• Celebrating Birthdays the Waldorf Way
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    Celebrating Birthdays the Waldorf Way

    Hello friends and welcome to another “Sunday with Sarah.” I’m Sarah Baldwin and today I’m here to talk to you about Waldorf birthdays or how we celebrate birthdays in early childhood in the Waldorf tradition. One of our best-selling products are our Birthday Rings and our Birthday Ring Decorations and one of the frequent questions I get from customers and viewers is how to use the birthday ring. So today I’m going to share with you not only how I used the birthday ring in my classroom but also share with you the birthday story that I would tell. So let me explain: if it was a child’s birthday they…

  • How to Build a Winter Shelter for Cats
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    How to Build a Winter Shelter for Cats

    hey everyone I’m Hannah Shaw from kitten lady it is so cold outside today so I wanted to make a quick video about how to make a simple shelter to keep outdoor cats form in the winter this is fiha she’s a semi feral cat that lives in my neighborhood so let’s make a shelter that will shield her from the elements and keep her nice and warm this winter the first thing you’re going to need is two large Rubbermaid containers one should be slightly smaller so that it can fit inside of the larger container the next thing you’re going to need is a sharpie and a round…

  • DIY First birthday invitation card (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #251
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    DIY First birthday invitation card (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #251

    Hi. Today I will show you how to make invitation made from paper. We need: …paper knife… …pencil… …marker… …printed text… …scissors… …thick paper… …colored paper… …adhesive foam squares… …ribbon… …decorative paper… …ruler… …and double-sided adhesive tape. Fold thick paper. Measure a proper size and cut it. Select and cut an object from decorative paper. Cut 2 rectangles from colored papers. Second one should be smaller than first one. Write text “Invitation” on smaller rectangle. Glue smaller rectangle to bigger rectangle by using adhesive foam. Make 2 slits on top of card. They should be at equal distances from the sides. Move ribbon through slits. Tie a ribbon bow. Glue…

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    How to Use Dangle Stacker Earring Findings for European Style Large Hole Beads

    0:02.111,0:00:06.111 Go to Beadaholique.com for all of your beading supply needs! 0:00:07.090,0:00:11.000 Hi this is Julie from Beadaholique.com and today I want to show you how to make stunning 0:00:11.000,0:00:15.889 pandora style dangle earrings quickly and easily and they’ll look elegant and 0:00:15.889,0:00:17.630 classic in design. 0:00:17.630,0:00:21.400 So what you’re going to need is you’re going to need these handy earring 0:00:21.400,0:00:25.710 findings and what they are is that they’re sterling silver dangle stacker. 0:00:25.710,0:00:29.439 There’s a couple different earring hook styles they come in. Here is a wonderful 0:00:29.439,0:00:33.220 more traditional earring hook and here is a lever back. 0:00:33.220,0:00:37.150 So what you’re going do to make these is…

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    DIY Pop-Up Birthday Card 🎂

    Do It Yourself Pop-up Birthday Card To make this, you will need: Patterns, a link to them is in the description Cardstock or other heavy weight paper Hot glue or a glue stick Tape Scissors Sharpie or other marker Pencil Start by cutting out all the pattern pieces Next, trace each pattern onto paper, cut the pieces out, and fold where there are fold lines. Center the plate piece in the card, then glue it on With cake pattern #2, center it on the plate. Make sure its edge is against the back of the card. Mark the front edge, this marks where cake pattern #1 needs to be attached.…

  • How Simple Health Birth Control Is Changing The Game!
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    How Simple Health Birth Control Is Changing The Game!

    – I just finished watching AOC’s new documentary for the second time, (chuckles) and your girl is fired up! (light electronic music) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is such an incredibly strong, resilient, intelligent, and inspiring woman. She makes me want to be the best woman I can be. I really strive to use my platforms to motivate and inspire anyone who’s watching, but she makes me want to do even more and to speak up about the issues that I’m passionate about. Which is why I am so grateful and proud to share that my first ever YouTube partnership or sponsored video is with Simple Health birth control. If you follow me…

  • How to Use Smart Bead Spacer Stoppers for European Style Bracelets
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    How to Use Smart Bead Spacer Stoppers for European Style Bracelets

    Hi this is Megan with Beadaholique.com and today I wanted to show you how to use Smart Beads spacer beads for your pandora style bracelets If you aren’t familiar with these they’re really handy little spacers that hold in place on your pandora style bracelet. Instead of your beads moving all around on the bracelet if you’d like to keep them separate or keep them in certain places we have these little beads that have a little rubber insert in the middle and they will stay in place so if you have the bead on your bracelet it can move around freely but if you place one of these on…