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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACHIEVEMENT! Baby Tommy Surprises Us All!

    – You better believe I’m filming a clip. Yes it is 4:00 a.m. Yes, I think I have a sinus infection. Happy birthday Jared. Happy Easter. I just got Tommy back to bed and I went and saw what the kids got for Easter, and I noticed that it was very rummaged through. So I walked around the house, I checked the cameras, and Calvin had gone in the Easter baskets at midnight. So I went to go collect it, to make sure it was all put together, and instead I left it. I went downstairs and Calvin had grabbed the baskets and put it right by their doors so…

  • 🎁One Last Present! Caleb’s 4th BIRTHDAY!
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    🎁One Last Present! Caleb’s 4th BIRTHDAY!

    – We have one last present for Caleb. (calm guitar music) – [Kendra] What day is it? – My birthday. – [Kendra] Happy birthday, buddy. How old are you? Four? What’s all this stuff? – Presents. – [Kendra] Are you gonna open them? Let’s do it. Sit right there right by him. That present is from you. – Oh. That’s mine. – [Kendra] That one’s for Caleb. Look he’s opening the present, watch. Wow, Laura, you did a great job wrapping this thing. (Laura gasps) LEGOs! (Laura laughs) LEGOs. – Can I have this please? – [Kendra] Laura, it’s for Caleb, it’s Caleb’s birthday. – That’s mine. – No, it’s…

  • BIRTHDAY KITTEN SURPRISE! – Ollie’s 3rd Birthday Special
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    BIRTHDAY KITTEN SURPRISE! – Ollie’s 3rd Birthday Special

    (dramatic music) (“This is Home”) ♫ Wherever you are ♫ That’s where I wanna be ♫ All it took was a laugh ♫ In that soft sunset ♫ Big blue eyes looked up and said, ♫ “This is home” ♫ Just runnin’ around ♫ You never looked so cute ♫ Huggin’ you tight ♫ Cuddlin’ all I could ♫ Saying, “I am home” ♫ Home’s wherever you’re with me (gibberish) – I’m gonna give you three birthday spankings. One, two, three. (laughs) Ah, careful! (gibberish) – Good morning, Ollie. – Good morning. – How old are you this morning? – I’m gonna be three. – You’re not gonna be. You…

  • ‘Prince Will’ is here! Happy 1st birthday, William! [The Return of Superman / 2017.08.20]
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    ‘Prince Will’ is here! Happy 1st birthday, William! [The Return of Superman / 2017.08.20]

    Which family visited the cool stream? (It’s a place in nature where they can heal.) It’s William’s family. It’s cold. (He sticks his feet inside.) (He whines in front of his mom.) (His mom gives a bigger reaction.) (Are you okay?) (It’s William’s turn.) (He is so surprised that he freezes up.) How is it? Do you like it? (It’s cold.) (I want to go down and play.) William enters a stream for the first time. (The water is cold.) (He tries to escape.) (I got you.) (This is fun.) (William is happy in the water.) (His grandma attacks.) Run. Run away. Run away. (She smiles from ear to ear.)…

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    – [Kendra] Whoo! Run, run, run! (upbeat music) – Yes! – [Jeremy] Get the flag! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] Come see what they did today. – Wait, is that a part of our fort? – [Isaac] So now we have that part. – So to start off Isaac’s birthday, he wanted a sports day with his friends at the park. – [Man] Over the fence. – [Jeremy] Oh! That’s a two, you get two bases. All right, man on second. (whack) (softly chuckles) – [Announcer] Nice hit. – [Jeremy] Run, run, run! Easton’s coming. Oh, he stops. (light rock music) – [Announcer] Double. –…

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    Baby’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! 🎂

    ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Livia ♪ ♪ Today you are one ♪ (“Happy Birthday”) – Hi sweet girl. – [Boy] Hi Liv. – You have your one of a kind happy birthday patch. Big brother is cooking scrambled eggs, you’re gonna eat a whole egg for the first time today on your birthday. – Yay. – We usually do chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, but it’s her first birthday. She doesn’t need chocolate chip pancakes first thing in the morning. Livia has been such a blessing to our family, from before she was even born even starting with…

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    Tia Mowry’s Newborn Baby Girl | Quick Fix

    – Hi guys, hello. We have a special guest here. (light guitar music) Say Hello world, I am here. Everybody’s been dying to meet you Cairo. They’ve been dying to meet you. This is Baby Cairo. Her name is Cairo Tiahna Hardrict. Cairo, it basically means victorious. My husband, he was in the air flying, and he always feels like he’s closer to his mother when he’s up in the air and he said when he was flying he had seen the letters A, I and R in the sky. He said that he wanted the baby’s name to have those letters. Tiahna is spelled T I A H N…

  • She Watched the Live Birth!
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    She Watched the Live Birth!

    smile you good morning everyone it is the next day it’s the 13th it’s the do day but we already hoping there is this is Aunt Lisa it’s Harker’s turn to hold the baby are you so excited [Music] he makes me now yeah he loves to you in the middle of the night at like 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. I was thinking myself I wish Park was here to sing him a lullaby because he was just crying and I couldn’t get him to stop crying but when you thing to him he stopped crying remember that yesterday so I was I wish I had a little recording of…

  • The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.107 (2015.12.13)
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    The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.107 (2015.12.13)

    Let’s go in. Take off your shoes… Wait, shoes. That’s it. When you shot the music video, I was the director. I’m not the director today but the photographer. Okay? Should I use honorifics with you? This is a self-studio with small props… What brought them here? The holidays are around the corner. I’m grateful and I’d like to take pictures for a holiday card though I’m not a pro or anything. I want to send them to people I appreciate. What’s important is that you’ll be angels today. So you need to dress as angels. Angels use this. Yeah. And wear this. Seoeon, Seoeon, try this on just once.…

  • Our First Birthday Message To Our Daughter + First Year Highlights (TAGLISH)
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    Our First Birthday Message To Our Daughter + First Year Highlights (TAGLISH)

    Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthday Happy birthday to you! Hi everyone! It’s me Phoebe and welcome to my channel! With me today is Dan. Hey, hey, hey! Janina here! Today, we’re gonna remember the moments that we have with Alice. What are your favorite memories with Alice for the past one year? First dance. First breast-feeding moment. Alice: Milk We cannot show it here, my love. First tooth. First travel. She was two weeks old when we went to Tagaytay together. How far! Birthday girl! Here’s the birthday girl! For me, the first time I carried her. It was really mesmerizing! When she…