• KIDS Pretend Play BABY SITTING CRY Dolls| #Fun  #RolePlay  #MyMissAnand #ToyStars
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    KIDS Pretend Play BABY SITTING CRY Dolls| #Fun #RolePlay #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

    Dora Omg! you are studying? Yeah! I am studying since morning Firstly place it erect and then study You kids have lead ones life we kids? we poor small kids cry some times but you people make us to study make us to eat chocolates and do not permit us to play o god ! why such torture Oh! as you are so innocent one day if make baby sitting than will understand baby sitting…Thats so simple So take your baby and fu fill your desire And here I go Now will enjoy You make us to persuade every things I too will rule over Please be quite, Din’t cry…

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    Orgasmic Childbirth Video Obstetrics and Gynecolog

    on overruled he’s the most intimate powerful experience a woman is that right good luck all right introducing the dictionary documentary these sexual in sex children cannot be denied what is the potential of child care after issue Clinton inside myself beginning of the century I’m dan rutz sustained it’s %uh huh the come on it’s a pleasure sure why not Steve excuse me right our involved in sexual pleasure stimulated I never think that the and when know yourself in the same way that you going to work I mean same experience is possible puts the conventions of these health care system and the examination table when poll we…

  • MOM vs DAD in Life  #Fun #Sketch #Roleplay #Kids #MyMissAnand #Part2
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    MOM vs DAD in Life #Fun #Sketch #Roleplay #Kids #MyMissAnand #Part2

    Ma’am she will participate in annual day No ma’am she will participate in sports day Ma’am in future she has to become actress So for that stage presence is very important In current time physical fitness is more important So, she will play tennis or badminton But physical fitness can also get by dance So, today’s video is Mom vs Dad So till Mom Dad decide my future You hit 2,00,000 likes Should add almonds…mind will get sharp fennel seeds will keep her mind cool And yes, turmeric..has got antiseptic properties Take your milk What is this? Have you added anything extra? Yeah I made it healthy…Finish it soon I…

  • How Do Babies Become Bilingual?
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    How Do Babies Become Bilingual?

    You know that feeling when you get tongue-tied, and words come out as a jumbled mess? Maybe you forget a word, or have mushy grammar, or your pronunciation is all wrong. There are a lot of things to keep track of! It seems like learning one language would be hard enough for babies, who already have trouble eating and not spitting up everywhere. But research has shown that infants are a lot more capable than you might think, especially when it comes to language. In fact, a lot of babies from bilingual families grow up fluent in both languages. Many psychologists think language is what’s called an innate ability, or…

  • Ellen Meets a Baby Rock Climber
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    Ellen Meets a Baby Rock Climber

    – Our next guest learned how to rock climb when she was just eight months old. Two months later, she learned how to walk. From Flagstaff, Arizona, please welcome one-year-old Ellie and her parents, Rachel and Zach. Hi, Ellie, hi. There’s a lot of people here, huh? Hi, precious. Okay, so you are both rock climbers. – Correct. – We are, yes. My husband Zach’s been climbing for about 20 years, and I’ve been climbing for 14 years. – Okay, and so– and she’s your only child. – Right. – She is, yes. – Okay, so when and how did this start? That she would just climb a wall? Ellie’s…

  • Barbie – The Twin’s Concert Practice | Ep.113
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    Barbie – The Twin’s Concert Practice | Ep.113

    Barbie – The Twin’s Concert Practice Daddy! Daddy! We doing concert at preschool and I singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star! Mmmm… And I singing Baa, Baa, Black Sheep! Mmmm… And you and Mummy come watch us! It on Friday! Mmmm… Why you not say anything Daddy? Oh, sorry girls Daddy has a really sore throat The doctor said he’s got tonsillitis Tonwidis! Wow! That sound bad! Mmm mmm mm mm mmmm! What he say? I think he say he got big head Mmm mmm mm mm mmmm! No I think he say he caught big fish Mmm mmmmmm! Girls, I think Daddy is trying to tell you that he’s very…