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    Hey guys, it’s Angel, welcome back to my channel Today, I’m going to show you a small newborn cloth diaper haul that I got from Diaper Junction Just like all my other Diaper Junction videos, this is not a sponsored video. I purchased these diapers with my own money at full price. … well, some of them were on sale but the regular price that everyone else can get That said I do have an affiliate link for Diaper Junction which is down in the description below So if you’re looking to purchase any cloth diapers whether they’re for newborns or older babies or toddlers I would really appreciate it…

  • What’s in my newborn cloth diaper bag? Packing Lily Jade Lorie (2018)
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    What’s in my newborn cloth diaper bag? Packing Lily Jade Lorie (2018)

    Hi, this is Heidi at EC Peesy. I’m going to share with you “What’s in my diaper bag?” for my baby girl. We’ve been cloth diapering and we also practice elimination communication, so the items in our diaper bag might be a little bit different than what you’re used to seeing, but we’re gonna share what we’ve been carrying with her as a newborn and then what we’re changing up now that she’s 3-months-old. So the first items I’m going to show you are our cloth diapers. I like to bring along 6 cloth diapers, which takes up quite a bit of room. But since we do practice elimination communication…