• Baby development: Your 4 month old.- Newborn care
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    Baby development: Your 4 month old.- Newborn care

    Hello everybody! Today we are going to study about Baby development: Your 4-month-old What can my baby do at four months? Your baby is becoming keen to explore his surroundings. Try giving him materials of different textures to explore or a rattle to shake. Your baby is also more likely to be distracted by what’s going on around him so feeding may become more difficult. As his vision develops your baby can distinguish between shades of the same colour, such as red and orange. He will be looking at brightly coloured mobiles and play gyms now. Why doesn’t my baby want as many feeds? As your baby reaches four months,…

  • Where babies in movies come from
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    Where babies in movies come from

    There’s a pretty awesome scene in The Fate of the Furious where Jason Statham fights a bunch of armed mercenaries on an airplane while holding an adorable baby in a carrier. I’ve always wondered how babies end up in situations like this. What kind of hoops do you have to jump through to cast babies in Hollywood? You were gonna shoot a baby? You sick bastard. Besides babysitting, delivering newspapers, and, uh, wreath making, show business is the only industry that can legally employ children under the age of 14 In fact, they’ve been in movies almost since the birth of cinema. I hate myself so much. Casting a baby…

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    Right first of all that smell is garlic, you are correct. That’s coming from my mouth (Yeah) into your nose. Babe It’s not coming from your mouth. It’s just around you You don’t have to be cruel (like a mist.) with your truth, okay? I was hungry, and I found some garlic infused croutons for a side salad, and I just thought I’d eat them neat. Hi guys and welcome to the internet. Now as you know Rosie and I will one day be mothers. Vaginally I mean, (I guess I guess) birth mothers (birth mothers) We’ll both be because obviously we’ll both be mothers Well of course, of course.…

  • How to Hand Off a Newborn
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    How to Hand Off a Newborn

    How to Hand Off a Newborn. As much as you may hate to give him up, at some point you’re going to have to let somebody else hold your new baby. Here’s how to safely hand him over. You will need A new baby An adult with clean hands to pass her to and a burp cloth. Never hand a baby to a young child. Instead, place the baby on the child’s lap—and stay close by. Step 1. Offer a burp cloth to the person who’s going to hold your baby—especially if he or she is dressed up or if your newborn is a frequent spitter-upper. Step 2. You can…

  • How to Pick Up a Newborn
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    How to Pick Up a Newborn

    How to Pick Up a Newborn. The key to this basic skill is remembering that an infant has no control over his head and no strength in his neck, so it’s important to support both. You will need Clean hands and a newborn in need of a cuddle. Step 1. Lean over the baby and slide one hand under his head and neck. Step 2. Slip the other hand under his hips and bottom. Spread out the fingers of both hands; this will provide the most support for the baby’s body. Step 3. While still leaning over, lift the baby to your chest. Hold him close to your body as…

  • Newborn Care: How To Bathe a Newborn Baby
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    Newborn Care: How To Bathe a Newborn Baby

    I remember bath time as a special time with my little one. Like anything new, it took some time to work out a routine and for my baby to get used to it. Don’t worry if it’s a bit awkward for you at first, or if you baby doesn’t seem to care for it. You aren’t doing anything wrong. You’re just learning together. Here are a few things I’ve learned that made bath time a special time together. A sponge bath is recommended. I used a soft washcloth that was damp with water and not too hot. I’d lay him on something soft and padded, make sure he was secure,…