• Your 9 month old. Baby development. Newborn care.
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    Your 9 month old. Baby development. Newborn care.

    Today we are going to study about Baby development: Your 9-month-old What can my baby do at nine months? Playtime with your baby is becoming more fun. She will love the opportunity of emptying and filling containers or stacking cups and rings. At this age you will be her best play mate. She may not limit her exploration to toys though, and you may find yourself using the word “no” more often. She probably understands more from your tone of voice than the actual words you use right now. Childproofing your home will help keep her out of harm’s way. When will my baby start walking? Your baby is getting…

  • How to Pick Up a Newborn
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    How to Pick Up a Newborn

    How to Pick Up a Newborn. The key to this basic skill is remembering that an infant has no control over his head and no strength in his neck, so it’s important to support both. You will need Clean hands and a newborn in need of a cuddle. Step 1. Lean over the baby and slide one hand under his head and neck. Step 2. Slip the other hand under his hips and bottom. Spread out the fingers of both hands; this will provide the most support for the baby’s body. Step 3. While still leaning over, lift the baby to your chest. Hold him close to your body as…

  • How to Hold A Newborn Baby – Mothercare
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    How to Hold A Newborn Baby – Mothercare

    Hi, my name is Elizabeth Day and I am the parenting consultant at mothercare and I am going to take you through how to confidently, safely, and securely pick and hold your baby. We have Willow, who is ten weeks old. I am going to show you how to pick up baby when baby is in the cot or in the crib. It’s actually to secure your hand around, and your arm, around baby’s neck and also shoulder. And secure, grip the baby’s other, opposite arm and then pick up baby’s leg. That’s nice and secure to pick baby up and hold baby in your arms. This position, that’s lovely…

  • How to Hold a Newborn on Your Shoulder
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    How to Hold a Newborn on Your Shoulder

    How to Hold a Newborn on Your Shoulder. Nestled against your shoulder, your baby will have a great ‘lookout’ position when she’s wide awake—and a comfy place to rest her head when she’s feeling sleepy. You will need A baby and a burp cloth, if she’s prone to spitting up. Step 1. Drape the burp cloth over the shoulder you plan to use. Make sure it hangs down at least several inches in back and front so you’re covered if the baby spits up. If you’re right-handed, you might want to put your baby against your left shoulder, and vice-versa. That way, as you get more confident holding her you’ll…