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    I got blood on my hands right now [Music] I have found but no I can’t be the one that you me [Music] [Music] [Music] maybe maybe [Music] my [Music] [Music] okay my thrive market order just came in the mail and I’m really excited about this month’s box because as you can see a lot of it is food items and if you guys don’t know what thrive market is it’s an online marketplace that makes healthy living easy and affordable for everyone so you can shop for thousands of the best selling organic foods and natural products up to twenty-five to fifty percent below traditional retail prices which…

  • WHERE AND HOW YOUR NEWBORN SHOULD SLEEP | Baby Nuggets with Danielle (Episode 3)
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    WHERE AND HOW YOUR NEWBORN SHOULD SLEEP | Baby Nuggets with Danielle (Episode 3)

    Welcome back everybody! I hope things are going well for you and your beautiful new baby. Today, I would like to share some nuggets with you to help with where and how your newborn should sleep. When I mean newborns I mean I am referring to those zero to three month olds. Number 1: Your baby should sleep in your room in something like a crib or a bassinet. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends that a new baby sleep in a room with a parent. However, they don’t recommend that a baby sleep in your bed for safety reason. Number 2: you need to keep the temperature nice…

  • Hilary Duff sports jeans and vintage tee on coffee run with baby Banks  – News Live
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    Hilary Duff sports jeans and vintage tee on coffee run with baby Banks – News Live

    Her baby girl will celebrate her first birthday in October.And Hilary Duff seemed to be reveling in some one-on-one time with little Banks as she stepped out in Studio City on Friday afternoon The 31-year-old actress looked effortlessly cool wearing distressed denim and a concert tee as she grabbed a cup of coffee Hilary showed off her trim waistline thanks to hours of effort in the gym with help from her personal trainers Share this article Share She sported a pair of light blue denim slacks with distressed elements along her thighs and knees while making her way through the parking lot Duff rocked a light grey T-shirt with red-and-blue…

  • Game On! – Play Games Half-Birthday Party
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    Game On! – Play Games Half-Birthday Party

    TODD: Hello, YouTube audience and welcome to yet another episode of “Game On!” I know it’s been a while since our last one, and I’ve missed you. So I’m glad we have this time together to chat about games. I’m Todd Kerpelman. I’m on the developer relations team on Google Play Games. And, in real life, my forehead is not this shiny. I swear it’s the lighting in the studio. Anyway, we’re going to move on and talk about this week’s episode, which is the Play Games half-birthday party. If you weren’t aware, Play Games Services launched at Google I/O 2013, which means it’s just about six months old as…

  • What is a RIVIERA Necklace? |Rivière Necklace
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    What is a RIVIERA Necklace? |Rivière Necklace

    (cheery music) – This is Jill Maurer with Your Jewelry Minute and today I’m answering the question “What is a riviera necklace?”. And this can be spelled two ways. Riviera is the French word for brook. It can be spelled this way, which is the French way. Or this way, which is the English way. You will see it spelled both ways. But what is a riviera necklace? A riviera necklace is a gemstone necklace where all the gems are the same. They may be all amethyst. They may be all diamond. But they’re all the same stone. They can be all the same shape and size or they can…

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    Poppins Hip Carry as a Newborn Front Carry

    Hi, I’m Rachel and this video is going to show how to do Poppin’s Hip Carry as a front carry for a newborn. You’re going to start by putting your middle marker right where your baby is going to go, A little bit off center on your chest. Bring the tail behind you, across your back and over your shoulder. This carry works well with a wrap that is 2 or 3 sizes smaller than your base size. This wrap is a size 3, that’s three sizes smaller than my base size. The tail coming across my chest, I’m going to gather up and I’m going to bring that tail…

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    My Natural Home Birth & Hypnobirthing Story – BEXLIFE

    Rebekah: Hey guys, it’s Bex here. You have been asking me to make a video about my homebirth experience, my experience with hypnobirthing with baby number five, who I delivered on September 23, 2014. You may know baby Annabel from Instagram. And it has been so hard for me to put that together for you because it was such a huge event. There are just so many words and I didn’t know how to tell the story. But I was making a podcast with my friend, Mike Perrine, from Everyday Detox and the subject came up. And I actually got it out. And I hope that you’ll enjoy listening to…

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    Newborn Photography with Kelly Brown: The reDefine Show with Tamara Lackey

    Hi, I’m Tamara Lackey and on this episode of reDefine show for AdoramaTV I speak with Grand Award winner, newborn photographer Kelly Brown, about how she stands out in a pretty crowded genre, how she gets the inspiration for her work, why she’s built such a structured flow to what she does when she’s shooting and what’s next for her. Check it out. AdoramaTV presents ‘The reDefine show’ with Tamara Lackey. Hi Kelly, thank you for joining me. It’s great to be here. Yes, you came all the way here for this talk from Australia. Yeah, I did. Just for this. Just for our little web series interview . Thank…

  • Devil May Cry – #01: Birth of a Franchise
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    Devil May Cry – #01: Birth of a Franchise

    LV5_Papermancer: Most HD collections tend to be very weird. Wolfcau: It’s a little rough in ways you can’t really get any more. LV5_Papermancer: I’ve only finished DMC 3 and 4. ArashiKurobara: I finished 4 and have attempted and been super garbage at 1 ArashiKurobara: so yeah I’m in about the same boat really LV5_Papermancer: Will this include DmC? 200sc: They put the text on the screen twice because the backing text is illegible? Wolfcau: I love how this text is so bad that it subtitles it in times new roman. LV5_Papermancer: Oh thank god. Bellophon: Which version of 4 is on this lineup? theMrBigstick: dante in viewtiful joe onlerin: wow…

  • Etonogestrel Birth Control Implant- Lakeview OBGYN Clinic
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    Etonogestrel Birth Control Implant- Lakeview OBGYN Clinic

    We’re just basically gonna talk to you a little bit about the Nexplanon, so that you know what it is, how it works, what its effectiveness is. It is a very good form of contraception. There are several different kinds of what we refer to as long acting reversible contraceptives. Nexplanon is the subdermal implant, basically it’s a little rod that we insert underneath the skin of your arm. It releases a very low dose of progesterone, and that progesterone level is high enough that it will prevent ovulation. It also thins out the lining of the uterus, which makes it harder for an embryo to implant, and it inhibits…