• BABY ELI 1st BIRTHDAY PARTY + KHMER GARDEN UPDATE ខួបកំណើតទី ១ របស់អូនអុីឡាយ ហើយអាប់ដេតដំណាំ
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    BABY ELI 1st BIRTHDAY PARTY + KHMER GARDEN UPDATE ខួបកំណើតទី ១ របស់អូនអុីឡាយ ហើយអាប់ដេតដំណាំ

    Hello all friends and welcome to my channel. Thank you for tuning in. Today is Eli’s birthday. September 2nd so Eli is now 1 year old! We did not even plan on doing anything since he is still little but we just decided yesterday with my siblings and do a little something gathering at eat at home. This morning we went to Lion Supermarket to buy the ingredients like the vegetables as well as the meat. The dish today is some cow cheeks, and stomach with Tuk Prohok. We are now back home these are the vegetables that we got like these Thai eggplant. I planted these in the garden…

  • Cute Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday
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    Cute Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

    They grow so fast and it seems like only yesterday that you took your adorable baby home from the hospital. Now your baby boy or girl is turning one. It’s unbelievable! Here’s some quick ideas to planning baby’s party for the “Big 1.” Send out custom invites available online. Browse through hundreds of precious designs to find the perfect match for that little guy or girl. You can add the date and time even where to RSVP. Design the party around your invite. Find cups, napkins plates and balloons that match the colors. And your local grocery store can make a cake that brings it all together. What’s left? Celebrate…

  • Baby Duncan’s First Birthday Party!
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    Baby Duncan’s First Birthday Party!

    – [Vlogger] Wow ! – Do it again ? – [Vlogger] You wanna do it again ? – One, two, ready Duncan? Do it again ? (cheerful music) (Hawaiian music) – Aloha everyone ! Today is Duncan’s birthday and Colleen Jessica’s over there doing that same thing, but Colleen planned a whole party for Duncan for his birthday and so we’re here at our house, celebrating this little guy’s first birthday ! Is it your first birthday ? Yay, celebrate ! Celebration ! So all the boys are in the ball pit. And this ball pit goes all the way around here. So cool. This party is Hawaiian vacation themed…

  • Benjamin’s FIRST BIRTHDAY Party + Mr. Travis Gets a Day Out!
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    Benjamin’s FIRST BIRTHDAY Party + Mr. Travis Gets a Day Out!

    – Whose birthday is it? You don’t know what a birthday is yet. Aw, gonna put your paci in. Happy birthday, Benjamin! Woo, he’s trying to run and get my camera. So guys, I can’t believe it. Today Benjamin, it’s his birthday. One year ago. Tear. It’s Happy First Birthday, Benjamin Day, and before I get this party started, I was gonna show you guys, like this is gonna be a quick call before we do the birthday party, ’cause we’re getting ready to wrap and cook and do balloons and do all that, so let me show you what he’s gettin’. So I have been doing a ton of…

  • How to Create Bibs for Baby’s First Birthday Party | Pottery Barn Kids
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    How to Create Bibs for Baby’s First Birthday Party | Pottery Barn Kids

    Hi, I’m Kelli Ronci for Pottery Barn Kids. What could be more adorable than a baby’s first birthday, inspired by Eric Carle’s delightful children’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar? And what more appropriate party favor to create than these charming fruit bibs, inspired by the caterpillar-eaten fruit depicted in the book. They’re super easy to make and require no sewing skills. To make one, you’ll need about a half yard of white fabric, a half yard of polka dot fabric, fabric scissors, pinking shears, an iron, some iron-on adhesive, iron-on fastener tap, and this great iron-on vinyl coating. To prepare, adjust your iron to a high setting, make sure the…

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    “ANA” First Birthday Part -1 | A Day In My Life vLog | ShrutiArjunAnand

    omg what are you doing! I know its your birthday! it doesn’t mean you are going to beat mommy daddy! o my small baby, happy birthday dear! o she got bangles! good that we didn’t got the same design! we just bought the new bangles for her! its for you, keep it! she got a coin made in 1917! give it back to mommy, I will buy a nice dress for you. now hold these, wow ana got new bangles! ana cracked a lottery lol I am going to feed her, yes please! its so sweet! I am talking on phone with my friend in background sona pari please come…

  • Kendall Jenner Describes Niece Stormi’s First Birthday Party
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    Kendall Jenner Describes Niece Stormi’s First Birthday Party

    -Thank you for playing Food or Not Food. -Yeah, of course. It was delicious. -Are you adventurous when it comes to food? Do you like a lot of — Are you open to stuff? -I didn’t used to be. Like, I used to be pretty bland. And growing up, I would always, like — It was like mac and cheese and pasta and, like, stuff like that. I was a really, like, simple person. And then, I think more recently, since I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve been more experimental. -Yeah, me, too. I kind of — I don’t — I can’t do mayonnaise at all. -Kylie is a little bit…

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    (upbeat music) (laughing) – He’s like, what is going on? One, two, three. Do it, do it, do it. Not bad. – We’ll take it. – I think I pushed too hard. – Yeah. – A little better. – Is that better? A little better. All right, one year ago to now. A little wiggly baby. All right, I’ve been doing this for one year. Every month I bring Tommy in. I lay this little blanket down and I take a picture of him and I would say the last two months have been the hardest trying to make him stay. So, we are gonna see what we can capture…

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    – [Mom] Happy Birthday, big girl. Here they come. – [Jeremy] Shoes. – The main event! – [Jeremy] Whoa! (upbeat piano music) (kids cheer) ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ (upbeat piano music) – Oh, it’s your birthday. – [Jeremy] Who’s one years old, big girl? – [Kendra] That was fun, huh? – [Jeremy] We’ve done this with every birthday, for every kid we have ever had. So Isaac calculated how many children birthdays we’ve had in our family. What is this number? – 28 – [Jeremy] Can you believe that? – We’ve done 28 kid birthdays. – [Jeremy] You guys have had a lot of birthdays. – [Kendra, Jeremy]…