• Newborn Care: Reach Baby Milestones with Playtime Bonding
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    Newborn Care: Reach Baby Milestones with Playtime Bonding

    [MUSIC PLAYING] I love playing with his little toes. We play games like this little piggy went to the market. And I would count his little fingers or draw a clown face by tracing the outlines of his face with my finger. He was around five weeks old when I saw his first smile. And it wasn’t too long after that that he was able to interact with me, which was so great. We would play peek-a-boo and giggle at each other.

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    Newborn Care: Five Playtime Tips for Your Baby

    It was surprising how delicate and fragile our newborn was. His dad was especially ready to play, but our son couldn’t yet. He was very busy discovering his world, and we learned that this is what he needed, stimulation of his sense of sight, sound, and touch to help him develop. Every child is different, and I’m sure you’re settling into your own rhythm with your baby. And if you’re having some challenges, then don’t worry. Your love and care are what your baby needs most, and you’ll find your own routine in no time. As a mom of three, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from experience, and I…