• Inside My Newborn Baby Diaper Bag!
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    Inside My Newborn Baby Diaper Bag!

    (gentle acoustic music) – I want to give you guys a little tour of what our newborn diaper bag looks like. And I’m saying newborn, because the diaper bag changes. So you can’t expect a diaper bag for a newborn to look the way a diaper bag will look for a six-month old or even to have a diaper bag by the time they’re like a year, you’ll be over it. (laughs) But I thought it’d be fun to show you our hospital diaper bag and what we’re planning on right now. (silly sound effect) I’m making some theme music for this, okay. First of all, I’ll show you what…

  • 🎁One Last Present! Caleb’s 4th BIRTHDAY!
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    🎁One Last Present! Caleb’s 4th BIRTHDAY!

    – We have one last present for Caleb. (calm guitar music) – [Kendra] What day is it? – My birthday. – [Kendra] Happy birthday, buddy. How old are you? Four? What’s all this stuff? – Presents. – [Kendra] Are you gonna open them? Let’s do it. Sit right there right by him. That present is from you. – Oh. That’s mine. – [Kendra] That one’s for Caleb. Look he’s opening the present, watch. Wow, Laura, you did a great job wrapping this thing. (Laura gasps) LEGOs! (Laura laughs) LEGOs. – Can I have this please? – [Kendra] Laura, it’s for Caleb, it’s Caleb’s birthday. – That’s mine. – No, it’s…

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    DIY Pop-Up Birthday Card 🎂

    Do It Yourself Pop-up Birthday Card To make this, you will need: Patterns, a link to them is in the description Cardstock or other heavy weight paper Hot glue or a glue stick Tape Scissors Sharpie or other marker Pencil Start by cutting out all the pattern pieces Next, trace each pattern onto paper, cut the pieces out, and fold where there are fold lines. Center the plate piece in the card, then glue it on With cake pattern #2, center it on the plate. Make sure its edge is against the back of the card. Mark the front edge, this marks where cake pattern #1 needs to be attached.…

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    – [Kendra] Whoo! Run, run, run! (upbeat music) – Yes! – [Jeremy] Get the flag! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] Come see what they did today. – Wait, is that a part of our fort? – [Isaac] So now we have that part. – So to start off Isaac’s birthday, he wanted a sports day with his friends at the park. – [Man] Over the fence. – [Jeremy] Oh! That’s a two, you get two bases. All right, man on second. (whack) (softly chuckles) – [Announcer] Nice hit. – [Jeremy] Run, run, run! Easton’s coming. Oh, he stops. (light rock music) – [Announcer] Double. –…

  • She Watched the Live Birth!
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    She Watched the Live Birth!

    smile you good morning everyone it is the next day it’s the 13th it’s the do day but we already hoping there is this is Aunt Lisa it’s Harker’s turn to hold the baby are you so excited [Music] he makes me now yeah he loves to you in the middle of the night at like 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. I was thinking myself I wish Park was here to sing him a lullaby because he was just crying and I couldn’t get him to stop crying but when you thing to him he stopped crying remember that yesterday so I was I wish I had a little recording of…

  • How To: Write A Birth Plan! | Kristen from Millennial Moms
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    How To: Write A Birth Plan! | Kristen from Millennial Moms

    – Hey, guys, Kristen from Millennial Moms, and today we’re gonna be talking about how to write a birth plan. I feel like birth plans are an extremely important part of the labor and birthing process for two reasons. First, they help you mentally prepare for going into labor, and second, they let everyone who’s there know what your expectations are. I have my birth plan from when I had my daughter Chel, and I probably rewrote this thing about five times. There’s so many different templates you can download online. I went through all of those, but eventually I just wrote everything down. So today I’m gonna tell you…

  • 🎂Laura’s 3 Year Old Birthday Special🎁
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    🎂Laura’s 3 Year Old Birthday Special🎁

    – I’m so excited! (squeals) – We got a birthday in the house, could I get a round of applause for ’em please? (cheering and clapping) (twinkly music box music) – [Dad] Good morning. – (Whispers) Thank you. – [Dad] Is it your birthday? – (Gasps) – What do you see? – Pink presents. I like this one. – You like that one? – Yeah, and this one’s pink that’s gum for me. – [Mom] Oh! How do you know what’s inside of it? – Gum. (laughter) Like, this is gum. – [Mom] You think so? You think you know that? – Mmhm, that’s gum! – [Dad] (laughs) – Here…

  • Shocking Cartoon Theories That Will Ruin Your Childhood
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    Shocking Cartoon Theories That Will Ruin Your Childhood

    Baboon TV Presents 9 Shocking Cartoon Theories That Will Ruin Your Childhood Number One: To wrap this theory up quickly, Doug is the victim of a child molester named Mr. Dink. Dink offers Doug neat gifts constantly, as is strangely not allowed in Doug’s sisters room. Why? LSD. And that’s what his “Daydreams” are. Number Two: This is a much lesser known theory, but interesting nonetheless. It states that Ms. Frizzle is the teacher of a special education class. It’s generally accepted that the length of the bus being short is evidence, as well as the size of the class being small; to even pointing out how the kids never…

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    – She’s our teenager. – [Kendra] You ready for your next present? Why do you look like you’re 18? – Baking? Yay! Sprite? – [Jeremy] That’s right. – [Kendra] We found one more present. We forgot about it. (upbeat music) (piano music) – [Jeremy] It’s your birthday. – Happy birthday! How old are you? – Four. – Stand up tall, come over here. – [Jeremy] With her hands up. – Oh yeah, you definitely grew last night. – [Jeremy] Grew a couple feet. (piano music) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (applause) So Laura, what did you choose for your birthday breakfast? – Monkey bread and strawberries. – [Jeremy] Yep…

  • Learn About Popular Games for Children’s’ Birthday Parties : How to Play the Dots Game
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    Learn About Popular Games for Children’s’ Birthday Parties : How to Play the Dots Game

    Hello, my name is Nicole Valentine and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk to you about how to coordinate birthday games for a birthday party. Now we’re going to discuss another birthday game and this one also happens to be an oldie but goodie. And this game is called connect the dot. This is a perfect game if you want the kids in your birthday party to kind of calm down. Let’s say after they’ve eaten, or even the birthday cake. But you want to draw about 4 lines of dots containing 5 dots a piece in each line like so. You can easily use a white…