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    A Hey Steve Update: Looking for Her Birth Father Part 2 || STEVE HARVEY

    – Now Cece, we’ve done the DNA test. What did you discover? – Well, unfortunately, we don’t have her results back yet. (Taylor tsks) (audience members moaning) So sorry. However, I have already started researching (chuckles). – It helps. – (chuckles) I researched the potential for her father. He is indeed from Pacific Palisades, as you know. His legal name is different, which is one of the common things- – Like switched around. – Yes. He comes from a long line of men with that same first name, and they all go by their middle name. He has two sisters. His dad is deceased, who would be your biological grandfather.…

  • Travis Scott Shares ‘Crazy’ Details About Kylie’s Delivery
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    Travis Scott Shares ‘Crazy’ Details About Kylie’s Delivery

    [APPLAUSE] Hello, Travis. So this is your third time, but this is the first time sitting down to talk to me. And we usually just offer water. But your rider says that– this is what you asked for in the dressing room. Moet champagne, Don Julio tequila, Ciroc apple vodka, and Hennessy. Now, do you mix these? I just wanted you to have your choice. What do you like? Well, I like the 42. But I keep the Ciroc, because I have this one nightmare that Diddy might just pop in my dressing room at any time of the day. And you have to have it? And it just has…

  • Barbie – The Elf on the Shelf and Tommy’s First Christmas Birthday | Ep.189
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    Barbie – The Elf on the Shelf and Tommy’s First Christmas Birthday | Ep.189

    Barbie – The Elf on the Shelf and Tommy’s First Christmas Birthday Daddy! Mummy! He moved! Who moved Isabelle? Elfie, the Elf on the Shelf! Where is he? We don’t know Come on! He sitting on the shelf last night and now he gone! Ahhh… He must have moved to another spot in the house Moved? By himself? That’s right Didn’t I tell you what the Elf on the Shelf does? No Come downstairs and I’ll tell you all about it I found him! Wow! Elfie! I can’t believe he get there all by himself! I know! I wonder why he’s here? Probably to watch you guys while you have…

  • Baby Gets WAY Excited!!
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    Baby Gets WAY Excited!!

    – Mmmmmmm. – [Camerawoman] Oh my go– (dramatic music booms) Gosh! – Muah! – [Both] Muah! – [Woman] Look at Coopa! Aw, that is awesome! – [Shaun] Good morning! – [Jenny] Good morning. – [Shaun] What’re you doin? – [Jenny] Makin’ Adley’s cake – It’s Adley’s birthday! And Jenny’s makin’ her a cake, and Adley’s still asleep, and then we’re gonna have fun with her all day! We’ve got a Surprise for Adley when she wakes up. It’s gonna be cute. She’s awake! What’re we gonna do? – We’re gonna go say happy birthday and dump balloons on her. (Adley whining) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday…

  • Birthday Cake Bird Birth | No Laugh Newsroom
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    Birthday Cake Bird Birth | No Laugh Newsroom

    – [Announcer] From West Hollywood, California, the only news team that doesn’t know what’s on the teleprompter before they read it. Anyone who laughs or breaks loses points. This is Breaking News. – Hello and welcome to the Breaking News, The show where we have no idea what we’re about to say and aren’t allowed to smile or laugh. I’m Finna Getit. – And I’m Bette Menforever. Starting out with a little fun, we’re getting reports of an armed robbery at the La Puente Pic ‘N’ Save. None were spared. – That is fun. On tonight’s show: Teens. – What the latest teen craze could say about your parenting. –…

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    SML Movie: The Diamond!

    Jeffy: Hey Daddy! Pick a card, any card! (Jeffy In A Good Mood) Mario: Jeffy, I don’t have time for a magic trick. Jeffy: Pick a card, Daddy. *Jeffy getting intense* Mario: Fine, uh… Mario: This, one. Jeffy: All right, now put it back. Mario: Okay. *SNACK* Mario: Jeffy, you’re not supposed to throw cards at me! * Jeffy: Was this your card, daddy? Mario: Uh…Yeah? *confused a## Mario* Jeffy: TA-DA! *puppet making constipated sound* Jeffy: Now for my next trick. I’m gonna make this ball disappear. Mario: Okay do it. *Jeffy Yeet* Mario: Jeffy, all you did was throw it! Jeffy: But do you see a ball? Mario: Uh,…

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    Andy Samberg Bonded with Sandra Oh and Tracked Down His Mom’s Birth Parents

    -You and Sandra Oh hosted the Golden Globes the other night, did a great job. -Yeah. Thanks. [ Cheers and applause ] Thanks. -That’s a tough — That is a tough, tough room. I know from experience. -Yeah. -I don’t know if you saw what happened with me. -I recently re-watched it, yeah. -Did you really? -Yeah. -Guys, I hosted The Golden Globes, and, you know, the great — Everyone’s nice over there and everything. I go out, and we do this giant opening, like a “La La Land” thing. -Wonderful, yeah. -Spent hours on this thing. Worked days and weeks on this thing. Come out to tell my monologue,…

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    – [Kendra] Whoo! Run, run, run! (upbeat music) – Yes! – [Jeremy] Get the flag! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] Come see what they did today. – Wait, is that a part of our fort? – [Isaac] So now we have that part. – So to start off Isaac’s birthday, he wanted a sports day with his friends at the park. – [Man] Over the fence. – [Jeremy] Oh! That’s a two, you get two bases. All right, man on second. (whack) (softly chuckles) – [Announcer] Nice hit. – [Jeremy] Run, run, run! Easton’s coming. Oh, he stops. (light rock music) – [Announcer] Double. –…

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    – What’s up guys, it’s me Colleen! And I’m still pregnant. Today is a very special day because you guys get to find out if I’m having a boy or a girl. As you can see I’m in a hotel right now. I’m on tour so if you wanna meet me and this little baby bump you can come see me and get tickets. It’s my last tour for a very long time because obviously I’m gonna have a little human running around. I can’t believe I’m about to tell you what I’m having. I feel like I need to explain this gender reveal situation. I’ve seen a lot of…