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    – What’s up guys, it’s me Colleen! And I’m still pregnant. Today is a very special day because you guys get to find out if I’m having a boy or a girl. As you can see I’m in a hotel right now. I’m on tour so if you wanna meet me and this little baby bump you can come see me and get tickets. It’s my last tour for a very long time because obviously I’m gonna have a little human running around. I can’t believe I’m about to tell you what I’m having. I feel like I need to explain this gender reveal situation. I’ve seen a lot of…

  • YouTube Birthday Karaoke Night
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    YouTube Birthday Karaoke Night

    [MUSIC AND CHATTER] -Hi! -How are you? -No idea. Yeah [INAUDIBLE]. [TURNS OFF MUSIC] -Dude! [UPSET CHATTER] -Hey! How’s it going, guys? Welcome! Thanks for coming out! Time to celebrate 9 years of YouTube! [CHEERING] -So I’m going to go ahead and kick things off. Uh, so I hope you have your umbrellas. Hit it! Or I’ll hit it! [MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING “CHOCOLATE RAIN”] [SINGING “BED INTRUDER”] [SINGING “HERE IT GOES AGAIN”] [SINGING “TROLOLO”] -I just met you, and this is crazy. But here’s my number. So call me maybe? I’m single. [SINGING “CALL ME MAYBE”] [SINGING “CUPS (WHEN I’M GONE)”] [SINGING “FRIDAY”] [SINGING “GANGNAM STYLE”] [MEDLEY OF ALL SONGS]…

  • One Month Baby Update!
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    One Month Baby Update!

    – Hey everyone, I’m Colleen Ballinger, and I had a baby a month ago- That’s crazy! This video is a one month update on my cute little boy. The reason I wanted to make this video is because I’ve always thought it was really cool that I kind of have a video diary of the last decade of my life. I have every Christmas, every holiday, every special event, the good the bad and the ugly, all documented and on the Internet, so I can look back in time and see all the cool stuff I’ve been able to do in my life. I wish that I had that for…

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    Good morning, John. [Hank makes goat noise] You know how I said that I lost the charger to my camcorder… Well, I did, and I don’t have any way to record this video. So, I’m lucky enough to have a lot of footage that I took over at mom and dad’s house, some of it, quite graphic. I mean, it’s not like ‘two girls and one cup’ or anything. Like look, these are baby chicks and these are just pigs… and these are two girl pigs mounting each other. I have nothing wrong with that. But coming up is something that’s a little bit disturbing. It is a goat giving…

  • The birth of my son!
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    The birth of my son!

    – Okay, it is the middle of the night, my water just broke. No more click-bait, this ain’t a drill motha-truckas. I’m havin’ this baby. What? If you are triggered by amniotic fluid, skip ahead, maybe 10 seconds. If you look on the bed, you will see a pile of liquid. That is amniotic fluid, and it gushed out of me, and it gushed all over the floor on the way to the bathroom. I was feeling horrible last night, I was crying, couldn’t sleep, I was just tired, and exhausted, and I was like, I just wanna have this baby. Well I guess the Lord heard me, because my…