• Kids Try Their Moms’ Pregnancy Cravings | Kids Try | HiHo Kids
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    Kids Try Their Moms’ Pregnancy Cravings | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

    – Do you remember the time when you were in my belly? – No, not at all. – Not at all. (laughing) – Three years? (woman laughing) (peppy music) – Hi. – Hey. – My name is Suvie. – Who am I? – You’re my mom. – Oh yeah. – So today, you’re going to be trying some of the foods that I craved when I was pregnant with you. – Close your eyes, like you’re in the womb. (box scraping) – I had Daddy bake me chocolate chip cookies almost every night that I was pregnant. – What? – And they had to be the Nestle Tollhouse kinds. Like…

  • 6 Life Saving Winter Wedding Hacks You Must Try | #LifeHacks #Skincare #HairCare #ShrutiArjunAnand
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    6 Life Saving Winter Wedding Hacks You Must Try | #LifeHacks #Skincare #HairCare #ShrutiArjunAnand

    this happened if you do too much of shampooing we love to make lather while shampooing but excessive amount of shampoo is harmful for our hair so you need to dilute the shampoo then apply on your scalp gently rub no need to apply it all over the length as the shampoo itself comes down while you rinse your hair don’t you feel cold!! look I’m wearing Jeans and deep neck top under this Outfit but then how’ll you show your belly High Waist Lehengas are in fashion these days and what about Dupatta This Banarsi Dupatta will keep me safe of cold its perfect.. I too will try this…

  • Childbirth
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    Glorious childbirth. Childbirth is the process of squeezing out a large rugby ball with little grabby bits out of this. It shouldn’t fit! In all honesty, childbirth is the process of going into labor and popping out a child. That’s not as fun of a description though. Childbirth is a positive feedback loop, although many mothers would disagree as only severe pain is experienced during the process. Oh wait… A hormone is released after childbirth that makes the mother feel all nice inside and forget the extreme pain felt just moments ago. Yay endorphins. The stimulus is the baby’s fat head pushing on the cervix. This releases oxytocin receptors which…

  • Barbie – Raquelle’s New Baby | Ep.234
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    Barbie – Raquelle’s New Baby | Ep.234

    Barbie – Raquelle’s New Baby In London? When will he be back? Oh dear… What’s wrong? Will you be alright? Barbie, what’s wrong? Ok, well ring if you need anything Bye Raquelle (Click!) What wrong Mummy? Raquelle’s baby is due any day now and Ben is stuck in London Stuck? There’s some sort of storm and he can’t fly back just yet Mummy, Auntie Raquelle think of name for baby yet? I’m not sure Tommy Hmmm… Maybe I help her I got some good ideas I feel bad for her She’s all by herself I’m sure she’ll be fine Ok, first idea is… Mickey (Dialling) I can’t leave her home…

  • 6 Surprising Things I Learned About Pregnancy
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    6 Surprising Things I Learned About Pregnancy

    *snoring* Oh, no. It was all a dream. [Chyna]: Breakfast is ready. NOOOO! Wait, we planned this. This is a good thing. Everything’s fine. What’s for breakfast? Pancakes? Waffles? Breakfast tacos? Breakfast burritos? Breakfast spaghetti!? [Chyna]: Oatmeal NOOOO! Wait, does it have honey? [Chyna]: Yes. Blueberries? [Chyna]: Yes. Peanut butter powder? [Chyna]: Yes. Bananas? [Chyna]: We’re out of bananas. NOOOO! Hey Beardlovers. Welcome to Wheezy Waiter. I hope your day’s going well. Now then, join me as we miss learn about life together. So as an idiot manchild, ignorant of all things nadel What’s a baby? Over the course of the time that my wife has been growing a human…

  • MOM vs DAD in Life  #Fun #Sketch #Roleplay #Kids #MyMissAnand #Part2
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    MOM vs DAD in Life #Fun #Sketch #Roleplay #Kids #MyMissAnand #Part2

    Ma’am she will participate in annual day No ma’am she will participate in sports day Ma’am in future she has to become actress So for that stage presence is very important In current time physical fitness is more important So, she will play tennis or badminton But physical fitness can also get by dance So, today’s video is Mom vs Dad So till Mom Dad decide my future You hit 2,00,000 likes Should add almonds…mind will get sharp fennel seeds will keep her mind cool And yes, turmeric..has got antiseptic properties Take your milk What is this? Have you added anything extra? Yeah I made it healthy…Finish it soon I…