• Barbie – Raquelle’s New Baby | Ep.234
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    Barbie – Raquelle’s New Baby | Ep.234

    Barbie – Raquelle’s New Baby In London? When will he be back? Oh dear… What’s wrong? Will you be alright? Barbie, what’s wrong? Ok, well ring if you need anything Bye Raquelle (Click!) What wrong Mummy? Raquelle’s baby is due any day now and Ben is stuck in London Stuck? There’s some sort of storm and he can’t fly back just yet Mummy, Auntie Raquelle think of name for baby yet? I’m not sure Tommy Hmmm… Maybe I help her I got some good ideas I feel bad for her She’s all by herself I’m sure she’ll be fine Ok, first idea is… Mickey (Dialling) I can’t leave her home…

  • KIDS Pretend Play BABY SITTING CRY Dolls| #Fun  #RolePlay  #MyMissAnand #ToyStars
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    KIDS Pretend Play BABY SITTING CRY Dolls| #Fun #RolePlay #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

    Dora Omg! you are studying? Yeah! I am studying since morning Firstly place it erect and then study You kids have lead ones life we kids? we poor small kids cry some times but you people make us to study make us to eat chocolates and do not permit us to play o god ! why such torture Oh! as you are so innocent one day if make baby sitting than will understand baby sitting…Thats so simple So take your baby and fu fill your desire And here I go Now will enjoy You make us to persuade every things I too will rule over Please be quite, Din’t cry…

  • SWTAD Huge Toy Baby Haul ! Toys and Dolls Fun for Kids Adopting New Toy Babies Pretend Play
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    SWTAD Huge Toy Baby Haul ! Toys and Dolls Fun for Kids Adopting New Toy Babies Pretend Play

    Hi, guys, are you ready for another destroyer Haul? I have this box here with new neonate babies and distroller your toys. Yay! [ok] let’s open it up Woohoo. I’ve been wanting [this] one for a while. It’s a newborn mini suitcase. Let’s see. What’s inside, [ooh]? a warm blanket a little newborn tag This one looks [like] a diaper. [oh] my gosh. This like it is so soft and warm [I] want to feel it again so cuddly the babies are going to love it and Here’s another tag in the shape of a bunny Very nice newborn mini suitcase friends Destroyer toys Usually come in bright happy colors…

  • Best Toys for Baby
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    Best Toys for Baby

    In recent years, toys have gone high-tech! But a new study shows all those automated, interactive, and electronically-enhanced gadgets may not be as good for your baby’s development as the old-fashioned ones. Scientists examined parents and their two-year-olds as they played with either a traditional shape sorter toy or one that was enhanced with sounds, songs, and voices. They found parents used higher quality language and more spatial words, like “triangle” or “over,” when they played with traditional toys compared to electronic toys. The parents who used electronic toys repeated the same phrases over and over, such as “push the button” and relied more on the toy to talk to…

  • Celebrating Birthdays the Waldorf Way
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    Celebrating Birthdays the Waldorf Way

    Hello friends and welcome to another “Sunday with Sarah.” I’m Sarah Baldwin and today I’m here to talk to you about Waldorf birthdays or how we celebrate birthdays in early childhood in the Waldorf tradition. One of our best-selling products are our Birthday Rings and our Birthday Ring Decorations and one of the frequent questions I get from customers and viewers is how to use the birthday ring. So today I’m going to share with you not only how I used the birthday ring in my classroom but also share with you the birthday story that I would tell. So let me explain: if it was a child’s birthday they…

  • SML Movie: Jeffy’s Bike!
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    SML Movie: Jeffy’s Bike!

    Jeffy: Hey, Daddy Mario: *sigh* What do you want Jeffy? Jeffy: We got our report cards today at school! Mario: (WHA) You get your report card? Jeffy: Yeah! Mario: Is it bad? Jeffy: Well it’s not good! Mario: *sigh* Let me see it, Jeffy? Jeffy: All right Daddy. Mario: *sigh* Jeffy: Here you go, Daddy! Mario: (WHA) You got an F in math Jeffy?!Jeffy: *Hmm-hm* Mario: You got F in English, Science, History…… An F in Attendance? Jeffy: Yeah! Mario: What are doing when I drop you off at school? Jeffy: NOT FUCK! Mario: *sigh* Jeffy you got an F in Behavior. (WHA) An F in Listening AN F IN…