taken one of the most important steps in your child’s health—choosing a pediatrician. Pediatricians are medical physicians who spend three additional years of specialized training devoted to the care of…