• Pregnancy Ke Side Effects feat. Amruta Khanvilkar & Nidhi Bisht  | Girliyapa’s Womaniya
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    Pregnancy Ke Side Effects feat. Amruta Khanvilkar & Nidhi Bisht | Girliyapa’s Womaniya

    Hey, listen to the whole thing. Then there was so much pain! A lot of pain and they dragged me away! He came wearing a mask, picked up a blade and slashed away like that! There was blood everywhere! Then screaming! So much chaos! And then he finally shot out. Lata, you know I don’t like horror stories, right? Babe, this isn’t a horror story. This is a true story about my delivery! Huh? Don’t drink black tea, if not the child… Wow! How did they get so big? – They haven’t, they look the same to me. – Really? – They’re swollen. – That they are. Don’t eat dark…

  • 22 Week IVF Pregnancy Update
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    22 Week IVF Pregnancy Update

    Hey everyone. Oh my gosh, if you have been following me, especially from the beginning or for a while, you would know it has been a long time since I’ve done one of these, and that was not intentional at all. As some of you guys saw in my update, we traveled to the Bahamas, then after that, actually on the trip, I started getting very sick, upper respiratory infection, which then turned into bronchitis. That had me down for two weeks, and honestly, I’m still not 100%. Then after that, my father came, and when my family comes, I’m just all on them. Then after that, I went to…

  • When Should You Have A Baby?
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    When Should You Have A Baby?

    Whether you’re thinking of having kids today or becoming a parent in the future Many are aware that fertility declines as you age so when should you have kids, and is there anything you can do to beat your biological clock? A woman’s first period is generally around age twelve or thirteen, but most ovaries don’t start releasing eggs until a few years after this In fact, a woman’s peak fertility isn’t actually until her early or mid twenties Unlike males who are constantly producing new sperm females have a finite number of eggs, but don’t worry By puberty you have around 300,000 way more than the 300 to 400…

  • 70-year-old woman gives birth to baby boy
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    70-year-old woman gives birth to baby boy

    Biological Parents for the first time in their 70’s.. This couple seen here are celebrating the birth of their baby boy following ivf treatment….their first successful pregnancy in 46 years of marriage. Daljinder Kaur gave birth last month after two years of fertility treatment using donor eggs at a clinic in northern india. in her 70’s, shes undoubtedly one of the oldest mothers to ever give birth, but her exact age remains unclear since she doesn’t have a birth certificate…. which isn’t uncommon in India, The new mother says that never did her mother in law or family members ever taunt her for bearing a child…. Kaur says the couple…

  • I Tried an Unnatural Pregnancy
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    I Tried an Unnatural Pregnancy

    When I was 20, having children was the last thing on my mind. I had a fancy riverside apartment, the perfect career, attended the coolest parties and went on vacation whenever and wherever I wanted. Seeing my close friends with their babies crying made me enjoy my bachelorette lifestyle even more. But, that all ended when I met my forever and fell in love. He was just as much as a bachelor as I was a bachelorette Saying we would continue our fun lifestyles together. Truth is, we loved each other far more than our music festivals, traveling and independence that we wanted to bring a little piece of ourselves…

  • Watching her give birth to quadruplets
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    Watching her give birth to quadruplets

    So they took Amanda in for the C-section and I am sitting. They told me to put the scrubs on, so, obviously, I put them on really quick, because I don’t know how long the process is going to be. I was standing by myself for about 45 minutes while she obviously got ready and things like that. So I go in, Amanda’s sitting there, obviously, I could tell it was Amanda, all I saw was her head, so I’m like, okay, I can go that way. Obviously, she was having a breathing issue, so I’m like, “Are you okay?” And she said she was, and then I told her,…

  • 9 Oldest Women in the World Who Gave Birth
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    9 Oldest Women in the World Who Gave Birth

    9 Oldest Women in the World Who Gave Birth Number One – Frieda Birnbaum After their two adult children moved out of the house, Frieda and her husband Ken, experienced the so-called ’empty-nest syndrome’ so the couple decided to try for a third child. Frieda first began going through fertility treatments after having a miscarriage in her forties and finally through in vitro fertilization, she became pregnant at the age of 53 and gave birth to your son Ari. Years later, Frieda wanted to get pregnant yet again, but she had to go to South Africa since she was unable to find a center in the United States due to…

  • White couple stunned after mum gives birth to Asian daughter after IVF mix-up
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    White couple stunned after mum gives birth to Asian daughter after IVF mix-up

     A white couple who had an Asian baby are suing a fertility clinic after a DNA test proved the dad was not the child’s biological father, a lawsuit claims  Kristina Koedderich and Drew Wasilewski, who went through IVF, claim they noticed years after their daughter was born that she had “Asian features”  According to a lawsuit, a subsequent DNA test in 2015 confirmed there was “0% probability” that Drew, 49, was the father of the child   The court documents also say the New Jersey parents discovered their child had a blood disorder associated with Southeast Asian heritage, reports MSN news    The pair, who are now divorced, spent $500,000…

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    Hi, Queens, welcome back, I’m Sheena I go by Queen SHE and today I want to update y’all and let y’all know where I have been I am mid errands. I am parked safely. That’s why my sea bass is off and That’s why I’m recording. I don’t know about recording and driving I always admire or seriously question people who do that It just seems like too much of a distraction. But anyway That’s neither here nor there. I Came to tell you some big news. So on August On July 31st, I started bleeding and if you watched my 22 24 week pregnancy vlog, you know that that’s…