• Taking A Pregnancy Test On Camera!! *PREGNANT AGAIN*
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    Taking A Pregnancy Test On Camera!! *PREGNANT AGAIN*

    hi guys so I’m in the Walmart parking lot right now I am very late on my period which can mean a few different things I am pregnant again or I or my hormones are all messed up both are a big possibility especially since Drake and I haven’t been using protection well we have kind of we’ve been using the pullout method which I know doesn’t like really work but I mean I don’t want to be put on birth control he doesn’t want to wear condoms so we’re kind of just like if it happens it happens however I’m not really sure if I want another baby right…

  • T-ara Hello Baby Ep 1 1/4 ENG SUB
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    T-ara Hello Baby Ep 1 1/4 ENG SUB

    Brought to you by PuddingSubs Hello, I am Hyomin from t-ara. Allow me to introduce everyone our practice room today… We can enter it without even have to enter the password… After this door its our practice room~ Do you hear anything? It might be our unnie who is currently doing her vocal training This is the first time our practice area shown to the public Where t-ara actually practice? Its not special actually… Its in this room which covers about 3.3 metres… Even SG wanna be, Davichi and Seeya ever came in here to practice until now… This is our Davichi group’s life white book pages sample( I not…

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    Baby hands! That’s right guys, welcome back to Baby Hands! you guys! You guys absolutely loved this game, so we’re back being a baby in apparently our house. Ooh! This is new! Does it work? Yes. Oh that’s cool. That’s really cool! anyway, we have an important mission today, which we didn’t manage to do last time, and I think it’s in… Is it in this room? I’m not a hundred percent sure. No, no, it’s not in this room. HAAAA! Whoa, that flew far! Ah it’s in this room of course it is. So we need to look in Sister’s diary. Now you guys offered up a few little…

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    what’s up everybody welcome back to my channel! hi how are ya? and now in today’s video I’m about to leave and Nathan… hey babe.. hi baby! nathan is about to do his first and maybe last tutorial! on the internet now we’ve seen so many trends I mean we’ve done we’ve done our own trends.. I’ve done your brother’s makeup you’ve done my makeup. I’ve had your dad do my makeup we’ve gone through the family tree girl! we thought you know what maybe it’s time for Nathan to do his own makeup! so nathan is going to follow a jeffree star tutorial should be fun now we peak…

  • Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with an Adorable Baby Deer
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    Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with an Adorable Baby Deer

    -Not only are you the nicest kid I know, but you’re very smart. You know a lot about this stuff. You really immerse yourself. You know, I know your mom has a lot to do with it, everybody, your whole family. But you know everything about every animal, which I’m psyched about, because you brought some animals here tonight. -Yes, we did. Of course. We brought lots of really fun animals. I’m so excited. -Okay. Yeah. Okay. -All right. Here we go. So, this is our first animal of the night. This is the beautiful Vern. And Vern is a beaver. He’s so cute. Down there, you’ve got a little…

  • Easy crochet hat/Two in One Crochet hat for babies
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    Easy crochet hat/Two in One Crochet hat for babies

    Hi everyone, welcome to craft & crotchet In my previous video. I have so many lovely comments. Thank you very much for everyone Some of thing asked me how to use same pattern for the baby hat. I Wanna share with you how to crochet this same pattern for the baby hat Speciality about this hat is you can use both side. This hat is so comfortable and nice and comfy for babies I’m gonna give you all detail about this hat how to turn the colours and 0 to 24 month four sizes about this head 0 to 3 month and 3 to 6 month and 6 to 12…

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    [Music] it’s happening [Music] [Music] you literally don’t look pregnant turn to the side [Music] it’s massive [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh it’s moving stop [Music] thirty-six I’ll give it two more weeks [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] damn get a girl antenna me think I’m thinking for the vlog this week it should be like trying to induce me look who’s still pregnant this is jhalak do you hear me baby this is the last week we’re doing this okay no 41 weeks okay [Music]

  • [Real GOT7 Season 3] episode 4. GOT7’s Extreme Baby Book
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    [Real GOT7 Season 3] episode 4. GOT7’s Extreme Baby Book

    What’s the reason to come here? [GOT7 is arrived in somewhere] Where is here? What should we have to do now? We should go on a picnic in this sunny day Should we go inside of this building? I feel like to go to Hangang River (Should go down to the basement) To the basement in this good weather? [A massive complaining] (What do you think about today’s mission?) For mining What’s important is not we are taking a film but we are entering to the basement in this fantastic weather. Dance practice room Tennis Maybe we are going to experience office work [Dare to challenge Misaeng (Korean drama about…

  • 【Touhou hand-drawn】Somewhat Childbirth (English subs)
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    【Touhou hand-drawn】Somewhat Childbirth (English subs)

    This video is a derivative work using characters of the Touhou Project. I feel like it contains depictions that hurt the image of the original, and to be honest, the video description is a con Please beware. When Ichirin hangs the temple’s futons to dry I often shut myself up inside the empty closet I don’t really know why, but it calms me down It might be because this space, closed off from the outside world, reminds me of where I used to be [BUBBLE] That dark, cold, lonely bottom of the ocean That’s what it reminds me of I am made of lonely water You’re in the closet _again_?…

  • Dr. Lee Removes Paul’s Giant Hump | Dr. Pimple Popper
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    Dr. Lee Removes Paul’s Giant Hump | Dr. Pimple Popper

    – All right, let’s see what you’ve got under here. Let’s reveal the secret. Paul came in to see me because he has this giant bump on his back. He’s pretty sure that it’s due to his sciatic nerve injections. I’m not really convinced about that, but I don’t know whether this is a buffalo hump or a lipoma. I’m always hoping for a lipoma that pops up nicely. OK. It is a lipoma, for sure. Good deal. But I’m just trying to get it out of its little– Pocket? The little pockets. Exactly. I can now tell this is a lipoma because I can see that there is this…