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    Right first of all that smell is garlic, you are correct. That’s coming from my mouth (Yeah) into your nose. Babe It’s not coming from your mouth. It’s just around you You don’t have to be cruel (like a mist.) with your truth, okay? I was hungry, and I found some garlic infused croutons for a side salad, and I just thought I’d eat them neat. Hi guys and welcome to the internet. Now as you know Rosie and I will one day be mothers. Vaginally I mean, (I guess I guess) birth mothers (birth mothers) We’ll both be because obviously we’ll both be mothers Well of course, of course.…

  • [COMMENTARY] Newborn #3 – Light Assault Gameplay Commentary
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    [COMMENTARY] Newborn #3 – Light Assault Gameplay Commentary

    Hello and welcome to another episode of Newborn – a Light Assault video guide series with thorough gameplay commentary. Picking up right where we left off, I’m deploying to a 50/50 fight. The fight is almost over, and with only 30 seconds on the timer left, I stay for the capture XP. I hear a voice that I don’t recognize, and move to investigate. It turns out to be an enemy, but another Light Assault took care of that. A moving target at a distance. Despite looking as one long burst, it is actually multpiple bursts stringed together. On the way down I suddenly see an NC sniper while reloading.…

  • Ellen Shocks Jeannie With a Huge Surprise
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    Ellen Shocks Jeannie With a Huge Surprise

    All right, I want to read an email I got from a viewer named Tracy Brandon. “Hi Ellen, my name is Tracy. I’m a single mother to a beautiful boy named Miles. Miles and I watch your show together every day, and it never fails to make us laugh. So I’m writing to say thank you. You have no idea the impact you’ve made on my life. My coworkers called me Smiles because no matter what I’m going through, I always make sure to smile. And watching you is what keeps me smiling through the tough times. So keep doing you, Ellen, because you really do change people’s lives. Love,…

  • DIY Hot Air Balloon Tutorial | DIY Kids Birthday Decor | DIY Baby Shower Decor
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    DIY Hot Air Balloon Tutorial | DIY Kids Birthday Decor | DIY Baby Shower Decor

    hey guys welcome back to my channel and if you’re new to my channel go ahead and hit the subscribe button to see more home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a beautiful organic air balloon decor here we go I am very excited to make this air balloon decor some people call it an air balloon sculpture I must say that I am NOT net at all and alone artists this type of sculptures of the Corps are made with a frame that is probably very expensive and then you attach the balloons to it I am just going to use…

  • Happy 1st Birthday Fig!
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    Happy 1st Birthday Fig!

    (energetic, bouncy music) – Kneel down here. (laughing) Which color would you like? – Yes, papa. – No. – I’ll have a white. – So you’ve never blown up a balloon up before? – I don’t think so. – You gotta stretch it out a little bit. – Ah, okay. – Beforehand, otherwise you gotta go meep, meep, meep. (blowing) Whoa, yeah, there he goes. – I did it. How do I… – Blow. (both laughing) – I just did it. – You just, like, swallowed it. That was nasty. (coughs) You can, like, break that seal. Oh, I’m lightheaded. (blowing) (squeaking) (blowing) (heavy breathing) – We’re like 80 year…