• The Terrifying Threat To Pregnant Black Women & Their Babies | Shady | Refinery29
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    The Terrifying Threat To Pregnant Black Women & Their Babies | Shady | Refinery29

    Some doctors, some nurses don’t want you to ask any questions. Our grandparents didn’t really want to go to the doctor because they never trusted the doctor. So then that got passed on to us. I felt like your biases is why my son is not here. Across the country, many black women are trying to realize the American dream, having a family. The problem is, far too many of them are going into the hospital and not making it back out. Income, prior health issues, genetics, none of it explains the disparity black women face. The one thing that could is something this country has struggled with for centuries.…

  • High Risk Pregnancy with Twins
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    High Risk Pregnancy with Twins

    JASMINE: Please say a prayer for our ultrasound today. Last time, Baby B had the cord around her neck. KAREN HARMON: Jasmine has a complicated pregnancy. She has two twins in the same sac. DR. STANCO: The cords became entangled very early in the pregnancy. DR. DIAMOND: One or both babies dying can happen very quickly in this circumstance. OR PHYSICIAN: This is Jasmine, and she’s here for a C-section for twins. KAREN: This is one of the most rare type of twin pregnancy. DR. DIAMOND: Knife, please. So we’re at the uterus now. And first baby is coming out. You’ve got your second baby. She’s beautiful! It’s amazing how…

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    – Hey Huntys! It’s your girl LaToya Forever, back at it with another story time video. (chokes) Did my voice just crack like a twelve-year-old boy going through puberty? (coughs) I’m going to start calling you Huntys instead of crazies, okay? No more, what’s up, crazies? Every time I do it, I cringe on the inside part. Do you like my red hair? (laughs) I feel like I color my hair red once a year. I love the red. Should I keep it? Comment below. Anyways, let’s jump right into today’s story time, shall we? Let’s see if we can get this video to 15,000 likes. Sorry for spitting on…

  • War Stories | Newborn Moms
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    War Stories | Newborn Moms

    (laughter) Julia: Don’t make me laugh. Ever since the birth, I pee when I laugh. Ewww! Yeah, I had the birth plan all set out for how I was going to push, but then Chloe got twisted the wrong way, it took hours longer, tore my clenching muscles, blah, blah, blah… I pee. Carly: That’s pretty gross. Julia: It’s just pee. Carly: My labour story was a little but more complicated than that. Turns out, they had to induce me, so of course it was really painful, and that means I needed an epidural. But hey, guess what, I’m allergic to epidurals. So I wasn’t focusing on pushing, I was…