• The Terrifying Threat To Pregnant Black Women & Their Babies | Shady | Refinery29
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    The Terrifying Threat To Pregnant Black Women & Their Babies | Shady | Refinery29

    Some doctors, some nurses don’t want you to ask any questions. Our grandparents didn’t really want to go to the doctor because they never trusted the doctor. So then that got passed on to us. I felt like your biases is why my son is not here. Across the country, many black women are trying to realize the American dream, having a family. The problem is, far too many of them are going into the hospital and not making it back out. Income, prior health issues, genetics, none of it explains the disparity black women face. The one thing that could is something this country has struggled with for centuries.…

  • The truth about pregnancy after 35 years old
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    The truth about pregnancy after 35 years old

    My wife and I are in our early 30s We have been married for almost 5 years and we don’t have kids. Some people are coming up to us and giving us advice on children; or actual on how to make children like you should swim everyday, or just relax or take this vitamin, or eat peppers, or dont eat peppers or have more sex, have less sex quit your job, pretend your riding a push bike or stop jogging one misconception that i think is driving lots of this is the belief that after 35 your walking off a cliff, fertility just drops this is driven by the statistic…

  • High Risk Pregnancy Indicators and Diagnosis (Q&A)
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    High Risk Pregnancy Indicators and Diagnosis (Q&A)

    So, when we think about what makes a woman high risk again we typically divide it into a maternal indication or a fetal indication or sometimes it’s the maternal-fetal pair indication. So, thinking about maternal indications… anytime a woman has an underlying medical condition…people often know about high blood pressure, diabetes but it could be asthma, a seizure disorder, a thyroid disorder, prior history of a corrected heart problem, you know, renal disease, kidney disease, anything… any underlying medical problem – that qualifies a patient for high-risk. Now within that we kind of stratify patients in terms of high-risk-high-risk or low-risk-high-risk and we can make plans accordingly. Again, any mother…

  • Diagnostic Testing in Pregnancy
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    Diagnostic Testing in Pregnancy

    – [Narrator] Diagnostic testing in pregnancy provides patients with a specific diagnosis. Diagnostic testing is most often performed for patients who have an increased risk for a specific condition, possibly due to advanced maternal age, abnormal screening results, birth defects detected by ultrasound, or family history. Anyone can have diagnostic testing. Diagnostic testing requires the collection of tissue or cells from the pregnancy. This is more than a blood draw from mom. In the first trimester, the available invasive procedure is called a chorionic villus sampling, or CVS. This is a sampling of the chorionic villi, a type of placental tissue, usually done between 10 to 14 weeks gestation. This…

  • High Risk Pregnancy with Twins
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    High Risk Pregnancy with Twins

    JASMINE: Please say a prayer for our ultrasound today. Last time, Baby B had the cord around her neck. KAREN HARMON: Jasmine has a complicated pregnancy. She has two twins in the same sac. DR. STANCO: The cords became entangled very early in the pregnancy. DR. DIAMOND: One or both babies dying can happen very quickly in this circumstance. OR PHYSICIAN: This is Jasmine, and she’s here for a C-section for twins. KAREN: This is one of the most rare type of twin pregnancy. DR. DIAMOND: Knife, please. So we’re at the uterus now. And first baby is coming out. You’ve got your second baby. She’s beautiful! It’s amazing how…

  • Screening in Pregnancy
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    Screening in Pregnancy

    – [Narrator] Prenatal screening tests provide you with information regarding the risk for certain conditions in your pregnancy. (mellow music) Screening is performed on a blood sample from the pregnant woman, and in some cases, ultrasound. Screening will not hurt the baby. Screening tests will tell us if there is a higher or lower risk of a specific abnormality. They will not say with certainty if a baby is affected. The majority of these tests were initially developed to screen pregnancies for Down syndrome. Down syndrome occurs when a person has an extra chromosome 21. People with Down syndrome are unique individuals with their own personality, opinions, interests, and needs.…

  • Natalie Schauer
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    Natalie Schauer

    (sad piano music) – We knew something was going wrong when we made the move down to Texas. We got here, pulled the moving truck up to the front of the house. Went to our closing, closed on our house, and then I had my appointment afterwards. It was at that appointment that she told me that I was definitely funneling and I was going to have to go on bed rest. I was partnered up with doctor Magee and he said, “We’ll, you’re going in the hospital ’till this baby’s born.” At the time I was only 22 weeks, something like that. – We went through a loss at…

  • What Does it Really Mean if Your Pregnancy is High Risk?
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    What Does it Really Mean if Your Pregnancy is High Risk?

    good afternoon welcome to from belly too baby I’m here with Dr. Ebony Carter a maternal fetal medicine specialist at Washington University of Barnes Jewish Hospital and today were at Missouri Baptist where they wear all kinds of hats but wear a white coats as the case may be Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background and what your medical practices oh great so I joined the faculty here at Wash U in September has a maternal fetal medicine specialist did my fellowship here and prior to that I was in Boston for three years and decided I wanted to transfer taking care of more high-risk patients…

  • High-Risk Pregnancy for Mother with Triplets
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    High-Risk Pregnancy for Mother with Triplets

    Angie: (Starts singing German lullaby) Well I usually sing to all of my kids including my boys, but it’s in German. It’s like a Christmasy, fall tradition. (Continues singing lullaby) I would wake up in the middle of night and just kind of shake him and say, Baby, three? I mean really, three? And he would look at me and go, Yeah, Baby, three. Gino, Angie’s Husband: The one thatís by itself is, is it Camilla (Angie laughs) or Daniella? Angie: Daniella. Gino: Daniella is by herself. Angie: So sheís fraternal. Gino: Yeah, but I have no clue where she is. Angie: Baby! Gino: Like, if I point Ö I…