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    Newborn Rash!?

    – Whoa! (dramatic music) Good morning, everyone! The boys are back! Look at this boy and look at this boy. – Good morning, everyone! – [Jessica] Did you have a great time with grandma? – Yes. – Good. So, our health up date is now we just have one sick person in the house as far as I know and that is Jacob. He came back and he still has a bit of a cough, but he’s definitely on the end of this illness and then this guy’s been healthy, I’ve been healthy, this guy hasn’t gotten sick. – But sometimes I get sick. – Yeah, sometimes you get sick,…

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACHIEVEMENT! Baby Tommy Surprises Us All!

    – You better believe I’m filming a clip. Yes it is 4:00 a.m. Yes, I think I have a sinus infection. Happy birthday Jared. Happy Easter. I just got Tommy back to bed and I went and saw what the kids got for Easter, and I noticed that it was very rummaged through. So I walked around the house, I checked the cameras, and Calvin had gone in the Easter baskets at midnight. So I went to go collect it, to make sure it was all put together, and instead I left it. I went downstairs and Calvin had grabbed the baskets and put it right by their doors so…

  • REAL LIFE WITH A NEWBORN | Tara Henderson
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    REAL LIFE WITH A NEWBORN | Tara Henderson

    [Music] you have that’s where you go this way [Music] okay hey you got a suit I wanna do [Music] so Grayson is being extremely fussy right now he’s in day one of his leap and actually day two and he’s just not doing very well so he drained both my breasts completely if there’s nothing left and I really didn’t want to have to give him one of the rose and breast milk bags in the freezer because we really only have like three of them in there but I have to because I think I think he’s still hungry I can’t really I mean when I hold him…

  • She Watched the Live Birth!
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    She Watched the Live Birth!

    smile you good morning everyone it is the next day it’s the 13th it’s the do day but we already hoping there is this is Aunt Lisa it’s Harker’s turn to hold the baby are you so excited [Music] he makes me now yeah he loves to you in the middle of the night at like 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. I was thinking myself I wish Park was here to sing him a lullaby because he was just crying and I couldn’t get him to stop crying but when you thing to him he stopped crying remember that yesterday so I was I wish I had a little recording of…

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    okay I just pulled up to Grayson’s first doctor appointment it’s Monday afternoon so it’s been five days since he’s been born he was born on Wednesday and then we were still in the hospital over the weekend we went home on Friday evening so my days are like all mixed up but I think we would have seen his doctor a little bit sooner but since it was the weekend here we are on Monday I’m so curious to see how well he’s doing he’s in the back there I totally forgot to bring the stroller so I’m gonna have to carry his car seat Adam put him in…

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    I’m on a mission they’re gonna massage your foot and they’re gonna hit the exact right spot and the baby’s gonna fly out castor oil I’m doing this I’m gonna do it trying to get your little brother out if I take the castor oil how long will it take for me to go into labor because Gary is not home I’m just going to make sure that Gary is not too too far I’ll have to turn want to take your time um okay guys it’s happening it’s happening whispers oh my god Gary with to get a police car I’m gonna say is that castor oil works my…

  • Baby’s First Haircut!
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    Baby’s First Haircut!

    [Music] [Music] good morning everyone today duncan is getting his first haircut are you happy about this you are how do you feel about this oh I’m excited you’re gonna look like a handsome young man I’m just certain of it I love you Barney we were just talking about this babies grow up so much after their first haircut you’re like well when did you not be a baby anymore are you ready to not be a baby oh oh he’s gonna love this place he doesn’t even know you did not know what to expect we’re gonna have a lot of fun you say let’s do it the…

  • Beautiful Newborn Photo Shoot! ~ Ballinger Family
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    Beautiful Newborn Photo Shoot! ~ Ballinger Family

    (majestic orchestral music) – Good morning everyone. We have a crazy, crazy, busy day today. I just heard from the dentist that they can see me for my temporary crown, which I swallowed yesterday. I don’t think they’re gonna use that one anymore, I think that one’s done, I think they’re makin’ me a new one. So I’m gonna go in and do that, then we’ve got an infant photoshoot, so that’ll be a lot of fun. And then we have a big family photoshoot. I think just ’cause Dad’s coming to visit. All this kind of stuff happens when you’ve got a baby. People wanna see it, you wanna…

  • Newborn Baby Umbilical Cord Falls Off ~ Brand New Belly Button!
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    Newborn Baby Umbilical Cord Falls Off ~ Brand New Belly Button!

    are you doing wiping your face what a gentleman [Music] good morning everyone it is a beautiful day and amount of batteries on this camera so give me a second that’s better you don’t notice the difference but I feel it should feel very refreshing because it’s a brand-new battery in the camera now so there we go good morning everyone today is a very exciting day we are going to the house and we have two people two friends of ours who do interior decorating and who do landscaping coming to the new house to sort of look over everything and give us some advice give us some ideas…

  • I Gave Birth To My Adopted Twins Through Embryo Adoption
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    I Gave Birth To My Adopted Twins Through Embryo Adoption

    [Music] I’m Angela and I’m CR and we create videos on YouTube about our crazy big family did y’all think when you saw that we were hiking near water that someone was bound to fall in so did I and guess what I’m glad you have it happened JJ come here he is now carrying his shoes with his pants rolled up you think it to give you a ticket II know it’s crazy in bed we have seven kids for now and five of them are adopted two of them are biological we’ve kind of adopted from multiple different ways international domestic embryo so embryo adoption is basically where…