• Your 9 month old. Baby development. Newborn care.
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    Your 9 month old. Baby development. Newborn care.

    Today we are going to study about Baby development: Your 9-month-old What can my baby do at nine months? Playtime with your baby is becoming more fun. She will love the opportunity of emptying and filling containers or stacking cups and rings. At this age you will be her best play mate. She may not limit her exploration to toys though, and you may find yourself using the word “no” more often. She probably understands more from your tone of voice than the actual words you use right now. Childproofing your home will help keep her out of harm’s way. When will my baby start walking? Your baby is getting…

  • Strapping a newborn into an infant or rear facing only seat
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    Strapping a newborn into an infant or rear facing only seat

    Hello. Um…I’m going to do a video for strapping in a newborn into an infant seat. I’m going to be …uh, go through it step by step showing every step that I do as I go through it. There we go. Oops. Sorry. Um, Ok, going to start with our baby. This is Rio. I’m going to loosen the straps, put the baby in. I’ve buckled everything, at the crotch, I’ve done up the chest clip. I’m going to keep the chest clip low, though. And now I’m going to tighten. Pull tight. I’m going to pull up at the hips, so I can make sure I’m getting the slack…

  • Inducing labor – nipple stimulation
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    Inducing labor – nipple stimulation

    Another natural way to get labor going is to do nipple stimulation. My name is Greta Gill I’m a certified nurse midwife. When you do a massage or roll or use a breast pump on the nipple it will release oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone that causes your uterus to contract and you have plenty of it when you’re going into labor. If you’re trying to get contractions and you’re trying to get labor going we recommend that you only do the nipple stimulation until you have a contraction and then if you feel that you’re having a contraction whether it’s painful or not you stop doing a nipple stimulation…

  • Surprise Pregnancy Announcements That’ll Make You Happycry
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    Surprise Pregnancy Announcements That’ll Make You Happycry

    – “Expect the arrival of your first grandchild,” what? – [Voiceover] Oh! – What? What? (screaming and laughing) We’re havin’ a baby! – Look at this one. Oh! Are you pregnant? (all screaming) Oh my God! Oh my God! – (screaming and laughing) No kidding! Are you really? Are you really, are you really? Oh! (laughing) – Oh my God! Oh my God! – What the Hell is that? (man laughing) Oh, I’m gonna be a grandma, man! (screaming) I’m gonna be a grandma! (sobbing) (man giggling) – [Voiceover] That’s such a great reaction! – (shrieking) Oh, they’re gonna have a baby! – [Voiceover] They are? (woman squealing) – [Voiceover]…

  • proses ibu melahirkan bayi normal di rumah – giving birth story
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    proses ibu melahirkan bayi normal di rumah – giving birth story

    The process of giving childbirth normally at home Hi ! come back with again with me, today I want to tell you about my daughter Shanti’s childbirth My purpose to make this video, for the usefull of my children, let them know how the struggle of a mother giving birth That time, I feel stomach pains since in the morning. The pain does not so tight, and continue starting approximately afternoon sunset. I feel there are signs of a baby. I started to break dozing. At the Night, around 04.00 am I was getting contractions, from the first contraction until 9 I am already have the process of childbirth. The…

  • Where babies in movies come from
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    Where babies in movies come from

    There’s a pretty awesome scene in The Fate of the Furious where Jason Statham fights a bunch of armed mercenaries on an airplane while holding an adorable baby in a carrier. I’ve always wondered how babies end up in situations like this. What kind of hoops do you have to jump through to cast babies in Hollywood? You were gonna shoot a baby? You sick bastard. Besides babysitting, delivering newspapers, and, uh, wreath making, show business is the only industry that can legally employ children under the age of 14 In fact, they’ve been in movies almost since the birth of cinema. I hate myself so much. Casting a baby…

  • Men React To Pregnancy Facts
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    Men React To Pregnancy Facts

    – The fact that women just walk around and they’re like human making factories, that’s crazy. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] A woman’s uterus can expand about 500 times in size during a pregnancy. – Not even five times, not 50 times, 500 times its normal size. – Wow, uh, that’s a lot. – What happens to all the innards? – I feel like a uterus 500 times its normal size is the size of me. – This is my uterus. Is that how big a normal woman’s uterus is? – [Voiceover] In addition to her uterus, a woman’s feet and heart could increase in size during pregnancy. – I thought…