• Smart Baby and Interesting Escape – Funny Baby Videos
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    Smart Baby and Interesting Escape – Funny Baby Videos

    You thought by a date You go Do not go out that door Lorelai we’re like, hey I say no What are you doing? Hey, what are you doing? That’s Murphy’s door Stretch yeah, you do. Here we go. Go ahead stretch Big stretch My guess is I believe ah yes is Um, what are you doing? I was just using the bathroom and he just come out like this Seriously I feel like I should be What are you doing Whoa, this link will be anywhere on earth in an asset What are you doing what you do? There’s the nice gate that we paid a fortune for what…

  • cute signing baby!…baby sign language
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    cute signing baby!…baby sign language

    This is my daughter Fireese and she just turned 1 and I want to show you some of the signs that she knows. whats daddy! DADA! dada! how about Mama? what’s mommy? MAMA mommy! Excellent What is the sign for eat. EAT! eat! How about more? MORE! more! How about finished? finished! good And Fireese whats this? ‘O’ is for Cheerios, we do ‘O’ for Cheerios GOOD! And whats this? Stars, these are stars. And Fireese whats this? Apple, good girl! apple! And oh how about this what about this? Cheese, good! We do this for cheese. Good! How about milk? Whats the sign for milk? Milk, good! And how…