• Nurse breaks down after delivering stillborn baby in heartbreaking picture
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    Nurse breaks down after delivering stillborn baby in heartbreaking picture

     A heartbreaking and emotive picture of a nurse has gone viral as it captures the huge pressures facing hospital workers every week  The image shows a distraught woman, identified as Caty Nixon, sitting in a chair in tears having worked 53 hours in four days – and having just delivered a stillborn baby  Her sister, Laura McIntyre, captured her sister slumped in the chair, a plate of food on her lap and her hand wiping tears from her eyes  Laura wrote: “She’s gonna kill me for this pic, but can we just give it up for nurses for a minute?  “Caty just wrapped up her fourth shift in a row…

  • 6 TEACHER & STUDENT Life Hacks | #Fashion #Beauty #Fun #Anaysa
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    6 TEACHER & STUDENT Life Hacks | #Fashion #Beauty #Fun #Anaysa

    I’ll show you how it works you can tie this pillow like this and you can sit comfortably on your chair a video on DIY queen coming soon how to make this pillow feeling so comfortable how did you make it?? once upon a time surely I’ll fail I study nothing me too… I’ve an hack through which paper will get cancelled When I’ll cough up in the classroom then you all will move your chair vigorously so what happen then?? Teacher will feel it as an earthquack….and will ask to run We will hold the paper…… and Run And paper cancel Inform everyone in the morning Yes! So as…

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    Heavy breathing… Orgasm noises… Crying child that is me… Crying… Son of a bitch! Shut the FUCK UP! c’mon get in there get in there get in there AHH FUCK Awww isn’t that a good boy. Hi! Hi yeah you know my son, he’s growing hair, he’s so beautiful, he’s so smart. He knows how to count up to a thousand, million, billion, KAGILION So, he’s doing really well How’s your idiot son doing? Well at least my son’s not a fucking bear. Don’t listen to her, okay Mom, can you help me with my homework? Slut better not be talking to me Mom can yo.. WHAT! I… I just…

  • Pregnancy Test PRANK on Boyfriend!!!
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    Pregnancy Test PRANK on Boyfriend!!!

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  • Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (6/9) Movie CLIP – Childbirth (2011) HD
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    Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (6/9) Movie CLIP – Childbirth (2011) HD

    (crunch) (gasp) (groans) (crunch) (groans) Rosalie, pass the morphine. Carlisle said the placenta must’ve detached. He’s coming as fast as he can. Then we’ll have to do it. Rose! Let the morphine spread. There’s no time, he’s dying. Get him out, now! Look at me, Bella. (screams in agony) Rosalie, don’t! Alice, get her out of here. Rosalie! (screams) Save her! You gotta change her! I can’t, not whilst he’s still in there. I gotta get him out first. (screams) Stay focused. Keep your heart beating. He’s suffocating! (screams in agony) (screams) (screams in agony) (grunts) (grunts) (sigh) (chuckles) (baby crying) It’s Renesmee. Beautiful. (baby cries)