• The Secret Life of Pronouns: James Pennebaker at TEDxAustin
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    The Secret Life of Pronouns: James Pennebaker at TEDxAustin

    Translator: Robert Tucker Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard So some of the smallest most insignificant words we use everyday, can reflect a lot about who we are. And I say this not as a linguist, or a computer scientist but as a social psychologist. And today I’d like to tell you a story that summarizes a lot of the research that my colleagues, my students and I have done, that have helped me to come to this realization. Now several years ago I was studying the nature of traumatic experience and how it is related to physical health and what I kept finding, that just completely perplexed me. Basically when people have…

  • Street Bike Tommy’s Life Is a Ridiculousness Category | Ridiculousness
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    Street Bike Tommy’s Life Is a Ridiculousness Category | Ridiculousness

    – Welcome back to Ridiculousness and we are absolutely on fire right now, because we can basically make a category out of your life. (laughs) – I’m an internet genius, man. – You, you want to know what? You are a physical large man genius. (laughs) Okay, pour a little bit of stunt sugar on that and boom! (laughs) – The stunt sugar part, you kill me man. – Okay, alright, This next category we have is all about your chair abuse. – Oh, good! – Okay? Now you decided to put your butt in that chair and get duck taped. – Yeah. – Okay, what do we even call…

  • What A Day In The Life of A Neanderthal Was Like
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    What A Day In The Life of A Neanderthal Was Like

    The date is… well, actually, you don’t really know. You wake up on a mat made of reeds, roughly woven together with natural plant fibers. The animal hide blanket you use for warmth barely keeps out the morning chill of the European steppes- but you’re not very affected by the icy cold. That’s because your chest is large, and your form squat and short, which helps conserve body heat. Thick, dark body hair also helps keep the cold at bay. You’re not sure what the date is, because your neanderthal brain has difficulty processing lengths of time greater than the years you’ve been alive. You’re not stupid though, or even…

  • The linguistic genius of babies | Patricia Kuhl
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    The linguistic genius of babies | Patricia Kuhl

    I want you to take a look at this baby. What you’re drawn to are her eyes and the skin you love to touch. But today I’m going to talk to you about something you can’t see. What’s going on up in that little brain of hers. The modern tools of neuroscience are demonstrating to us that what’s going on up there is nothing short of rocket science. And what we’re learning is going to shed some light on what the romantic writers and poets described as the “celestial openness” of the child’s mind. What we see here is a mother in India, and she’s speaking Koro, which is a…

  • How Do Babies Become Bilingual?
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    How Do Babies Become Bilingual?

    You know that feeling when you get tongue-tied, and words come out as a jumbled mess? Maybe you forget a word, or have mushy grammar, or your pronunciation is all wrong. There are a lot of things to keep track of! It seems like learning one language would be hard enough for babies, who already have trouble eating and not spitting up everywhere. But research has shown that infants are a lot more capable than you might think, especially when it comes to language. In fact, a lot of babies from bilingual families grow up fluent in both languages. Many psychologists think language is what’s called an innate ability, or…

  • cute signing baby!…baby sign language
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    cute signing baby!…baby sign language

    This is my daughter Fireese and she just turned 1 and I want to show you some of the signs that she knows. whats daddy! DADA! dada! how about Mama? what’s mommy? MAMA mommy! Excellent What is the sign for eat. EAT! eat! How about more? MORE! more! How about finished? finished! good And Fireese whats this? ‘O’ is for Cheerios, we do ‘O’ for Cheerios GOOD! And whats this? Stars, these are stars. And Fireese whats this? Apple, good girl! apple! And oh how about this what about this? Cheese, good! We do this for cheese. Good! How about milk? Whats the sign for milk? Milk, good! And how…

  • The birth of a word – Deb Roy
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    The birth of a word – Deb Roy

    [Music] [Music] imagine if you could record your life everything you said everything you did available in a perfect memory store at your fingertips so you could go back and find memorable moments and relive them or sift through traces of time and discover patterns in your own life that previously had gone undiscovered well that’s exactly the journey that my family began five and a half years ago this is my wife and collaborator rupal and on this day at this moment we walked into the house with their first child our beautiful baby boy and we walked into a house with a very special home video recording system…

  • How We Learn Language in The First Five Years of Life
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    How We Learn Language in The First Five Years of Life

    Of all mankind’s inventions, none was more consequential than the birth of language. Before its creation each person’s knowledge was limited to what he or she experienced directly. Afterward someone who learned something could share it with anybody else. In this video, we’ll look at four things known about language learning in general, and then listen to the story of lucky Lucy and poor Pete to understand the importance of language in everyday life. Our brains foundation is built through experiences early in life. Pat Levitt from the center of the Developing Child at Harvard University studied our brain development over the course of our life extensively. He showed how…

  • How Newborn Hearing Screening Helps Children
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    How Newborn Hearing Screening Helps Children

    [MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: The first year of life is a crucial time for your baby. Did you know that your baby’s brain doubles in size in the first year of life? During this time, the brain is forming connections for important skills like learning language. Two out of every 1,000 babies may need some extra help with this because they’re born deaf or hard of hearing. It’s important to find hearing loss as soon as possible because babies start learning how to communicate as soon as they’re born. Sounds, facial expressions, gestures, and signs are all building blocks for communication. If hearing loss is found early, children and their families…