• How baby flamingos get their pink colour | Animal Super Parents – BBC
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    How baby flamingos get their pink colour | Animal Super Parents – BBC

    These Caribbean flamingos are the brightest members of the flamingo family Their unusual in many ways Their curved bill is a specialist bit of equipment containing a unique Structure that filters algae and small crustaceans out of the water And this bill is the key to their parenting strategy Their chicks are born with straight spells that can’t yet filter water to feed So these bird parents produce milk It’s made in F rose and comes out of their mouths But has the same amount of protein and fat as milk The hormone prolactin stimulates milk production the same as for humans Except here. Both parents have prolactin so Dad…

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    Orgasmic Childbirth Video Obstetrics and Gynecolog

    on overruled he’s the most intimate powerful experience a woman is that right good luck all right introducing the dictionary documentary these sexual in sex children cannot be denied what is the potential of child care after issue Clinton inside myself beginning of the century I’m dan rutz sustained it’s %uh huh the come on it’s a pleasure sure why not Steve excuse me right our involved in sexual pleasure stimulated I never think that the and when know yourself in the same way that you going to work I mean same experience is possible puts the conventions of these health care system and the examination table when poll we…

  • Breastfeed Wherever You Damn Well Please | Week 37 of Pregnancy
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    Breastfeed Wherever You Damn Well Please | Week 37 of Pregnancy

    (upbeat music) – Remember the days before you were pregnant when you’d hit up an exercise class and throw around a couple of dumbbells like it was nothin’? That baby growing in your uterus is now those dumbbells. About 19 inches and just over six pounds. At this point she’s so big you might notice she’s moving less because she’s running out of room. It’s totally normal. But if you’re worried try drinking a sweet beverage like orange juice and laying on your side for a while. That should perk the little one up and get them moving again. (high energy music) I’m not picking those up. Sorry. I’m not…

  • Why You Didn’t Die at Birth – Smarter Every Day 42
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    Why You Didn’t Die at Birth – Smarter Every Day 42

    Hey it’s me Destin. Welcome to Smarter Every Day. So today’s episode’s a little bit different. I have a question about breathing. It’s pretty simple. See our bags are packed and we’re about to go to the hospital to have our third child, and my question is this. How do you go from, this. My baby, in my baby. To this. Now 72 hours ago, my son was inside my wife, and now he’s not. He’s no longer in a liquid environment, he is in a gaseous environment. So something has to change, and in fact it’s awesome. To learn more about this let’s go talk to somebody that’s smarter…

  • Cockroach Giving Birth While Being Devoured By Fire Ants
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    Cockroach Giving Birth While Being Devoured By Fire Ants

    OMG, I believe I have just filmed the most gruesome, disturbing, and even morally challenging video I have ever shot in my entire life. This here is my Fire Ant colony, which you, the viewers have voted to be called “The Fire Nation”, and as they say, all was well until the fire nation attacked. You see, I’ve been receiving an unbelievable amount of requests to feed The Fire Nation here live prey, but if you’ve watched our previous videos you’ll know tha] I’ve been very reluctant to do so. Ethically, it was always hard for me to feed live prey, and so I’ve always fed freshly killed insects. Somehow…

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    How to Safely Bottle Feed a Kitten

    Kitten season is here It’s the time of year where kittens are entering shelters in huge numbers Often times without a mother. Most of the time this is because well-meaning people find kittens outside and assume that they’ve been abandoned When really the mother is usually right down the block. So if you find a kitten outside And they don’t appear to be in immediate danger Please wait at least two to three hours to see if the mother does return Nobody’s better at taking care of a little kitten than their own mama, but if you found your kitten And you’re sure that she’s an orphan, she’s going to…

  • Raising Newborn Guppy Fry:  Care & Feeding
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    Raising Newborn Guppy Fry: Care & Feeding

    Hi everyone! These are newborn guppy fry. And I’ll share what I’m doing to grow them out. From these Sunset Micariff guppies breeders, I obtained two large broods. I estimate that each of these females gave birth to broods between 60 to 80 fry. To make room for raising fry I’m selling or giving away all of my adult fish I now have a lot of barrel tubs to house the fry as they grow. This first brood of fry were born on April 22nd 2015, so these are three days old. And I got them set up in this fifty-gallon tub. This second brood was born on April 24th…

  • How to Make Feeding Part of Baby Sleep Training | Newborn Care
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    How to Make Feeding Part of Baby Sleep Training | Newborn Care

    For those first couple months, all of my babies ate every few hours around the clock. I learned pretty quickly that I didn’t want them to need to eat to go back to sleep. So I would keep them awake while they ate, sometimes by talking or singing quietly to them. Or I would change their diaper halfway through feeding to help them stay awake. Putting them in the bed before they were asleep was the key to teaching them how to put themselves back to sleep.