• DIY How to make a box of memories, gift for newborn baby (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #511
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    DIY How to make a box of memories, gift for newborn baby (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #511

    Hi. Today I will show you how to make a wooden box of memories. Detailed list of all needed items is in the description of this video. First, paint a box by using white paint. Let it dry. Cut a paper doily into 4 pieces. Glue them to the corners of the box. Apply a glue on them. Glue a plywood heart on the middle. To the front of the box glue little plywood feet… …and a name of child. Glue a piece of ribbon around the lid. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon. 10 and 8 centimeters long. Glue their ends.. …and glue them in the middle. Glue the piece…

  • MOM VLOG | Ziya’s 2nd Birthday + DIY Unicorn Cake!
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    MOM VLOG | Ziya’s 2nd Birthday + DIY Unicorn Cake!

    (upbeat music) – Hey guys what’s up, it’s Raven. Welcome back to another mom vlog. This mom vlog is going to basically be all about preparing for Ziya’s second birthday. Yes, she is turning two. A lot of you guys thought she was already two about to turn three, or even already three. But no, she is turning two. And tomorrow for Friday she’s actually gonna be having a little party celebration thing for her birthday at her school, at the pre-school. So I am bringing a pinata and a cake to school tomorrow. Last year I filmed her birthday party. It was like kind of a shimmer and shine…

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    (upbeat techno music) – Good morning Dyches Fam, it is officially baby day today! – Woohoo! – It has been a crazy hectic morning. We were supposed to go to the hospital at five o’clock this morning and it is officially 10:30, because they called me at five o’clock in the morning and said guess what, you live in Utah and there are a million babies born everyday and the hospital is full and we cannot get you in to have your baby. I was like what? I got up at five in the morning and you’re not even going to let me have my baby? And then they continued…

  • Duncan’s First steps!
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    Duncan’s First steps!

    [Music] go get my go get my so it is August 11th we are in London right now in a hotel room and Duncan is like suddenly figuring out how to walk he’s done a couple steps in the past and I have a little bit of like cellphone footage of that but this is like new like something just clicked today and he is just going from person to person taking a ton of steps and is so exciting [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m pretty sure that Duncan has noticed how popular walking is in Europe and he’s just inspired we haven’t gotten into a car in almost a…

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    Living As An Adult Baby

    COMM: 21-year-old Jess and her boyfriend David have what many would describe as an unusual relationship. Jess enjoys regressing to infancy. She calls it ‘little space’. JESS: I like wearing diapers because it’s an instant regresser. It’s also very comforting. I don’t know, it feels nice to sit with them. DAVID: When I see Jess wearing diapers, I kind of feel indifferent. JESS: I only pee in them. I do not do the other thing in them, I don’t know like that’s just too far for me. Diapers aren’t really his thing so much as they are mine but he said he is willing to learn, not changing me out…

  • Our First Birthday Message To Our Daughter + First Year Highlights (TAGLISH)
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    Our First Birthday Message To Our Daughter + First Year Highlights (TAGLISH)

    Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthday Happy birthday to you! Hi everyone! It’s me Phoebe and welcome to my channel! With me today is Dan. Hey, hey, hey! Janina here! Today, we’re gonna remember the moments that we have with Alice. What are your favorite memories with Alice for the past one year? First dance. First breast-feeding moment. Alice: Milk We cannot show it here, my love. First tooth. First travel. She was two weeks old when we went to Tagaytay together. How far! Birthday girl! Here’s the birthday girl! For me, the first time I carried her. It was really mesmerizing! When she…

  • The Try Guys Meet Ned’s Baby
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    The Try Guys Meet Ned’s Baby

    – Do you wanna hold him? – No, I don’t. – Okay. *upbeat theme song* – Today the Try Guys are coming over to meet Wes for the first time. – We haven’t seen Ned for three weeks. – I’m so excited. Oh my god. – I don’t know it. I’ve never seen it. I saw it in the photo… and…it was baby – I don’t care what they think about our little baby, I love him. – You can think whatever you want, he’s perfect. – I love babies. I’m probably the biggest baby lover besides Ned because now he has a physical baby to love. ZACH: I’m gonna…

  • Baby’s First Haircut!
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    Baby’s First Haircut!

    [Music] [Music] good morning everyone today duncan is getting his first haircut are you happy about this you are how do you feel about this oh I’m excited you’re gonna look like a handsome young man I’m just certain of it I love you Barney we were just talking about this babies grow up so much after their first haircut you’re like well when did you not be a baby anymore are you ready to not be a baby oh oh he’s gonna love this place he doesn’t even know you did not know what to expect we’re gonna have a lot of fun you say let’s do it the…

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    See a ‘Purple Butterfly’ Sign on Baby’s Crib? Don’t Dare Ask About it From Parents

    facts verse presents the meaning of the purple butterfly sign on baby cribs [Music] unfortunately heartbreak is a part of life some people go through painful breakups and it breaks their heart some people lose a loved one and it’s heartbreaking then too one of the most serious art breaks is what a person loses a child that is a kind of pain that parents don’t ever want to think about when a parent loses a child it creates a hole in their heart that remains there forever a mother in the UK have just lost a child another mother said something to her and she didn’t know how to…