• Superfetation: When You Get Pregnant… Even Though You’re Already Pregnant
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    Superfetation: When You Get Pregnant… Even Though You’re Already Pregnant

    [♪ INTRO] There’s so much about the human body that we think we understand, but then weird stuff happens that changes everything. Take babymaking, for example. Two fertile people have sex, their egg and sperm meet, and then about nine months later, a new human enters the world. Or so the story goes. Well, hold on to your ovaries, folks. Because rarely, after someone gets pregnant, they can get pregnant again. And no, I don’t mean shortly after having a baby. I’m talking about getting pregnant days or even weeks after conceiving, and carrying both fetuses at the same time—what scientists call superfetation. In humans, superfetation is super rare, but…

  • Why Does Childbirth Still Kill?
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    Why Does Childbirth Still Kill?

    Each year, more than 5.6 million women and newborns around the world die during pregnancy, childbirth, or in the first month of life. What is more shocking is that the vast majority of these deaths should never happen. Since 1990, maternal deaths have decreased by 44% and the rate of newborn deaths has fallen as well, though more slowly. Still, 99% of maternal deaths and 80% of newborn deaths can be prevented with known interventions. We know that giving birth in a health facility with a skilled clinician should mean better care and better outcomes. In many places, however, encouraging women to deliver in health facilities rather than at home…

  • Keith’s 400 Chicken McNugget Challenge ft. The Food Babies
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    Keith’s 400 Chicken McNugget Challenge ft. The Food Babies

    – I feel like I can’t hear right now. – It’s hot in here. (groans) – [Eugene] That’s a big nugget. Bet you wanna get your mouth around that big nugget. – [Ned] You can do it! (Alex exhales) – In 2019, there were two ladies at Try Guys who started out eating Keith’s leftovers. They were known as many things. – [Alex] The Dumpster Divas. – [YB] Garbage Gals. – [Alex] The Leftover Ladies. – We are the Food Babies. – And today, we are eating 400 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. (YB laughs) (all laugh) (upbeat music) – (both) Hey guys! – It’s YB. – And Alex. And welcome…

  • Why Is That Baby Staring at Me?
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    Why Is That Baby Staring at Me?

    [INTRO ♪] So you’re in line at the grocery store, and there’s a parent holding a baby right in front of you. You’re minding your own business, but when you look up, that baby just won’t stop staring at you like you’re the most interesting thing on the planet. You might feel like you’ve grown a second head, or like you have chocolate smeared all over your mouth, but in reality, that baby just likes looking at your face. Because there’s a lot to figure out there! From very early in life, babies seem to like looking at faces, or even just configurations of shapes that look like faces. They…

  • How Do Babies Become Bilingual?
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    How Do Babies Become Bilingual?

    You know that feeling when you get tongue-tied, and words come out as a jumbled mess? Maybe you forget a word, or have mushy grammar, or your pronunciation is all wrong. There are a lot of things to keep track of! It seems like learning one language would be hard enough for babies, who already have trouble eating and not spitting up everywhere. But research has shown that infants are a lot more capable than you might think, especially when it comes to language. In fact, a lot of babies from bilingual families grow up fluent in both languages. Many psychologists think language is what’s called an innate ability, or…

  • Why Pregnancy Makes You Forgetful… but Helps Your Baby
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    Why Pregnancy Makes You Forgetful… but Helps Your Baby

    [INTRO ♪] How good is your memory? Like, try to remember this list of words: weather, snacks, cousin, cherry, floor, boats. [silently mouths words] Okay, can you repeat that back to me? Whether you’re generally good at memorizing things or not, if you’re pregnant or recently had a baby, this task might be a little trickier. That’s because many pregnant people experience a foggy memory that can last for years after the pregnancy ends. This phenomenon has a number of names: “momnesia,” “mom brain,” “baby brain,” “pregnancy brain.” And memory loss only scratches the surface of what’s going on. Turns out, to prepare for a baby, pregnancy actually remodels the…

  • The Crazy Plan to Deliver the First Baby in Space
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    The Crazy Plan to Deliver the First Baby in Space

    A startup has announced plans to host the first live human birth IN SPACE. That’s right, A SPACE BABY! SpaceLife Origin aims to answer all our questions about makin’ babies in space. The team consists of several entrepreneurs and “business experts” as well as a small team of science advisors. And their 2024 mission, dubbed “Mission Cradle” aims to have the first human baby born in space. Their website doesn’t include a terrible amount of detail as to exactly how this mission will go down. But it does specify it will last 24-36 hours, and involves a pregnant woman and a “trained, world class medical team” being launched 400km above…

  • Your baby at 39 weeks | Pregnancy week by week
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    Your baby at 39 weeks | Pregnancy week by week

    So you’ve made it! It’s week 39, you’ve got one week to go so exciting. The baby is measuring over 51cm in length and is about 3.5kg. Here are your lovely bumps at 39 weeks. So the babies organs and body systems have developed and some of them will continue to develop after birth. Your babies been receiving lots of lovely antibodies via your placenta to help it’s immune system fight off all those infections. And if you do decide to breastfeed that will continue through the breast milk. So from about 32 weeks to 39 weeks the amniotic fluid that your babies been resting in will steadily decrease from…

  • Surprising Ways You Can Get Pregnant
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    Surprising Ways You Can Get Pregnant

    – Today we’re playing a little game of true or false in – [Both] Can this get you pregnant? (groaning) – Oh my fucking god. What do you guys know about getting pregnant? – Nothing. – I don’t know a whole lot. – I think it’s bananas that women can create life. – Let’s do this. – Alright, girl. – Number one (clears voice). (laughing) (baby cooing) – True or false? You can get pregnant from anal sex. That is true. – True. – I think it’s true. – I think it’s false. – True. – True. – It is true, what? – During intercourse, the semen doesn’t always end…