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    16 Weeks Premature Miracle Baby Celebrates First Birthday!

    You won’t believe how this little dot survived thanks to a miracle, and an everyday item you’d find in your kitchen cupboard! We’ve just got time for a couple of shoutouts, thank you so much for all your comments, we don’t have time to reply to them all but we do read them! On our last video Noreen O’shae said ‘No one is ever too young or old for a hug! It makes the world go round!’ I have to say we agree with you there Noreen! Bill Murray said ‘We need to hear more stories like that on Social media!’ Well, that’s what we’re here for Bill. Bill Murray?…

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    Baby Blake’s 1st Birthday! Present Opening🎁

    – Happy birthday, Blake! – Happy birthday, Blake! – Happy birthday, Blake! – Happy birthday, Blake! – Happy birthday, Blake! – Happy birthday, Blake! – Happy birthday, baby Blake. (camera shutter) (gentle guitar music) – Hi! So, I am at the hospital getting ready to be induced. I am at three centimeters. I’m getting my antibiotics for a little bit and then pretty soon they will start me on pitocin and we’ll see how it goes. (baby monitor whooshing) (gentle music) We are excited. We will be finding out pretty soon if it’s a boy or a girl! – [Nurse] Okay, ready to meet this? This is a surprise. We…

  • Baby Gets WAY Excited!!
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    Baby Gets WAY Excited!!

    – Mmmmmmm. – [Camerawoman] Oh my go– (dramatic music booms) Gosh! – Muah! – [Both] Muah! – [Woman] Look at Coopa! Aw, that is awesome! – [Shaun] Good morning! – [Jenny] Good morning. – [Shaun] What’re you doin? – [Jenny] Makin’ Adley’s cake – It’s Adley’s birthday! And Jenny’s makin’ her a cake, and Adley’s still asleep, and then we’re gonna have fun with her all day! We’ve got a Surprise for Adley when she wakes up. It’s gonna be cute. She’s awake! What’re we gonna do? – We’re gonna go say happy birthday and dump balloons on her. (Adley whining) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday…

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    dear diary today 19th April 2018 is my birthday and I found out an extremely ugly and painful truth in the age of technology if you hide your birthday on Facebook no one will remember it hi everyone I’m back and I’m filming this footage at 11 a.m. on 19 April 2018 I officially turned 25 today yay and actually what I wrote in my diary earlier is absolutely true I hid my birthday on Facebook last year because I thought it would be awesome to have a real birthday, an actual birthday with my friends and my family in the real world that’s the best however this year, I’m…

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    Baby’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! 🎂

    ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Livia ♪ ♪ Today you are one ♪ (“Happy Birthday”) – Hi sweet girl. – [Boy] Hi Liv. – You have your one of a kind happy birthday patch. Big brother is cooking scrambled eggs, you’re gonna eat a whole egg for the first time today on your birthday. – Yay. – We usually do chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, but it’s her first birthday. She doesn’t need chocolate chip pancakes first thing in the morning. Livia has been such a blessing to our family, from before she was even born even starting with…

  • Our First Birthday Message To Our Daughter + First Year Highlights (TAGLISH)
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    Our First Birthday Message To Our Daughter + First Year Highlights (TAGLISH)

    Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthday Happy birthday to you! Hi everyone! It’s me Phoebe and welcome to my channel! With me today is Dan. Hey, hey, hey! Janina here! Today, we’re gonna remember the moments that we have with Alice. What are your favorite memories with Alice for the past one year? First dance. First breast-feeding moment. Alice: Milk We cannot show it here, my love. First tooth. First travel. She was two weeks old when we went to Tagaytay together. How far! Birthday girl! Here’s the birthday girl! For me, the first time I carried her. It was really mesmerizing! When she…

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    (speeding, robotic music) – [Kendra] Guys, that definitely says, “Pregnant.” I am, I’m pregnant. – Laura, you’re going to have a little baby. – Girl, it’s a girl! (kids scream) (heartbeat) – That’s your little sister. (upbeat guitar music) (kissing) – I am in labor. (Kendra exclaims) (baby crying) – Yeah, yeah, that was rough. Hi. Hi. (upbeat, inspirational music) Guys, I had a baby (sighs). (baby crying) – You did amazing. Good job. – Thanks. (upbeat, inspirational music) She’s cute. It’s the first time I saw her face, kind of, across the way. Oh, I like her. – Since we announced Kendra’s pregnancy, the question that we’ve gotten the…

  • 1st Birthday Weekend Celebration – Baby’s First Sugar Rush!
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    1st Birthday Weekend Celebration – Baby’s First Sugar Rush!

    Your so cute sweetheart. What’s up with the spoon? Is that so? Here we go! It’s good! Is that good? Wow! Look at that! Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Pablo Alejandro. Happy birthday to you. Gotta make a wish sweetheart. Okay! Here we go! Number one! Good job!! Your not going to touch me.. (with those sticky hands) You’re good to go. Come on let’s wash you up! Look how sticky I am. (song by Lionel Ritchie – All Night Long) song: American Authors – Best Day of My Life High five! Faster! Faster! Oh hi! You want milk? You want milk? Happy birthday…