• Tia Mowry’s Second Baby Shower | Quick Fix
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    Tia Mowry’s Second Baby Shower | Quick Fix

    – Hi guys, so I am so excited to share that I had my bohemian themed baby shower this past weekend and I wanna let you guys in on the special details. One thing that I loved about this baby shower is number one, it was unisex. My first baby shower that I had with my son Cree, it was not so I just wanted to do something different and invite the fellas, the guys, and invite my husband. And we both collectively decided to host it at il Pastaio. And one of the main reasons why we chose this restaurant is because of the scenery. The theme is a…

  • Ultimate Pregnancy Smoothie Recipe | Michela Chiappa
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    Ultimate Pregnancy Smoothie Recipe | Michela Chiappa

    Hi guys welcome to Drinks Tube I’m Michela Chiappa and I’ve got a channel with my sisters called The Chiappa sisters we do lot’s of simple recipes lot’s of Italian but also recipes for feeding a family or even baby. But today we’re gonna be doing the Ultimate Pregnancy Smoothie. It’s a brilliant brilliant smoothie packed with nutrients during pregnancy stage or even pre-pregnancy it’s been developed with Jamie Oliver’s nutritional team to make sure it’s got lot’s of folic acid, iron and it’s also two of your five a day. Most importantly it’s delicious and it looks damn cool. So the great thing is if you’re entering your third…

  • Children’s Party Food Ideas | Tesco Food
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    Children’s Party Food Ideas | Tesco Food

    Hi I’m Kate with a few simple tips I’m going to show you how to create a fantastic kids birthday party now there are a few basic principles to follow to make sure the party goes smoothly and I think the key thing to remember is portion control whether you’re feeding four, eight, or twenty children or even more the basic principle is that each child is going to eat approximately one small bread roll, or three quarters of a sandwich a small cake, a packet of crisps and a few pieces of fruit, that’s it so don’t go crazy when you’re shopping, if you follow that basic format you…

  • Tia Mowry’s Second Baby vs. First Baby Pregnancy Update | Quick Fix
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    Tia Mowry’s Second Baby vs. First Baby Pregnancy Update | Quick Fix

    – So a lot of you guys have asked about what are the differences between my first pregnancy versus my second. So I just wanted to take this time to just share with you guys what is on my mind. (upbeat music) Oh my goodness I feel like this is like I have to be really vulnerable. (laughing) But it’s O.K. Physical differences my first pregnancy I was so nauseous. I’m talking about throughout my entire pregnancy. I was just sick. (laughing) You know those seasick bands that you wear when you’re on a boat? I would have to wear those every single day and I would get them in…

  • Inspirational Women in My Family | Tia Mowry
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    Inspirational Women in My Family | Tia Mowry

    – Hi guys! So a lot of you have asked about advice on succeeding, and I am a firm believer that we do not get there alone. So today I’m gonna share with you some of the women who have inspired me on my journey to success. (optimistic music) I think I should definitely start or give credit to my great grandmother first. Her name was Cecelia and she lived a very, very long life, and I’m so grateful that I actually got to meet and spend time with my great grandmother. I know a lot of people can’t really say that. I learned a lot about my great grandmother…

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    Tia Mowry’s Newborn Baby Girl | Quick Fix

    – Hi guys, hello. We have a special guest here. (light guitar music) Say Hello world, I am here. Everybody’s been dying to meet you Cairo. They’ve been dying to meet you. This is Baby Cairo. Her name is Cairo Tiahna Hardrict. Cairo, it basically means victorious. My husband, he was in the air flying, and he always feels like he’s closer to his mother when he’s up in the air and he said when he was flying he had seen the letters A, I and R in the sky. He said that he wanted the baby’s name to have those letters. Tiahna is spelled T I A H N…

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    My Cafe Birthday Story in Details

    hey everyone I’m Ola, and this time we are going to play My Cafe: Recipes & stories. in this video I want to answer your questions about update 2018.6 so let’s go well we all probably know the start of the story that Ann’s sister Chloe is coming to town and she wants to make a celebration of their birthday, but, however, Ann doesn’t want to celebrate the birthday so instead you celebrate My Cafe second birthday and you make preparations for that and the first thing that she wants to acquire is the white kitty, so you fulfill five orders as Chloe has asked you, and when you come…