• Baby Steps for Tiny Teeth
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    Baby Steps for Tiny Teeth

    [MUSIC PLAYING] [KNOCKING] Hey, mama. How are you? Hi. Good, how are you? Good. [GENTLE GASP] Hey, sweet Willie. Are you letting your mom get any sleep? Oh, he just fell asleep. The car rides always get him sleepy. So I’m going to let him sleep as much as possible. How about you? Is she letting you get any sleep? Oh. Well, she’s been moving a lot lately. So it’s kind of hard to sleep some nights. I remember those days. By the way, sorry we were a little late. We just got back from the dentist for his first appointment. Wait, why are you taking the baby to the…

  • Why Are Babies So Cute?
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    Why Are Babies So Cute?

    There’s no denying that human babies are cute – but even other species tend to have adorable infants. So why has science conditioned us to find babies so precious? Is there something specific that triggers our urge to hold and squeeze them? Interestingly, studies have found that macaque monkeys pay little attention to newborn faces, leading researchers to believe that the ‘cute feeling’ may be an entirely human trait. Unlike many other species, once born, human babies are completely dependent on their parents for survival. As a result, humans have adapted to find certain traits aesthetically pleasing and downright adorable, in effort to increase interaction, care and protection from parents.…

  • Where to give birth, at home or in a hospital? Does it matter? (29 Jan 2013)
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    Where to give birth, at home or in a hospital? Does it matter? (29 Jan 2013)

    >>Good afternoon. Hello and welcome to this lunch hour lecture. I’m very pleased to introduce Peter — Professor Peter Brocklehurst, with his lecture entitled “Where to give birth: at home or in a hospital? Does it matter?” Thank you very much.>>Thank you. So, that was a bit loud, wasn’t it? Good afternoon, I’m Peter Brocklehurst, I’m professor of Women’s Health here at UCL. I’m director of the Institute of Women’s Health. My background is an epidemiologist although I’m not going to give lots of statistics today. I’m going to show you some tables but hopefully, I’ll explain them clearly enough. I’m going to talk safety of planned place of birth.…

  • Should We Spay Pregnant Cats?
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    Should We Spay Pregnant Cats?

    Hi everyone Earlier this week i got a call from the DC shelter about a cat They’ve just taken in off the street She was wandering around outside Full-term pregnant and ready to pop Now, I typically take in orphaned kittens, who don’t have a mom But since we have an empty nursery right now and the shelter was in need, we said: yes I sanitized our entire nursery and making sure that it was going to be ready for this new cat to come in And giving her plenty of places that she could choose to have her labor When we arrived at the shelter we could see that…

  • How Do Babies Become Bilingual?
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    How Do Babies Become Bilingual?

    You know that feeling when you get tongue-tied, and words come out as a jumbled mess? Maybe you forget a word, or have mushy grammar, or your pronunciation is all wrong. There are a lot of things to keep track of! It seems like learning one language would be hard enough for babies, who already have trouble eating and not spitting up everywhere. But research has shown that infants are a lot more capable than you might think, especially when it comes to language. In fact, a lot of babies from bilingual families grow up fluent in both languages. Many psychologists think language is what’s called an innate ability, or…

  • Jacki Weaver Helped Her Daughter-in-Law Give Birth
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    Jacki Weaver Helped Her Daughter-in-Law Give Birth

    -Look, I cannot believe I’m on Seth. You know, when I — [ Cheers and applause ] I must tell you. A few years ago, when I first came to America, I was on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” And I was so excited, I said, “I can’t believe I’m on Ellen.” And she said, “Well, technically, you’re beside me.” [ Laughter ] -Well, I wish I had come up with a bon mot that good. [ Laughter ] I do want to — we’ve interacted before, but I didn’t realize we’d interacted before. I — I Instagramed a photo of my son, and I asked — -I follow him. -“What…

  • Why Is Childbirth So Difficult? | Darwin, MD #1
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    Why Is Childbirth So Difficult? | Darwin, MD #1

    Imagine serving as a physician in the obstetrics and gynecology department of a large hospital. Two women arrive on the same day ready to each give birth to their first child. Both are twenty-five and experienced an uneventful pregnancy. They are fit and ready for the experience. Both planned for a vaginal delivery. One did give birth vaginally, but the other ultimately needed a cesarean section. What happened? Why would two healthy women of similar size, weight, and fitness experience different childbirth outcomes? My name is Florence Yuan, and this is Darwin, MD. [Darwin, MD jingle] It’s no secret that giving birth is hard. Each day, some 830 women die…

  • Welcome to the Swedish/Issaquah Childbirth Center
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    Welcome to the Swedish/Issaquah Childbirth Center

    Welcome to the Swedish/Issaquah Childbirth Center conveniently located on the second floor of the hospital across from our OB/GYN clinics. The childbirth center offers the security of state-of-the-art birthing equipment, along with the reassurance of skilled and caring nurses and providers.   Each delivery room is equipped with a personal Jacuzzi tub, iPod jack and stereo system, and it’s own flat screen television. There’s even a comfortable space for your partner to sleep so you can spend your first night together as a family.   If you need any last minute items for you baby, you can visit the Comfort & Joy shop in the lobby – a warm and…

  • Midwife Supervised Childbirth: Birth The Way Your Body Intended
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    Midwife Supervised Childbirth: Birth The Way Your Body Intended

    Giving birth is actually a natural process. It’s not a disease. So there’s really no need to go to hospital to give birth. You can do a homebirth and have a licensed midwife with you in that process. I highly recommend it because when you give birth in a hospital, you’re at the discretion and the timeframe of the doctors who may want to go home, go play golf, go do whatever they want to do. They may speed up things, or whatever, but when you’re doing a homebirth, you’re actually on your time schedule. You get to decide, or your body gets to decide, how and when the baby…

  • Why Do We Have Baby Teeth?
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    Why Do We Have Baby Teeth?

    Cheese! Squeaks and I are practicing our smiles for picture day. You look great, Squeaks. But you’re missing something… Oh I know! Teeth! When we smile, we usually show off our teeth. But don’t worry, Squeaks, you still look great — and you’re not the only one who’s missing teeth! Maybe some of YOU are missing a tooth or two! Have you lost a tooth yet? If you have, you know what it feels like! Your tooth starts to feel a little wiggly, then a little loose, and soon you can twist it all the way around. Then one day–pop! It’s out of your mouth! Don’t worry! It doesn’t hurt,…