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    My Natural Home Birth & Hypnobirthing Story – BEXLIFE

    Rebekah: Hey guys, it’s Bex here. You have been asking me to make a video about my homebirth experience, my experience with hypnobirthing with baby number five, who I delivered on September 23, 2014. You may know baby Annabel from Instagram. And it has been so hard for me to put that together for you because it was such a huge event. There are just so many words and I didn’t know how to tell the story. But I was making a podcast with my friend, Mike Perrine, from Everyday Detox and the subject came up. And I actually got it out. And I hope that you’ll enjoy listening to…

  • Duncan’s First steps!
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    Duncan’s First steps!

    [Music] go get my go get my so it is August 11th we are in London right now in a hotel room and Duncan is like suddenly figuring out how to walk he’s done a couple steps in the past and I have a little bit of like cellphone footage of that but this is like new like something just clicked today and he is just going from person to person taking a ton of steps and is so exciting [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m pretty sure that Duncan has noticed how popular walking is in Europe and he’s just inspired we haven’t gotten into a car in almost a…

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    Living As An Adult Baby

    COMM: 21-year-old Jess and her boyfriend David have what many would describe as an unusual relationship. Jess enjoys regressing to infancy. She calls it ‘little space’. JESS: I like wearing diapers because it’s an instant regresser. It’s also very comforting. I don’t know, it feels nice to sit with them. DAVID: When I see Jess wearing diapers, I kind of feel indifferent. JESS: I only pee in them. I do not do the other thing in them, I don’t know like that’s just too far for me. Diapers aren’t really his thing so much as they are mine but he said he is willing to learn, not changing me out…

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    – What’s up guys, it’s me Colleen! And I’m still pregnant. Today is a very special day because you guys get to find out if I’m having a boy or a girl. As you can see I’m in a hotel right now. I’m on tour so if you wanna meet me and this little baby bump you can come see me and get tickets. It’s my last tour for a very long time because obviously I’m gonna have a little human running around. I can’t believe I’m about to tell you what I’m having. I feel like I need to explain this gender reveal situation. I’ve seen a lot of…

  • REAL LIFE WITH A NEWBORN | Tara Henderson
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    REAL LIFE WITH A NEWBORN | Tara Henderson

    [Music] you have that’s where you go this way [Music] okay hey you got a suit I wanna do [Music] so Grayson is being extremely fussy right now he’s in day one of his leap and actually day two and he’s just not doing very well so he drained both my breasts completely if there’s nothing left and I really didn’t want to have to give him one of the rose and breast milk bags in the freezer because we really only have like three of them in there but I have to because I think I think he’s still hungry I can’t really I mean when I hold him…

  • The Steven Tag! | Epically Curious [CC]
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    The Steven Tag! | Epically Curious [CC]

    I’m not that much taller than you when I’m sitting down. (Hey!) Hey! It’s my legs. I have “Legs from Here to Homeworld.” …I love you. (I love you, too.) Hello, everyone! Welcome back! I am here with my girlfriend, Emily. (Hi!) I’m really excited she agreed to do this video with me. And so we are both huge fans of Steven Universe. Steven is one of the shows that we watched a lot when we first started dating, even we first started getting to know each other, right? Yeah. (It was the first show that we started watching together.) It was. So I looked online to see if anyone…

  • The Birth Of Queen Naija | Official Trailer | Premieres Friday, March 22nd
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    The Birth Of Queen Naija | Official Trailer | Premieres Friday, March 22nd

    ♪ ooohh, hey baby ♪ Some people doubted I could finish this tour because I told them I was pregnant before it started but I don’t care what they say, I’m doing it. Yup – [Young Girl] Yep! (laughing) – I’d like to wear a sexy cheetah dress. – [Young Girl] I will wear sexy cheetah dress. – No, you can’t – [Radio Host] What kind of mother are you? – What kind of, that’s the first time I ever heard a question like that. I don’t really care about the hate. I made it, y’all , they said I wouldn’t. (cheering) I just feel like what I’m doing is…