• Fiesta Smash Cake First Birthday Idea for Photographers
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    Fiesta Smash Cake First Birthday Idea for Photographers

    Well, hello everybody, my name is Daniel Troutman and you are watching thesmashcake.com – your online resource for all things smash cake photography related and for those of you who are just new to the game or for those of you who have been in the game in a while and need more inspiration or more information always check out thesmashcake.com where we cover everything from business to propping to well just about all things when it comes to smash cake photography and it’s all there for you right there at thesmashcake.com Now, my name is Daniel Troutman. I am the photographer around these parts and along with my wife…

  • A Busy Day Including Aidan’s First Birthday!!! (Day 463 – 2.6.2016)
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    A Busy Day Including Aidan’s First Birthday!!! (Day 463 – 2.6.2016)

    (lively music) – Good morning, Passport Holders. Today is February 6th, 2016, day 463 of the flogs. And today has been busy already. It was also going to be busy. And I’ve decided to make it even busier because, well, why not? So I woke up this morning to watch the Aston Villa match, and shockingly enough, my team won. They were only the third victory all this, this campaign. So, you know, it’s still ten points to safety, but they’re just gonna need a lot of things to go their way, but you never know. If Gabby Agbonlahor gets going and the rest of the team kind of melds…

  • Twins First Birthday Party Video | Cooper & Nixon
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    Twins First Birthday Party Video | Cooper & Nixon

    (kids chattering) – [Mom] Today we’re celebrating Cooper and Nixon’s 1st birthday. – [Dad] Flown by, it’s flown by. (Woman laughing) (gentle music) It’s definitely gotten easier, definitely gotten easier, but it’s. – [Mom] I think we’ve just learned more. (chuckles) – [Dad] Yeah. (gentle music) – [Mom] Nixon is totally independent. It’s crazy ’cause like I thought since he was the smaller one I was like oh he’s so little, I’m going to be worried about him but he has done everything first. He got teeth first, he crawled first, he pulled up first. – [Dad] I mean, he was out of the hospital first. – [Mom] Yeah, he…

  • DIY 1st BIRTHDAY Chalkboard: Easy & Cheap!
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    DIY 1st BIRTHDAY Chalkboard: Easy & Cheap!

    Hey guys! It’s Amy. Recently I made this super cute birthday chalkboard for Natalie’s 1st birthday party. And I was actually inspired by all these other boards I saw on Pinterest and Etsy. It’s actually really easy to make and super inexpensive with a black foam board that you can get from the dollar store and some metallic markers. A lot of people asked me about it so i thought I’d share with you how I made it. So to start off I wanted Natalie’s name to be big and bold so I found a font that I liked my computer and printed it out on two separate sheets. The…

  • Happy 1st Birthday, Corada!
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    Happy 1st Birthday, Corada!

    Happy Birthday, Corada! One year ago, we launched Corada, the Comprehensive Online Resource for the Americans with Disabilities Act. We developed Corada for the purpose of helping people to identify, to understand and to meet their obligations under the ADA and other accessibility requirements. In Corada’s first year, we’ve had the opportunity to discuss content and features with many of you. Many of you have helped us to spread the word about Corada’s features by demonstrating it in meetings and conferences with your colleagues, staff, and project teams. Many of you are also using its “Share” feature to pass information from Corada along to collaborators in your work. Many of…

  • Eva Longoria’s Son’s First Birthday Party Will Have More Guests Than Her Wedding
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    Eva Longoria’s Son’s First Birthday Party Will Have More Guests Than Her Wedding

    -You know, obviously, nothing is appropriate to a 10-month-old. But your work, “Grand Hotel,” I feel like a kid has got be pretty old to appreciate that. “Desperate Housewives,” I think you got to be 25. -[ Laughs ] I know. I know. I always got surprised when I had 8-year-old fans from “Housewives.” I was like, “Are you watching that?” [ Laughter ] I’m naked in every episode. -“Are your parents watching you?” -Yeah. -Do you have parental supervision? But you are doing something that’s very kid-friendly. -Yes. -So, live-action — it’s a live-action — -Live-action “Dora the Explorer.” -That’s really exciting. -Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] Yes,…

  • Baby Duncan’s First Birthday Party!
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    Baby Duncan’s First Birthday Party!

    – [Vlogger] Wow ! – Do it again ? – [Vlogger] You wanna do it again ? – One, two, ready Duncan? Do it again ? (cheerful music) (Hawaiian music) – Aloha everyone ! Today is Duncan’s birthday and Colleen Jessica’s over there doing that same thing, but Colleen planned a whole party for Duncan for his birthday and so we’re here at our house, celebrating this little guy’s first birthday ! Is it your first birthday ? Yay, celebrate ! Celebration ! So all the boys are in the ball pit. And this ball pit goes all the way around here. So cool. This party is Hawaiian vacation themed…

  • To My Son on His First Birthday
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    To My Son on His First Birthday

    (‘I JUST WANT TO SEE YOU SMILE’ by BROKEN ELEGANCE) (Baby hiccups) (Mom making baby noises) Tell mommy about it (baby noises) (laughing and baby noises) Hi baby (baby noises) Yay Charlie! (waves crashing) like it? We probably should have grabbed a bib huh? (mom and baby blowing raspberries) (laughing) (baby laughing) (mom laughing) (baby grunts and babbles) I think he likes it Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi (baby laughing) (baby laughing) Peek a boo! Where’s Charlie? Peek a boo! (baby laughing) (wind blowing) (kids chattering in background) Come on Ya, Good Job! (baby laughing) Good job buddy one kite, one kite, one Sophie has two apples Hi (baby laughing) (baby…

  • Mimosa’s, Presents, and a Smash Cake! Gabriel’s First Birthday!
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    Mimosa’s, Presents, and a Smash Cake! Gabriel’s First Birthday!

    It’s birthday party day So we got up early to get everything ready or to finish giving everything ever ready, we were up pretty late we got Birthday decorations and stuff like that and I baked a cake last night that has no eggs and dairy in it a Mom helped no sugar, and I got this morning to Frost it And that is Okay real smash cake so it’s party time Decorations and pastries are out Yes it started to arrive they were here really early And here’s the throne for the birthday boy himself Who is taking a nap Oh people are here babies are awake Tuxedo t-shirt…