• Can YOU Guess That Celebrity’s Baby Photo?
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    Can YOU Guess That Celebrity’s Baby Photo?

    – Dang it, you won again! – I gave you literally one name! – I call a rematch, ’cause I haven’t heard of them! – Ooh! Wow. I don’t like this feeling. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Recently, Caitlyn Jenner posted a picture of Kendall instead of Kylie on Kylie’s birthday. Did you hear about this? – (gasps) No. That’s terrible. – Oopsie-poopsie. – I was outraged. I was like, “Yo, Caitlyn’s canceled.” – Not gonna lie. You show me Kendall and Kylie Jenner, I don’t think I could tell them apart. – Really? – To be fair, she’s way too famous to do her own tweeting, it was…

  • Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party
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    Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party

    – Hi guys! So this month my darling baby Cairo, she turned one, oh my gosh (children cheering) I cannot believe it! I let you guys in on her baby shower so I couldn’t leave you hanging for her first birthday. Let me show you how it went. (upbeat guitar music) If you haven’t subscribed, make sure you click the subscribe button. You don’t want to miss out on future episodes. I was so excited about coming up with the theme of Cairo’s first birthday party. I was gonna do it at this fun play center because I knew that there were gonna be a lot of kids at the…