• Partner not on board with a Home Birth?  Now what?
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    Partner not on board with a Home Birth? Now what?

    My husband gave us the topic to discuss today and that was what if you’re partner’s not on board with a home birth? W e are home birth midwives that work at Well Rounded Momma and serve, the Las Vegas Valley. I never get that question. Okay never. Just all the time. Just all the time. What do you say when people bring that up to you? I think for the most part, partners are usually just worried about emergencies and so they usually just want to know like what happens if something like that arises? How often does that happen? The truth is we don’t have very many emergencies…

  • Your Healing Place – Pregnancy & Childbirth | Marin General Hospital
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    Your Healing Place – Pregnancy & Childbirth | Marin General Hospital

    Everything changes when you have a kid it is not just taking care of yourself it is caring so deeply for another being that is part of you and it is totally amazing. Camille Hale is mother to three-year-old Travis. The birth and my first child was very difficult I felt completely heartbroken when they told me that I had to have a c-section. When Camille learned she was pregnant again she wanted a completely different experience. It was important for me that I would be able to try to have a vaginal birth. My doctor gave me the party line of we allow VBACs but you know your chances…

  • Understanding Low-Intervention Childbirth & It’s Benefits
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    Understanding Low-Intervention Childbirth & It’s Benefits

    Hey Vanderbilt Health. Today, we are gonna be talking about the midwifery model of care and what that looks like and how to navigate it maybe for some people who are confused about it and just about our phenomenal program here at Vanderbilt. I’m a huge fan of this program personally, I’m not gonna lie, I had all of my babies delivered by our Vanderbilt midwives and I’m pleased to have one of them here today. Lori, think you so much for joining me. So let’s dive right into this. What is the midwifery model of care? What does that even mean? – So the midwifery model of care is…

  • Having a VBAC or Vaginal Birth After Cesarean?
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    Having a VBAC or Vaginal Birth After Cesarean?

    If I want to push a baby out my vagina. I can. That’s true….True Hi. Welcome to our channel. If you would like to see more videos like subscribe and hit the bell. Today we’re going to be talking about vaginal birth after cesarean. We’ve had some requests from some of our subscribers and so today that’s what we’re doing. Today’s the day. Today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for. You asked for it and you’re going to get it. We want to kind of tackle that a little bit about what that looks like, what the risks are, how you can accomplish that, and who will allow you…

  • Why we need to talk about childbirth in the U.S.
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    Why we need to talk about childbirth in the U.S.

    My name is Patrisse Cullors and I am a senior fellow at MomsRising. Phew. So many women across the country, especially Black women, face some of the most horrific circumstances when showing up to the hospital to give birth. Here is my story. I remember everything like it was yesterday. My water broke and it broke like in the way, you know, the ways like TV, your water breaks and you yell, my water broke! I was excited. I was nervous. I knew that my baby’s feet were turned down. I knew that I had a high-risk pregnancy, but I was still determined to labor and give birth to my…

  • Why it costs so much to have a baby in the US
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    Why it costs so much to have a baby in the US

    Childbirth is the primary reason people are hospitalized in America. And to get an idea of what it actually costs, ,we called up several hospitals to see if they’d tell us. A couple of them weren’t willing to provide any information.* Others actually had prices and estimates.* But the thing is, none of them would tell us exactly what that price included.* To find out, you have to have the baby first. And then? You wait for the bill. In the US, the average total list price for childbirth is a whopping $32,093. For a C-section, it’s $51,125. [Childbirth Connection]. That’s the sticker price, before any insurance negotiations or deductions.…

  • What is a Doula? – Natural Childbirth, Homebirth, Birth Coach – BEXLIFE
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    What is a Doula? – Natural Childbirth, Homebirth, Birth Coach – BEXLIFE

    Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here. I’m here with the beautiful Lindsey Bliss from Carriage House Birth in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. I’m here on kind of an emergency recon visit. I am pregnant. I need doula advice and I’ve been talking about it online and I’m getting all kinds of crazy feedback about doulas and my choice to get a midwife and have a home birth. Even though I’ve done this before, it has gotten people all rattled up. Lindsey: People like to get really riled up around birth. I don’t know why. It’s just something that … Rebekah: Because it’s the scariest thing to ever happen to you…

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    Childbirth Truths What to Expect from Obstetricians and Midwives

    Hi everyone. It’s the 23rd of March 2018 in New Zealand. Today I want to talk about what you should expect from your obstetrician or from your midwife. I gave birth in 1970. I and hundreds of families developed the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation courses, birth was going through a big change in childbirth not only in the United States but globally. There was definitely the message … ‘Why should women love their obstetrician? What I’ve realised from working with tens of thousands of people globally and teaching all over the world, we love anybody who can help us have a safe birth that ends up being healthy for ourselves…