• Newborn Care: Reach Baby Milestones with Playtime Bonding
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    Newborn Care: Reach Baby Milestones with Playtime Bonding

    [MUSIC PLAYING] I love playing with his little toes. We play games like this little piggy went to the market. And I would count his little fingers or draw a clown face by tracing the outlines of his face with my finger. He was around five weeks old when I saw his first smile. And it wasn’t too long after that that he was able to interact with me, which was so great. We would play peek-a-boo and giggle at each other.

  • Our Newborn Baby’s First Week of Life 2019
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    Our Newborn Baby’s First Week of Life 2019

    Happy birthday! Are you a week old today? Are you a week old today? Yeah? Hey guys It’s Danny here and grandma and baby Kai It’s our day 2, and I think — Samar is doing pretty great so she is being discharged at anytime so we’re just waiting to pack up and ready to get the baby home Yeah New home, new baby Everything’s new New home? New home for the baby Oh New home for everyone, the home is not going to look the same anymore He’s so perfect I know Hey guys, morning It’s Danny here It’s been a crazy four days since the baby was born…

  • How to Pick Up a Baby | Infant Care
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    How to Pick Up a Baby | Infant Care

    We are going to talk about how to hold an infant. So the most important thing when going to hold a child is to, make sure you’re steady, you’re in a nice place, where you’re not, you know, unstable and unstable footing and the most important thing to always remember is make sure that the head and the neck are always supported. So, when approaching a baby, you always want to reach behind and have your hand on the back of the baby’s head and neck area, really with the top of the fingers at the top of their head and your wrist almost under their back, and you would…

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    Newborn Care: Five Playtime Tips for Your Baby

    It was surprising how delicate and fragile our newborn was. His dad was especially ready to play, but our son couldn’t yet. He was very busy discovering his world, and we learned that this is what he needed, stimulation of his sense of sight, sound, and touch to help him develop. Every child is different, and I’m sure you’re settling into your own rhythm with your baby. And if you’re having some challenges, then don’t worry. Your love and care are what your baby needs most, and you’ll find your own routine in no time. As a mom of three, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from experience, and I…

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    Newborn Baby Care: Language Development through Baby Talk

    [MUSIC PLAYING] Babies might not be able to see very far when they’re first born, but their hearing is very good right from the start. Now, within a couple of months, all of our children responded to the sound of my voice. Throughout the day, I would sing lullabys, nursery rhymes, or even made-up songs. Babies prefer high-pitched voices, and it helps them with language development. So don’t be afraid of baby talk in your singing or storytelling. I always say that it is never too soon to start reading to your baby. We just made it a part of our daily routine. It was just something we both looked…

  • Newborn Care: Baby Bath Time Fun
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    Newborn Care: Baby Bath Time Fun

    As my babies got bigger and able to sit up in the tub, bath time became a play time full splashing and laughter. We had a couple of toys but, you know, empty bottles were their favorite. They would fill them and empty them, over and over again. If we had bubbles in the bath, we loved making crazy bubble hairstyles– the bigger, the better– and then laughing together. Bath time really was so much fun.

  • Baby Supplies Needed for Newborn | Infant Care
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    Baby Supplies Needed for Newborn | Infant Care

    So, your baby comes home from hospital and what do you need? You will need a couple of basic items. You are going to need newborn diapers, you are going to need diaper cream, you are going to need baby bath and baby soap to bathe the newborn because their skin is more delicate than our skin. You can have special detergents that are made that are milder when washing their clothes. You are gonna need little clippers to clip their nails, um, and you are gonna need a wardrobe of clothes, three or four items each to keep baby warm. Short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve shirts, blankets, bibs. You are gonna…

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    How to Prepare for a Newborn Baby – Essential Tips | Pampers

    Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is both exciting and daunting– not to mention choosing which products you really need. And as a mom myself, I’ve been through this before. So I thought I’d share my list of essential products you might find helpful as you prepare to bring your baby home. I’ll focus on four areas– preparing for the hospital, at home and the nursery, feeding, and on the go. Now, a couple of weeks before your due date, it’s a good idea to pack your hospital bag so you’re all ready to go when the time comes. Check with your doctor to see how many nights…

  • Newborn Baby Care: 8 Common Myths Busted | Video
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    Newborn Baby Care: 8 Common Myths Busted | Video

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