• Pregnancy Prevention
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    Pregnancy Prevention

    So at some point our ancestors figured out putting the penis in a vagina leads to pregnancy. And since then, we’ve been trying to do one without the other. Not everyone of course, but most. Ancient Egyptians took to wine and garlic douches, or suppositories made from spoiled milk and crocodile turds. Yup, feces in the vagina. It makes slightly more sense though if you know that the Egyptian god of fertility is associated with the Nile crocodile. Luckily, we’ve expanded our options. Ancient Greeks and Romans figured out that covering the penis was useful, like condoms, and they added their version of the modern day sponge to the list.…

  • Denver Woman Gives BIRTH In JAIL Cell | Nursing News
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    Denver Woman Gives BIRTH In JAIL Cell | Nursing News

    so there’s a dent a woman in Denver is suing after giving birth in her jail cell what yes okay and the kicker ladies and gentlemen they kick it – the story is not only did she give birth in her jail cell no um um but she gave birth in her jail cell by herself nurses guards health care providers whoever works in that jail cell we’re standing outside the locked door and no one helped nothing nada zero zilch all right so almost six hours after Diane Sanchez says she first told the guard on duty she was in labor she delivered a baby boy alone in her…

  • Patient Gets Married, Gives Birth at the Brigham | Brigham and Women’s Hospital
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    Patient Gets Married, Gives Birth at the Brigham | Brigham and Women’s Hospital

    We woke up and we were like, “man babe we’re still not married.” * laughter * This is CW15 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, labor and delivery. Aliyah, our nurse, came to me and said that her patient wanted to be married before they had their baby. We got married a year and a half ago. Everybody was there all, our families came. We just forgot to send the paperwork in time. We procrastinated. Very much. So, then… We tried as many times as we could. We had a snowstorm. We were rear-ended at a red light. The polar vortex. The Patriots parade. Surprise baby shower. Woke up and our…

  • Why You Didn’t Die at Birth – Smarter Every Day 42
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    Why You Didn’t Die at Birth – Smarter Every Day 42

    Hey it’s me Destin. Welcome to Smarter Every Day. So today’s episode’s a little bit different. I have a question about breathing. It’s pretty simple. See our bags are packed and we’re about to go to the hospital to have our third child, and my question is this. How do you go from, this. My baby, in my baby. To this. Now 72 hours ago, my son was inside my wife, and now he’s not. He’s no longer in a liquid environment, he is in a gaseous environment. So something has to change, and in fact it’s awesome. To learn more about this let’s go talk to somebody that’s smarter…

  • Apgar Scoring In The Newborn
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    Apgar Scoring In The Newborn

    Apgar scoring in the newborn. Apgar scoring was developed in 1953 by dr.Vvirginia Apgar who described five signs that could be determined easily and without interfering with the care of the infant. A rating of zero one or two is given to each sign depending on whether it is absent or present. a score of 10 indicates a baby in the best possible condition. the judging of the five objective signs is generally done at one minute of age after delivery and at five minutes of age. a score of seven to ten is considered normal while four to seven might require some resuscitative measure. a score of 3 and…

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    How to do Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and nurse a newborn in a stretchy wrap (Moby, Boba)

    Hi, I’m Rachel and this video will show how to do Front Wrap Cross Carry which is a great carry that works really well with a stretchy wrap. This is a Boba Wrap, donated by Boba Family to our babywearing group in Southern Maryland. This works with any stretchy wrap including a Moby Wrap. Moby calls this carry the Kangaroo hold. Start by finding the tag at the center of the wrap. Place the tag at the center of your chest. I hold the middle marker at my chest. Then I reach behind me and find the tail under my arm. I bring that across my back at a diagonal…

  • Inside My Newborn Baby Diaper Bag!
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    Inside My Newborn Baby Diaper Bag!

    (gentle acoustic music) – I want to give you guys a little tour of what our newborn diaper bag looks like. And I’m saying newborn, because the diaper bag changes. So you can’t expect a diaper bag for a newborn to look the way a diaper bag will look for a six-month old or even to have a diaper bag by the time they’re like a year, you’ll be over it. (laughs) But I thought it’d be fun to show you our hospital diaper bag and what we’re planning on right now. (silly sound effect) I’m making some theme music for this, okay. First of all, I’ll show you what…

  • Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) with a Newborn, including Nursing and Repositioning
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    Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) with a Newborn, including Nursing and Repositioning

    Hi! I’m Rachel. This video’s going to show how to do Front Wrap Cross Carry with a newborn in a woven wrap. The first thing I’m going to do is find the middle marker of my wrap. I put the middle marker at the middle of my chest. I hold that with one hand. With the other hand reach behind me and find the top edge of my wrap. I bring that up and over my opposite shoulder, So that it spreads nice and wide across my back. Do the same on the other side. Bring it across my back and over the opposite shoulder. So now I have a…

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    Hospital Bag Must-Haves: What to Bring When You Give Birth + Giveaway!

    – I can’t remember if I showered or not. I feel like one of the times, maybe I was forced to? I don’t know, maybe they told me, not ’cause I was smelly but maybe I think they were like, okay, now it’s time for your shower and I was like, okay. Hello everyone, welcome to FAM: For All Moms. My name is Sharzad, this is Susan, and our beautiful guest today, Olivia, who is expecting her first wittle baby girl. – Wittle, wittle baby, and today, because she’s so close to giving birth, we’re going to talk about what is going to be in her hospital bag. We’re going…

  • I Rescued Abandoned Newborn Kittens
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    I Rescued Abandoned Newborn Kittens

    So my mom and I live in these apartment complexes on the second floor and we have two cats named Bella and Kitty. With being on the second floor we had this little porch and our cats are always out there enjoying the views of the apartment complex. So everyone kind of knew that we had animals. One night my mom and I were sitting on the couch and we heard this knock at the door. My mom answers the door and there’s this little boy then he tells my mom, “hey um, you know you guys have cats and we keep hearing these crying meows from the bushes and…