• The Terrifying Threat To Pregnant Black Women & Their Babies | Shady | Refinery29
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    The Terrifying Threat To Pregnant Black Women & Their Babies | Shady | Refinery29

    Some doctors, some nurses don’t want you to ask any questions. Our grandparents didn’t really want to go to the doctor because they never trusted the doctor. So then that got passed on to us. I felt like your biases is why my son is not here. Across the country, many black women are trying to realize the American dream, having a family. The problem is, far too many of them are going into the hospital and not making it back out. Income, prior health issues, genetics, none of it explains the disparity black women face. The one thing that could is something this country has struggled with for centuries.…

  • Where to give birth, at home or in a hospital? Does it matter? (29 Jan 2013)
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    Where to give birth, at home or in a hospital? Does it matter? (29 Jan 2013)

    >>Good afternoon. Hello and welcome to this lunch hour lecture. I’m very pleased to introduce Peter — Professor Peter Brocklehurst, with his lecture entitled “Where to give birth: at home or in a hospital? Does it matter?” Thank you very much.>>Thank you. So, that was a bit loud, wasn’t it? Good afternoon, I’m Peter Brocklehurst, I’m professor of Women’s Health here at UCL. I’m director of the Institute of Women’s Health. My background is an epidemiologist although I’m not going to give lots of statistics today. I’m going to show you some tables but hopefully, I’ll explain them clearly enough. I’m going to talk safety of planned place of birth.…

  • Safe Sleep: Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Safely
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    Safe Sleep: Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Safely

    If you are expecting a baby, you already know there is a lot to do to get ready which he can grow up happy and healthy. One of the best ways to do this is to create a safe sleeping environment right from the start. first only using a crib that has been approved by the consumer product safety commission follow the assembly instructions carefully and make sure every part is installed right. if you have any questions call the manufacturers uses a firm baby mattress that has been specifically designed to fit your crib. and make sure there is no more than two finger space between the mattress and…

  • A 48-hour global health challenge to save newborns
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    A 48-hour global health challenge to save newborns

    There’s a certain amount of arrogance that comes with assuming you’ll make a serious impact to a real and complicated problem in 48 hours. Hackathons are the way to get doctors from one country, engineers from another, designers, people who don’t live in the same world; thinking about the same problem. It’s about starting something. I really believe that global health problems are not solved by charity. They are actually solved by sustainable business models and multi-disciplinary teams. There’s this crisis that happens worldwide every year that 1.8 million babies die from oxygen- depriving events at the time of birth. The vast majority of those are preventable. So this is…

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    UnBreaking Birth Trailer

    The U.S. is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, and we spend more per capita than any other nation on healthcare. But something is deeply wrong with our birth care system. The death rate of women from childbirth is more than double the rate in 30 countries, including Bosnia, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic. And it has increased every year since 1995. At the same time, our babies are dying at a higher rate than in 50 other countries, amounting to almost 24,000 infant deaths each year. The medical interventions our mothers receive aren’t supported by scientific evidence Of mode of delivery guidelines, about 5% of them are…

  • UnBreaking Birth
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    UnBreaking Birth

    Would you pay more than full price for something that’s broken? If not, or if that seems like a silly question, then how do you explain that as a country we’re paying for what might be the most expensive and the worst-performing maternity care in the developed world? In order to answer this question I would like to share three things with you: how we know that our birth care system is broken why it’s broken and how together we could un-break it. Now you may be saying ‘wait a minute, isn’t our birth care system the best in the world?’ It’s not. We have broken birth, and we can…